A joint resolution repealing the joint resolution of the senate and house of representatives approved January 17th 1880 [which authorizing the granting of letters of credit for loans] (1881, p. 3)

An act to incorporate St. Mark’s Protestant Episcopal Church in the city of Harper, Maryland County [naming Samuel D. Ferguson (pastor), James W. Ashton (senior warden), Joseph A. Gibson (vestryman), Francis O. Thorne (vestryman), Turner P. Stewart (vestryman) and Titlman T. Brewer (vestryman), all of Harper] (1881, pp. 3-4)

An act granting two hundred acres of land to the trustees of “All Saints Hall” in the county of Grand Bassa [naming as trustees: John H.B. Latrobe, Samuel G. Wyman, G.W.S. Hall, J. Noel Wyatt and Walter S. Cox] (1881, p. 4)

An act granting one hundred acres of land to the Presbyterian Church in Liberia (1881, p. 5)

An act incorporating the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Liberia [naming Santania Francis Flegler (traveling preacher), Samuel Jefferson Campbell (traveling preacher), Clement Irons (trustee and local preacher), Scott Bailey (trustee and local preacher), Rufus Clark (local preacher), Israel Moultry (trustee and local preacher), Pompey Green (trustee), Robert Monger (trustee), Thaddeus Middleton (trustee), Allen Brisbane (trustee), James D. Lyon (trustee), John Walkenough (trustee), James Wilson (trustee), Jackson Caldwell (trustee), Ellis Clark (trustee) and Charles Wilson (trustee)] (1881, p. 5)

Joint resolution regulating the title [changing from referee to delegate] and privilege of the native African representatives in the nationa legislature of this Republic [granting vote on native affairs and one hundred dollars per year plus travel expenses] (1881, p. 6)

An act incorporating the Farmersville Baptist Church of Sinoe County [naming as trustees: George Byng, Askelly Roberts and James Washington] (1881, p. 6)

An act to incorporate the First Baptist Church of Clay Ashland in Montserrado County [naming as deacons and trustees: Samuel Ricks, Sr., Henry Ricks, Presley Freeman, Albert J. Morris, Isaac J. Ash and Moses Ricks] (1881, p. 7)

Resolution for the rebuilding of the bridge and levee running from the settlement of Farmersville to the settlement of Lexington [appropriating eight hundred dollars] (1881, pp. 7-9)

An act to encourage agriculture throughout the Republic of Liberia [offering six dollars per hundred for between two and nine hundred cocoa seedlings planted and eight dollars per hundred for every ten or more hundred] (1881, pp. 8-9)

Resolution authorizing the repair of the big bridge between Mt. Vaughan and Mt. Tubman in Maryland County, also to erect a bridge and throw up a cause way between Latrobe and Hoffman Station (1881, p. 9)

Resolution for the relief of James T. Carroll, light house keeper, Harper [raising his pension from one hundred dollars, as incorrectly printed in last “Act,” to one hundred and eighty dollars, as was approved, and granting him eighty dollars as back pension] (1881, pp. 9-10)

An act to amend an act for the relief of government approved January 12th 1880 [ordering the submission of all checks and debentures against government within ninety days] (1881, p. 10)

An act requiring all missions and missionaries within this Republic to pay import and export dues (1881, p. 10)

[A resolution calling for a Constitutional Amendment lengthening the term of the president and vice president from two to four years as well as a referendum on relief for impeached persons, previous rejected by voters in May 1979] (1881, p. 11)

An act to incorporate the Methodist Episcopal Church of Lower Caldwell Saint Paul’s River [naming Horatio B. Capehart (pastor), Isaac Lawrence (trustee), Francis T. Clark, Jr. (trustee), C.R. Sims (trustee), A.F. Travis (steward), Zeal Prichard (trustee) and James Bunyan (trustee)] (1881, p. 11-12)

An act to establish additional ports of entry in the several counties of this Republic (1881, pp. 12-14)

An act to amend the several acts regulating taxes and assessments on real property within this Republic [setting the tax rates for unimproved lots and ordering properties to be sold, if taxes are not paid] (1881, pp. 14-15)

An act incorporating the first Baptist Church of Greenville, Sinoe County [naming William Witherspoon (pastor) and, as deacons and trustees: Russell Minns, William Rice, James Barlon, F.A. Crawford and Iner Morris] (1881, p. 15)

An act to incorporate the Liberian Baptist Missionary Convention [naming J.J. Cheesman (president), W.F. Gibson (vice president), R.B. Richardson (recording secretary) and H.N. Boney (corresponding secretary and financial agent) (1881, p. 16)

An act incorporating the Shiloh Baptist Church [of Virginia, Montserrado County, naming John Sanders Washington (pastor) and, as deacons and trustees: James Roots, George H. Bailey, Sidney J. Washington, Lewis Capehart and Cornelius Minor] (1881, p. 16)

A joint resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the present session of the legislature (1881, p. 17)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1880-1881. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1881.


[A resolution appropriating two hundred and fifty dollars for rebuilding...


Joint resolution making appropriation [three hundred dollars] for defraying the...

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