Joint resolution making appropriation [three hundred dollars] for defraying the expenses of the inauguration of the president and vice president elect (1888, p. 3)

An act supplementary and amendatory to an act regulating the residence of native Africans within the Republic [allowing Christianized and civilized aborigines to draw lands the same as emigrant allotments] (1888, p. 3)

Joint resolution for the relief of Charles R. Johnson [born 1812, the last surviving male from the Sherbo Island settlers, veteran of a battle in 1822] formerly of the city of Monrovia, Montserrado County, but at present a resident of Grand Bassa County (1888, pp. 3-4)

An act granting the Presbyterian Mission two hundred acres of land at Cape Mount in Montserrado County (1888, p. 4)

Resolution authorizing the president of the Republic of Liberia to employ an armed force, domestic or foreign, to subdue the rebellious Greboes in Maryland County (1888, p. 5)

An act for the better regulation of the postal service of this Republic [ordering all mail sent through the post office, not through steamers] (1888, pp. 5-7)

An act interdicting the port of entry and delivery of Half Cavalla, Maryland County, in the Republic of Liberia [due to a rebellion by some Greboes against Christianized Greboes and other subjects of the Republic] (1888, pp. 7-8)

An act granting the Protestant Episcopal Mission in Liberia two hundred acres in the county of Grand Bassa (1888, pp. 8-9)

A resolution for the protection of the government against the fraud of aliens [aimed at fraudulently enjoy the advantages of two nationalities and to escape the duties and burdens of both] (1888, p. 9)

An act restoring James M. Curd and Peter Hilton to citizenship (1888, p. 9)

An act granting the citizens of Maryland County [two hundred and fifty dollars] assistance in repairing the causeway that connects the two wards of the city of Harper, known by the names of Latrobe and Hoffman Station (1888, p. 10)

An act restoring Thomas H. Johnson of Maryland County and Sarah E. Barnny, David Bryant and Samuel Jackson of Montserrado, Republic of Liberia, to the rights and privileges of citizenship (1888, p. 10)

Resolution proposing amendments to the Constitution to be submitted to the people at the next biennial election to be held A.D. 1889 [to shift referenda from being held simultaneously with elections of legislators to being ordered at any time by two thirds of both branches] (1888, pp. 10-11)

An act repealing certain portion of an act entitled an act providing for and restricting the payment of import and export duties in each county of this Republic (1888, p. 11)

An act making a special appropriation to pay one C.H. Morgan the sum of one hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents, for services rendered the government as deputy collector for the port of Cavalla, Maryland County (1888, p. 11)

An act to employ a scientific mineralogist and geologist to make researches [in collaboration with B.J.K. Anderson] for valuable mines in this Republic [appropriating three thousand dollars] (1888, p.12)

Resolution exempting La Compaignie Francaise de l’Afrique Occidentale, that is to say the French Company of Western Africa line of mail steamers from tonnage dues in consideration of certain services to be rendered to the Republic of Liberia by said line of mail steamers [namely, the transportation of commissioned officials when traveling on official duties (1888, pp. 12-13)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1887-1888. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1888.


[A resolution appropriating two hundred and fifty dollars for rebuilding...


An act to grant seventy five acres of land for...

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