Joint resolution making appropriation [of four hundred dollars] for defraying the expenses of the inauguration of the president and vice president elect (1878, p. 3)

An act to repeal an act entitled “An act to repeal an act authorizing specific duties on certain articles imported into the Republic of Liberia and the collection of the same passed by two-third vote January 22nd, 1976 and regulating the payment of duties on imports” (1878, pp. 3-5)

A resolution for laying out and running off a road from the settlement of Fortsville to the Saint John’s River in Grand Bassa County (1878, pp. 5-6)

An act establishing the post office and a branch custom house at the second ward of Buchanan, commonly known as Lower Buchanan, Grand Bassa County (1878, pp. 6-7)

An act repealing an act amendatory to an act entitled “An act relating to divorces” [due to petitions from the people arguing that granting divorces for reasons other than adultery tends to “cultivate immorality and vice’] (1878, p. 8)

An act providing, permitting and regulating coastwise trade of foreigners in the county of Maryland, leeward of the Cavalla River in said county to San Pedro (1878, pp. 8-9)

Resolution suspending the payment of debentures, dutiable obligation or drafts upon custom houses (1878, pp. 10-11)

An act to amend an act entitled ”An act to amend the several existing acts regulating the militia” (1878, pp. 11-12)

Resolution [appropriating two hundred dollars annually] for the special relief of Edward Berry [who lost both his hands while firing a salute to the U.S. flag] (1878, pp. 12-23)

An act to reduce the amount of paper currency now in circulation (1878, p. 13)

An act amendatory and supplementary to an act for the relief of certain officers and soldiers approved January 27th, 1863 [providing each disabled soldier with a pension of fifty dollars; each commissioned officer (under the rank of major), sixty dollars; each commissioned officer (above the rank of major), seventy five dollars] (1878, pp. 13-14)

Resolution providing for the pay of commissioners to be appointed by the president to accompany the commissioners of the Liberia Exodus or other associations of the United States of America (1878, pp. 14-15)

An act to repeal so much of an act regulating the payment of tonnage dues by vessels which may casually visit a single port of entry within the Republic of Liberia (1878, p. 15)

An act making appropriations for the fiscal year commencing October 1st A.D., Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Seven and ending September 30th, A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Eight (1878, pp. 16-22)

Joint resolution removing Z.B. Roberts, judge of the Court of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas, Sinoe County [for allegedly bribing voters at the May 1877 biennial election (1878, p. 23)

Joint resolution removing John T. Richardson, judge of the Court of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [for allegedly receiving a pension of sixteen hundred and eighty dollars on false pretense from Secretary of Treasury Benjamin Anderson] (1878, pp. 23-24)

[An act authorizing the president to employ one or more mineralogist at a salary of one thousand five hundred dollars each plus expenses, to examine and exploit marble recently discovered in Bassa County] (1878, pp. 24-25)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1877-1878. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1878.


Joint resolution reviving the interior department and the act providing...


Resolution recommending an amendment to the Constitution of Liberia [allowing...

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