An act chartering the city of Buchanan (1891, pp. 3-7)

An act making provision for the inducement, encouragement and maintenance of Negro immigrants into the Republic of Liberia [appointing a commissioner of immigration for each county under the secretary of the interior] (1891, pp. 7-?)*******

A resolution providing for the apprehending and bringing to justice certain turbulent kings and chiefs [namely King Darwarnar and his son of Cong-gar town, Goronammah section] of Grand Cape Mount and Pondeh in the Ding Golah Country (1891, p. 10)

An act making appropriation [of two hundred dollars] for cleaning out Ayres Creek branch of the Stockton in Montserrado County (1891, p. 10)

Resolution providing for laying out and running a road from the main road at Sassy Town or from Congo Town five miles back of Louisiana, to the settlement of Fendall in Louisiana (1891, pp. 10-11)

Resolution making appropriation [of two thousand and three hundred dollars] to assist the citizens of the several settlements in the county of Montserrado to throw up extended roads and to build bridges (1891, pp. 11-12)

An act amending an act requiring the aborigines to pay duties on their earnings [removing duties from all goods brought back by returning workers, except on guns, powder, other ammunition, tobacco and alcoholic liquors (1891, pp. 12-13)

Resolution disposing of the [thirty thousand dollars] balance of the bonus in the possession of the secretary of the treasury and authorizing the purchase of a Steam Gun Boat with arms and outfit and the placing of the several counties in a state of defense, with suitable infantry rifles and ammunition (1891, pp. 13-14)

Joint resolution respecting public records [appropriating three thousand dollars to cover the salary of a transcriber to transfer endangered public records into more durable volumes as well as the cost of new leather-bound blank books] (1891, p. 14)

Resolution providing [fifteen hundred dollars, half drawn from the national treasury and the rest from the counties] for the surveying and plotting of the counties of Maryland, Sinoe and Grand Bassa (1891, p. 15)

Joint resolution authorizing a special election to be held on the second Tuesday in March A.D. 1891 in the city of Greenville (1891, p. 15)

An act authorizing the secretary of the treasury to put the light house of Monrovia in proper repairs [and appropriating eight hundred dollars] (1891, pp. 15-16)

Resolution [appropriating one hundred and seventy five dollars, in response to a petition from area parents] making provision for the pay of William Henry Taylor, school teacher at Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia [who was refused pay by the county school commissioner] (1891, p. 16)

Joint resolution extending the provisions of the Drawback Law to the district of Robertsport (1891, p. 16)

Resolution providing an annual pension [of forty five dollars] for Ceasar Kingsley of Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia (1891, pp. 16-17)

A resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the Twenty Second Legislature, Second Session (1891, p. 17)

An act to encourage interior trade to Greenville by use of the Sinoe River [legalizing trade by Liberian and foreign merchants along the banks of the Sinoe, as far inward as they may desire] (1891, pp. 17-18)

Joint resolution [appropriating fifteen hundred dollars for] endowing scholarships in Liberia College [for three students each from Maryland, Sinoe and Grand Bassa] (1891, pp. 18-19)

An act authorizing and granting a public road in the Vey Country [appropriating three thousand dollars, in response to appeals from the Tawoh and Gola chiefs] (1891, pp. 19-20)

Joint resolution repealing the first section of an act providing for the support of the general government, approved January 18th 1875 [distributing two fifths of all revenue from import and export duties to the national government, the rest going to the counties] (1891, p. 20)

Resolution appropriating two hundred dollars to assist the citizens of Paynesville to build a bridge and causeway between Paynesville and Old Congo Town (1891, pp. 20-21)

Resolution appropriating five thousand one hundred and forty dollars to assist the citizens of Sinoe County in building a bridge and levees and to survey certain creeks and rivers in Sinoe County (1891, p.21)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1890-1891. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1891. Pages seven through nine, marked with *******, are missing from the copy of the Acts used to prepare this index.


Joint resolution making appropriation [of three hundred dollars] for the...


An act chartering the Enterprise Mining Company of Grand Bassa...

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