[A resolution appropriating two hundred and fifty dollars for rebuilding a bridge across Big Creek in Maryland County, between Tubman Town and Philadelphia (1890, p. 3)

[A resolution appropriating five hundred dollars for an interior road between Gorranommah and Gouga, one hundred dollars for cleaning out Gorranommah Creek, Cape Mount, and one hundred and fifty dollars for cleaning out Mi-ingga and Cabolia River] (1890, p. 3)

A joint resolution making provision for the payment of the [four hundred and thirty three dollars and sixty cents] amount due Nelly Banks, Lilly Banks, Maria Banks and O. Banks [accrued from the estate of their late parents, Peter and Dilsey Banks, and deposited into the treasury by William Douglas, guardian of the children] (1890, pp. 3-4)

A resolution removing the interdict of Timbo (1890, p. 4)

An act creating a Humane Order to be styled The Liberia Order for saving Human Life (1890, pp. 4-5)

An act amendatory and supplementary to the several acts regulating the judiciary [requiring judges who request absence with pay because of ill health to present a physician’s certificate to the president] (1890, p. 5)

Resolution reimbursing C.A. White Sheriff of Grand Bassa County [one hundred dollars fine paid by order of Associate Justice H.J. Neyle] (1890, p. 6)

An act granting the Methodist Episcopal Church Mission in Montserrado County, on the Farmington River at the place known as Mount Olive, three hundred acres of land [for mission purposes] (1890, p. 6)

An act chartering the National Division No. 1 Philanthropic Order of Sons of Temperance of Maryland County [naming as members: E. J. Woods (p.w.p.), H. J. Bell (w.p.), H. H. Harris (w.t.), T.H. Lauder (t.s.), W. A. Barnes (c.) W. D. Greenfield (a.r.s.), C. A. Tasco (c.), C. H. Ridgly (a.c.) J. H. Stevens (j.s.), P. W. Mitchell (o.s.) and W. G. McKnight (1890, pp. 6-7)

An act to grant certain concessions for the charter and construction of a system of railroads in the Republic of Liberia [naming F. F. Whittekin, borough of Tionesta, Pennsylvania (1890, pp. 6-12)

An act granting the Protestant Episcopal Church in Sinoe County, one hundred acres of land for missionary purposes (1890, p. 12)

Resolution for the special relief of [one hundred dollars annually to] John W. Harland [Bassa County, blinded in the left eye by a shot received in the 1851 Grand Bass war] (1890, p. 12)

An act to incorporate the Baptist Union Sisters of Maryland County, Republic of Liberia [naming Mary Lauder, Caroline Diggs, Margaret Brooks, Jeanette McIntosh, R. A. Moulton, A. R. Gibson and P.A. Tubman] (1890, p. 13)

An act incorporating the Woman’s Missionary Native Aid Society, Grand Bassa County, Liberia [naming L. A. Morgan, C.A. Crusoe, E. L. Gross and H. J. Scott] (1890, pp. 13-14)

An act declaring the meaning of the 2nd Section of the IVth Article of the Constitution of Liberia and defining the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court judges under said article [barring Supreme Court justices from issuing original writs in any case other than those affecting foreign emissaries and involving a county as a party] (1890, pp. 14-15)

An act granting a concession to Messrs Ellis Parr, Lathan Augustus Withall and Richard Pearson of London, England, a concession to gather, collect and prepare caoutchouc or rubber and gutta percha within the Republic of Liberia and for other purposes [granting them sole rights to export rubber and making exportation by others a misdemeanor punishable by five hundred to ten thousand dollars (1890, pp. 15-17)******

Joint resolution repealing the present act regulating the reshipment of goods and merchandise from one county to another within this Republic and reviving the Drawback Law (1890, pp. 17-18)

A joint resolution making an appropriation [of three hundred dollars] for the inauguration of the president and vice president of the Republic of Liberia for the term of office 1890 & 91 (1890, p. 18)

Resolution restoring George W. Hardy and James W.N. Yates of Maryland County to citizenship (1890, p. 18)

An act to alter and amend the several acts establishing the judiciary and regulating the powers common to the courts of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas in the several counties [extending from two weeks to three the term of Common Pleas in Grand Bassa, Sinoe and Maryland] (1890, pp. 18-19)

An act granting one hundred acres of land [near Careysburg] to the Methodist Episcopal Church in Liberia [naming as trustees: Amos Brown, W. T. Hagan and Rydan Boyce] (1890, p. 19)

Resolution restoring certain persons to citizenship [naming Armstead Woods, James E. Butler and John Briggs of Montserrado County] (1890, p. 19)

An act to incorporate the M. E. Eddy’s Chapel, Virginia, St. Paul’s River, Montserrado County [naming as trustees: F.C. Holderness (pastor), A. Snorton, D.A. Snorton, Thomas Brown, W.H. Johnson, Jacob Harris, Charles Johnson and C.H. Capehart] (1890, p. 20)

An act to repeal an act approved January 5th, 1879, amendatory and supplementary to an act regulating the payment of duties passed and approved February 8th 1878 (1890, p.20)

An act supplementing the several acts respecting the post office department [requiring each master to file a separate bond and directing the post master general to conclude parcel post and money order conventions, establish post offices at Marshall and Robertsport, and develop a uniform national postal order system] (1890, pp. 20-22)

An act fixing a tariff on goods, wares and merchandize imported into and on produce exported from the Republic of Liberia [giving specific duties on extensive list of possible imports, requiring the Liberian consul generals at port of departure to verify all import invoices and the impounding goods at local ports, if there is a prospect of duty being evaded] (1890, pp. 22-25)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1889-1890. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1890. Although the title of the act marked ****** names London as the home-city of the concessionaires, the body of act cites Liverpool.


Joint resolution making appropriation [three hundred dollars] for defraying the...


An act to grant seventy five acres of land for...

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