An act restoring sundry persons to the rights and privileges of citizenship [naming Alexander Moulton (Maryland), James W. Stephens (Maryland), George Williams (Montserado), G.W. Smith (Montserrado), Edward J. Skipwith (Montserrado) and John Priest (Sinoe)] (1884, p. 3)

An act repealing an act entitled an act for the relief of government, passed and approved January 11th 1884 and providing for the payment of bonds issued under the act of the legislature and approved January 12th 1880 [repealing the order for defacing of one half of all government currency] (1884, p. 3)

A resolution authorizing the secretary of the treasury to pay to L. C. Sherman [former collector of the Sinoe port] the sum of one hundred and thirty one dollars [the amount he was compelled into the treasury for allowing a five percent discount on liquor imports by the firm of A. Woermann] (1884, p. 4)

An act amendatory to the fifth section of an act for the relief of government approved January 12, 1880 {ordering the payment of all fines and taxes in audited bills] (1884, p. 4)

A resolution authorizing a discount of 5 percent to all importers of liquor into this Republic (1884, pp. 4-5)

An act amendatory to the ninth section of an act to regulate the militia and defining the duties of the general [providing for annual visits to the counties by the brigadier general to inspect the regiments] (1884, p. 5)

An act in respect to certain officers, reports [requiring collectors of fines, taxes and other public funds to receive independent confirmations of their reports from the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions of each county] (1884, p. 6)

An act supplementary to an act amendatory to an act entitled an act creating an interior department [placing all stipends for chiefs and highway funds under the secretary of the interior and requiring the holder of that office to report to the legislature, in addition to the president] (1884, p. 7)

Joint resolution authorizing [three hundred dollars for] the survey of the settlement of Brewerville (1884, p. 7)

An act fixing [at three hundred dollars] the salary of the collector of customs of the port of Niffou in Sinou County in the Republic of Liberia, under act of the legislature approved January 18th 1884 (1884, p. 8)

An act for the encouragement of agriculture and authorizing and requesting the president to enter into and conclude a commercial treaty with the government of the United States of America to mutually admit free of duty certain articles of merchandise as the agricultural interest of Liberia suffers from the heavy duties by the tariff laws of the United States upon the Liberian products imported into that county. (1884, p. 8-9)

An act legitimizing Daniel Warner of the county of Montserrado, an illegitimate son of John J. Woodson (1884, p. 9)

An act legitimizing Josiah Abner Prosser of the county of Grand Bassa, an illegitimate son of William Henry Prosser (1884, p. 9)

An act restoring sundry persons to citizenship [naming Richard A. Kennedy, Henry Cotton, Leonard WIlliams and William Anderson, all of Montserrado, and J.F. Scotland and C.J. Adams of Maryland] (1884, p. 10)

An act legitimizing George Henry Ash, illegitimate son of Henry Ash and adopted son of Isaac James Ash and Mary Catherine Ash, as legal heir and son of the aforesaid Isaac James Ash, and Mary Catherine Ash of the settlement of Clay-Ashland and county of Montserrado (1884, p. 10)l

Joint resolution authorizing His Excellency the President to contract with Messrs H. Muller and Col, of Rotterdam, Holland, for the purchase of a steam gunboat [appropriating thirty thousand dollars] (1884, pp. 10-11)

An act establishing an additional port of entry and delivery at the southwest side of the mouth of the Cavally River in the county of Maryland (1884, pp. 11-12)

A resolution reviving and amending the charter of the city of Greenville in the county of Sinou (1884, p. 12)

Joint resolution to incorporate a female institution in the settlement of Brewerville, under the name and style of the “Garnet Memorial School” [naming H.R.W. Johnson, C. L. Parsons, R. H. Jackson, John O. Hayes, S. N. Williams, S.J. Campbell, J.S. Washington, W. D. Coleman, James M. Strother, B.K. McKeever and Spencer McMillan and the grant of one hundred acres of land previously granted to this institute by former president A.F. Russell] (1884, pp. 12-13)

A joint resolution restoring Iena Morris of the city of Greenville in the county of Sinou to the rights and privileges of other good citizens (1884, p. 13)

An act to incorporate the M.E. Church of Greenville, Sinou County [naming William P. Kennedy, Jr., Z.B. Roberts, J.W. Draper, John Manus, J.W. Bonner and J.L. Fuller] (1884, pp. 13-14)

A joint resolution reimbursing the heirs of D.F. Smith [three thousand dollars] and F.M. McGill [six hundred dollars] and G.R. McGill [two hundred and fifty dollars] for property lost by the burning of the house owned by the heirs of D.F. Smith by the insurgents during the so-called rebellion in the county of Grand Bassa in the month of August, 1884 (1884, p. 14)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1884-1885. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1885.


[A resolution appropriating two hundred and fifty dollars for rebuilding...


Joint resolution making appropriation [three hundred dollars] for defraying the...

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