An act to grant seventy five acres of land for the Anna Morris School of Arthington and to incorporate the same [naming Edward S. Morris as sole trustee] (1887, p. 3)

An act amending an act providing for the erection of a court house in Grand Bassa County [appropriating five thousand dollars for construction] (1887, pp. 3-4)

[A resolution proposing a Constitution Amendment extending the term of senators to eight years and of representatives, the president and vice president from two to four years] (1887, p. 4)

An act reimbursing the superintendent of Robertsport [appropriating one hundred dollars for clerks salary] (1887, pp. 4-5)

An act providing for a bridge in the settlement of Tallah, Grand Cape Mount [appropriating seventy dollars] (1887, p. 5)

Resolution for the immediate settlement of the difficulty between the [Ding] Golahs and the Boatswain tribes [allegedly precipitated by Dwollah Zeppia of Bongh, successor to Farquaqua], and opening of the road (1887, pp. 5-6)

An amendment to the several statutes regulating the payment and the collection of duties upon imports [at ten percent on the dollar] and exports [one cent per gallon on palm oil, two cent per bushel on palm kernels, three and a half dollar per ton on camwood and no charge on clean coffee] within this Republic (1887, p. 6)

An act appropriating the sum of one hundred and sixty dollars open the avenue for the people of Sassy Town, Louisiana Settlement (1887, pp. 6-7)

[An act placing the superintendent of Cape Mount under the immediate direction of the president} (1887, p. 7)

{An act placing an interdiction upon the port of Timbo, from Quintizone point to Mannah point, Grand Bassa COunty] (1887, pp. 7-8)

A resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the twentieth legislature, second session (1887, p. 8)

A resolution authorizing the suppression of the rebellious attitude assumed by the Greboes at Half Cavalla in Maryland County [appropriating twenty thousand dollars, in case a military expedition is deemed necessary by the president] (1887, p. 8)

An act to incorporate Zion Grove Baptist Church of Brewersville, Montserrado County [naming J.O. Hayes (pastor), R.H. Eubanks (deacon), Charles Freeman (deacon), Warren Phelps (deacon), March Gaskings (deacon), J.C. Sears (deacon), W.B. Gant (deacon), John Brown (trustee), M. Wynn (trustee), L. Daily (trustee), Henry Clements (trustee) and George Holmes (trustee)] (1887, pp. 8-9)

An act to alter and amend the several acts establishing the judiciary and regulating the powers common to the Courts of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas of the several counties (1887, pp. 9-10)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1886-1887. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1887.


[A resolution appropriating two hundred and fifty dollars for rebuilding...


Joint resolution making appropriation [three hundred dollars] for defraying the...

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