Resolution recommending an amendment to the Constitution of Liberia [allowing persons impeached from office or convicted of high crimes to petition the legislature for restoration of citizenship rights after seven years] (1879, pp. 3-4)

A resolution tendering the thanks of the government and people of Liberia to Mr. Edward S. Morris for his devotedness and zeal in behalf of Liberia (1879, p. 4)

An act establishing and fixing an export duty on coffee scions and dried coffee (1879, pp. 4-5)

Resolution authorizing the secretary of state to have reprinted five hundred copies of the compiled Statute Laws of the Republic of Liberia [at a cost of one thousand and eight hundred dollars] (1879, p. 5)

An act for the relief of several citizens of Philadelphia, Maryland County, who have sustained the loss of their property and have been deprived of their town lots on account of the late Grebo War in the year 1875 (1879, pp. 5-6)

An act incorporating the first Presbyterian Church of Greenville in Sinoe County [naming Louis Sherman, Stephen J. Crayton, Jacob J. Ross, Gibson H. Montgomery and Rufus Kennedy (1879, pp. 6-7)

An act chartering the city of Harper in Maryland County (1879, pp. 7-9)

A resolution granting to Henry Charles Criswick and Robert Acton Burnell, both of London, England, the right to construct, at their own cost, a railway from Monrovia to Musardu (1879, pp. 9-10)

An act to create and incorporate a philanthropic order to be styled The Liberian Humane Order of African Redemption [and crediting Signoir Francisco Senmarti y’ Bruges with conceiving the Order] (1879, pp. 10-12)

An act amendatory and supplementary to an act regulating the payment of duties passed and approved February 8th, 1878 (1879, pp. 12-14)

Resolution authorizing the president to locate immigrants [in equal number in the various counties] (1879, p. 15)

Joint resolution authorizing the secretary of the treasury to negotiate with any merchant or merchants, foreign or Liberian, to pay the English Postage Claim (1879, p. 15)

Resolution providing for the payment of the species of money commonly called and known as debentures (1879, pp. 15-16)

Resolution to restore James Munroe Curd, John Hunter, George W. Hardy and others to citizenship [including John T. Emory, Lew Bowie, Lewis Hardy and Barth W. Morris] (1879, pp. 16-17)

An act granting to [Bassa Chief] Peter Herring an annual [one hundred dollar] stipend and establishing a school in the vicinity of his tribe and other tribes adjacent in the Bassa country in Grand Bassa County (1879, p. 17)

An act to repeal certain portions of the act authorizing specific duties on certain articles imported into the Republic of Liberia and the collection of the same and regulating the payment of duties on imports,” approved February 8th, 1878 (1879, pp. 17-19)

An act to amend an act establishing the judiciary and fixing the powers common to the several courts (1879, pp. 19-20)

An act making appropriation for the fiscal year commencing Oct. 1st A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Eight and ending September 30th, A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventy Nine [including salaries of civil servants] (1879, pp. 21-27)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1878-1879. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1879.


Joint resolution reviving the interior department and the act providing...


Joint resolution making appropriation [of four hundred dollars] for defraying...

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