A resolution assisting the citizens of Lexington of Sinoe County in building a bridge and causeway through a swamp between Lexington and Farmersville (1883, p. 3)

A resolution authorizing [six thousand dollars for] the repairs of the old public mansion in the city of Monrovia (1883, p. 3)

Resolution compensating Stephen A. Hoff, jailor of Robertsport [sixty dollars for the use of his house] (1883, pp. 3-4)

An act of indemnity for loss of registered articles [in keeping with the provisions of article 6th of the Convention of Paris in June 1878 of the Universal Postal Union] (1883, p. 4)

An act supplementary to an act declaring certain days to be national holidays [declaring the second Friday of April to be “Fast and Prayer Day”] (1883, pp. 4-5)

Resolution of the senate and house of representatives of the Republic of Liberia exempting the C. Woermann’s line of mail steamers from tonnage dues in consideration of certain services to be rendered to the Republic by the said line of mail steamers [namely, transportation of all mail and commissioned officials of Liberia] (1883, p. 5)

An act to amend the laws granting retail license money to the several settlements (1883, p. 7)

An act amendatory and supplementary to the several existing acts regulating the payment of custom house duties and also amending the 4th section of an act for the relief of government, approved January 12th 1880, and repealing the law passed January 5th 1879 (1883, pp. 7-8)

Suplementary act to an act to increase the revenue (1883, pp. 8-9)

A resolution providing for the creation of bridges in Clay-Ashland [appropriating two hundred and fifty dollars] (1883, p. 9)

An act regulating the liquor traffic [requiring liquor importers to pay an annual license of two thousand dollars to each of the counties] (1883, pp. 9-10)

An act declaring it treason for any citizen of Liberia — naturalized, aborigines or Americo-Liberian — to be engaged in levying war against the Republic or in adhering to its enemies giving them aid and comfort (1883, pp. 10-11)

An act chartering the Union Mining Company of Liberia [granting up to two thousand acres for forty years to Henry J. Neyle (Grand Bassa), John W. Worrell (Grand Bassa), Alfred B. King (Montserrado), Charles T.O. King (Montserrado), William David Coleman (Monsterrado), D.M. Johnson (Maryland) and James M. Priest (Sinoe)] (1883, pp. 11-12)

An act to incorporate “The Liberia Interior Association” [allowing the association to lease land from government for ten years to farming and trading in the interior, naming A.L. Stanford, E.J. Barclay, W.H. King, J.A. Cuthbert, S.J. Campbell and J.R. Cooper] (1883, pp. 12-14)

A resolution authorizinf the president to build a gun house in the county of Maryland in the city of Harper [appropriating five hundred dollars for a stone gun house, plus six hundred dollars for completion of fortification at Jacksonville and five hundred dollars for completing fortification at Tubman Town] (1883, p. 14)

An act to incorporate the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Maryland County of Harper [naming E.W. Diggs, Charles McIntosh, J.W. Simpson, E.B. Cummings, Adam Barker, Richard Webster, Boston Moulton and A.B. Jackson] (1883, p. 14)

A resolution accepting the proffer of Telegraphic Communication in the Republic of Liberia [made known through James W. Shaw, consul general in England] (1883, p. 15)

A resolution [appropriating four hundred dollars for] assisting the citizens of Robertsport of Montserrado County in building a bridge and causeway through the swamp or creek between Krotown and the Old Garrison, and one by R.J.B. Watson’s residence also one between Jas. M. Strother and Charles Curtis place (1883, p. 15)

An additional act supplementing the several existing acts regulating the payment of the custom house duties and providing for the punishment of offending officers (1883, pp. 15-16)

An act regulating the duties of the several law officers of the government [offering district and county attorneys two and a half percent on the value of all stolen government property recovered through their efforts] (1883, pp. 16-17)

An act to incorporate the Farmers Joint Stock Raising and Trading Association [to modernize agriculture and further interior trade, naming Andrew Cartwright, George Moore, Samuel Barker, Joseph Ash, T. C. Lomax, Henry Chesson, William P. Chesson, Richard Newton, Julia Simpson and W.D. Coleman] (1883, pp. 18-19)

An act to incorporate the Union League Society of Arthington, Montserrado County [naming George Askie, S.R. Hoggard, Solomon York, James H. Rawlhac, McGilbert Lawrence, W.L. Askie, S.W. Askie, Robert Mitchell and W.L. Carter] (1883, p. 19)

A resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the Eighteenth Legislature 2nd Session (1883, p. 20)

A resolution to amend an act to encourage agriculture throughout the Republic of Liberia, approved January 18th 1883 (1883, p. 20)

A resolution making appropriation [of seven hundred and seventy-five dollars] to assist the citizens of Brewersville and the old field in the rear of Upper Caldwell to throw up the worst swamps and to bridge the running streams through them (1883, pp. 20-21)

A resolution amending a resolution of the legislature of Liberia, approved January 18th 1876 [authorizing the president to negotiate a defensive alliance with the United States] (1883, pp. 21-22)

Joint resolution in behalf of President Anthony William Gardner [appropriating one thousand dollars annuity, upon his retirement from the presidency] (1883, pp. 22-23)

A resolution appropriating an amount of five hundred dollars for opening and constructing a road between Harlandsville and Lower Buchanan in Bassa County (1883, p. 23)

Resolution authorizing the secretary of treasury to examine into the claim of Mrs. A.E. Roye [concerning one thousand dollars allegedly loaned to the government by her husband, E.F. Roye] (1883, p. 23)

An act for the relief of the settlements of Crozerville, Careysburg, Paynesville and Ammonsville in the Old Field Mesurado River [appropriating eleven hundred dollars for the construction of six bridges] (1883, pp. 23-24)

A resolution making appropriation [of three hundred dollars] for the opening of Findley Road in Grand Bassa County [rendered impassable by small creeks and swamps] (1883, p. 24)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1882-1883. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1883.


[A resolution appropriating two hundred and fifty dollars for rebuilding...


Joint resolution making appropriation [three hundred dollars] for defraying the...

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