Why Bats Are Never Buried

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There was a time when Bat had no wings, and he was considered one of the most beautiful of all animals. He was a small creature who walked on the ground and climbed trees, and for many years he was content to live like this; but when he experienced the misfortunes of life common to all people he became dissatisfied. When Hungry Season came and he could not find enough to eat he began feeling sorry for himself.

“I wish I had wings.” he thought. “It must be nice to be a bird.” But then he reflected that birds also had their misfortunes, and decided he would like to be both bird and animal. He went to God and asked for wings, and God gave them to him.

From that time Bat flew in the air like a bird; when Hungry Season came to animals he would live with the birds, and when Hungry Season came to the birds he would live with the animals. Bat was quite content with this existence, but finally he died, as people will. When his death was known, the birds came to claim his body and bury it in the proper place with honor; for, knowing Bat had wings they presumed he was a bird. But then they saw he had the body of an animal, and teeth like a Rat, and fur instead of feathers; so they decided he was not a bird and refused to bury him.

The animals came to take Bat’s body and bury it with reverence, thinking he was an animal; but when they saw that he had wings they thought he was a bird, since only birds have wings — and they, too, refused to bury him.So Bat’s body lay neglected in the forest until it slowly disappeared; Bat was never buried, and none of his descendants were ever given graves.

Which is what may happen to one who is discontented with the life that God has given him.

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