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Healing Liberia With History

Dispelling Myths and Distortions

Just because older people said something doesn’t make it a “fact.” We should distinguish between truth speakers and those pushing a partisan agenda. Our sources should be reputable and credible. Their claim must be supported with proof.

This blog will expose many myths and lies that have been passed along by our “uncles” (and some “aunties” too). Only then will young Liberians know the truth, and the truth will set us all free!

Kola Forest Book Launch

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In January 2017, the first history of Liberians before 1800 was published. What followed was a series of book talks across the U. S. The audiences were as diverse as the venues: the Trinity Episcopal Church in Washington, DC, a community center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Habitat for Humanity in Atlanta, the Geeche Kunda Festival in Riceboro, Georgia, the Bethel World Outreach Church in Olney, Maryland and Ma Hawa's Kitchen in Staten Island, among other stops. The pubic response showed there's a hunger for history.

Apr 2017
DoubleTree Club by Hilton
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Apr 2017
Geeche Kunda
Geeche Kunda
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If not us, who? If not now, when?

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Folk Tales

Welcome to a small sample of Liberian folktales.

The primary goal is to increase interest in Liberia’s storehouse of oral literature which, although undeniably rich, is often overlooked by students of African oral traditions.

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Once Upon A Time …

Acts of the Liberian Legislature

Laws & More

You’re not a lawyer or senator, so why should you care about a bunch of acts passed by the Liberian Legislature between 1857 and 1940?

You’ll be surprise. The acts mention churches, community associations and cemeteries, all incorporated by the legislature.

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