A resolution authorizing the president of the Republic of Liberia to interdict all of the native tribes in the county of Maryland, who are in rebellion to the Liberian government (1876, p. 4)

An act providing for the issuing of thirty thousand dollars in engraved bills and making the same a legal tender of the Republic of Liberia (1876, pp. 5-6)

An act to amend “An act authorizing the issuing of thirty thousand dollars engraved bills” passed during the present session of the legislature (1876, p. 6)

An act providing for the better protection of the aborigines living with the jurisdiction of the Republic of Liberia in the prosecution of lawful traffic and trade and in the disposal of the same to Liberian or foreign traders or merchants, also amending several laws regulating licenses (1876, pp. 6-7)

[An act to authorize the use of reasonable force by the president to rescue Captain F.A. Gross and Commissary R.L. Griggs, captured while fighting in Bassaw, Maryland County (1876, pp. 7-8)

A resolution authorizing the president of the Republic of Liberia to negiotiate a treaty of defensive alliance and protection with the United State government (1876, p. 8)

A resolution proposing sundry amendments to the Constitution of Liberia [extending the term of the president from two to four years, the representatives to four and senators to eight (1876, pp. 8-10)

An act incorporating and assimilating the Sinou native tribe, residing in the county of Sinou [appropriating three hundred dollars for surveying in connection with fulfilling the conditions of this act and authorizing the president to incorporate other groups desirous of similarly associating with the Republic without further legislative action (1876, pp. 10-13)

An act to amend the several existing acts regulating the militia (1876, pp. 13-17)

An act authorizing the government of Liberia to lease lands to foreigners (1876, p. 17)

An act supplementary and amendatory to “an act authorizing the government of Liberia to lease lands to foreigners,” passed during the present session (1876, p. 18)

An act to repeal ”An act authorizing specific duties on certain articles importing into the Republic of Liberia and collection of the same,” approved January twenty second, eighteen hundred and seventy (1870) and regulating the payment of duties on imports (1876, pp. 18-19)

An act of naturalization admitting aliens to become citizens of the Republic of Liberia (1876, pp. 20-21)

Resolution suspending the sixth section of “An act amendatory and supplementary to an act entitled an act establishing the treasury department,” approved February 3, 1873 (1876, p. 21)

Resolution authorizing the signing and issuing one hundred thousand dollars of old currency to meet the general expenses of government and the war in Maryland county and other points on the Liberian coast (1876, pp. 21-23)

An act authorizing and directing the post master general of the Republic of Liberia to remit all funds arising from foreign postage to the British Foreign Post Office (1876, p. 23)

Resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the first session of the fifteenth legislature of the Republic of Liberia (1876, pp. 23-24)

An act authorizing a loan of not less than ten million dollars [for developing interior agriculture and trade] (1876, pp. 24-27)

An act forbidding the importation and sale of firearms and munitions of warfare into the county of Maryland (1876, pp. 27-28)

Resolution authorizing the secretary of State to decline the invitation of U.S. government to take part in the centennial exhibition of 1876 (1876, p. 28)

Resolution authorizing the president to draw two hundred dollars for the expenses of the inauguration (1876, pp. 28-29)

Joint resolution of thanks to Consul-General Jackson and the donors in England who so generously gave supplies for the relief of Maryland (1876, p. 29)

An act to amend an act entitled “An act to incorporate The Liberian St. Paul’s River Steamboat and Tramway Company for the convenience of the citizens traveling and for the interior trade (1876, pp. 29-30)

An act divorcing W.M. Davis and his wife Fanny Davis, also James McMullen and his wife Rebecca McMullen (1876, pp. 30-31)

An act repealing the charter of the city of Greenville in Sinoe County [due to the instituting of oppressive laws] (1876, p. 31)

A resolution providing for the relief of James R. Moore, sub-treasurer of Grand Bassa County [providing four thousand five hundred dollars for outstanding claims against the Republic] (1876, p. 32)

An act making appropriations for the fiscal year commencing the first day of October, A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Five and ending the thirteenth day of September, A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventh Six [detailing salaries of all civil servants] (1876, pp. 33-39)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1875-1876. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1876. [Page three is missing, probably not copied, and, with it, the title of an act or resolution which begins there.]


Joint resolution reviving the interior department and the act providing...


Resolution recommending an amendment to the Constitution of Liberia [allowing...

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