Resolution authorizing and designating a site on the west side of Norris Road in the county of Maryland for a pest house [taking two acres from James W. Ashton and letting the same land to him] (1893, p. 3)

Joint resolution paying a judicial claim of [three hundred and fifty eight dollars and fifty cents] A.D. Williams of Montserrado County [growing out of the sentencing of one Doe] (1893, p. 3)

An act making the payment of import duties in gold and the payment of export duties in currency or gold (1893, p. 4)

Joint resolution declaring certain claims presented by J. S. Smith of Grand Bassa for account of pension of ex-president Gardner a nullity, the same having been paid [rejecting as fraudulent warrants for five hundred dollars signed by ex-president A. F. Russell and for two hundred and fifty dollars by ex-president by ex-president H. R. W. Johnson in favor of ex-president Gardner] (1893, pp. 4-5)

Joint resolution providing for the education of twelve native youths from the collection of interior taxes and the keeping of peace on the public highway to the interior of this Republic (1893, pp. 5-6)

An act to increase the number of regiments in this Republic [adding a fifty regiment, drawn from Clay-Ashland, Louisiana, Millsburg, Harrisburg, Arthington, Muhlenburg, White Plains, Robertsville, Crozerville, Bensonville and Careysburg] (1893, p. 6)

Joint resolution authorizing the exchange of Liberian currency for bonds and the payment of the interest upon the same (1893, pp. 6-7)

An act to incorporate the Independent Congregational Church of Greenville, Sinoe County [naming James K. P. Greene (pastor), Perry A. Greene (deacon), Jesse E. Harris (deacon), Peter Greene (deacon), Z. B. Brown (deacon), Z. T. Greene (trustee and clerk), H. Maccaulay (trustee) and W.E. Harris (trustee)] (1893, p. 7)

Joint resolution restoring John L. Green of Maryland County to citizenship (1893, p. 7)

An act entitled an act to amend an act regulating the militia organization discipline and pay and to repeal the bounty land act [paying each private twelve dollars per month; corporals fourteen dollars, sergeants seventeen dollars, ensigns nineteen, lieutenants twenty, captains twenty five, majors thirty, lieutenant colonels thirty seven, colonels forty dollars and brigade generals forty four dollars per month] (1893, p. 8)

Joint resolution authorizing the payment of the heir of James C. Gittens estate the sum of one hundred and fifty six dollars and sixteen cents (1893, pp. 8-9)

Joint resolution granting [one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars to] the citizens of Bexley, Hartford and Fortsville in Bassa County, money to build bridges and throw up causeway (1893, p. 9)

Joint resolution authorizing the secretary of the treasury to negotiate for the loan of thirty thousand dollars to carry out effectually the purposes of the South East expedition of Cape Palmas [against the Half Cavallians] (1893, p. 10)

An act to incorporate the first Baptist Church in Upper Buchanan Grand Bassa County [naming Henry Butler, William Jones, Ishmael P. Harris and James A.M. Peters] (1893, p. 10)

An act to regulate the importation and sale of firearms and ammunition [ prohibiting the provision of swift firing weapons to aborigines, unless in the armed forces, in keeping with the General Act signed in Brussels in July 1890] (1893, pp. 10-12)

[An act detailing the terms for negotiation of extradition treaties with foreign governments] (1893, pp. 12-16)

An act providing port regulations for the Republic of Liberia (1893, pp. 16-18)

An act amendatory and supplementary to an act to repeal an act requiring constables and other collecting officers at Robertsport to make their reports to the Court of Quarter Sessions and Common Pleas, Monsterrado County in common with others, approved January 18 1898 (1893, p. 18)

Resolution authorizing the president of the Republic of Liberia on the anticipated arrival of the gunboat “Gorronammah” to make immediate provisions in demanding collection of the Nanna Kroo bonds and punishment of the outrages by the natives of the Setra Kroo tribes (1893, p. 19)

Resolution authorizing the president of the Republic of Liberia to put on foot a sufficient armed force to quell the rebellious attitude of the natives in the Vey and Zarroh sections of … Grand Cape Mount towards government in the continuation of the perpetual raids on each other and their obstinate disloyalty in refusing executive authority commanding peace, and also to drive out all invaders in said section of country (1893, pp. 19-20)

Joint resolution amendatory to the act entitled an act to regulate the militia pass at the session of the legislature A.D. 1847 [providing for one surgeon, with the rank of major, and two surgeon mates, with the rank of lieutenants, in each regiment] (1893, p. 20)

An act to amend an act fixing the tariff on goods, wares and merchandise imported into the Republic of Liberia, approved January 28, 1890 (1893, pp. 20-21)

[A resolution authorizing the secretary to treasury to investigate the claim held against the government for eighty thousand four hundred eighty sight dollars and eighty four cents by the widow of the late M.T. Worrell] (1893, p. 21)

An act causing all liquor licenses to be paid in gold (1893, p. 21)

Resolution providing [ninety dollars in compensation for land taken for a road] for the relief of the heirs of S.A. Benson, late of Grand Bassa County (1893, pp. 21-22)

Joint resolution to incorporate the Saint Augustine Lodge No. 2 of the Evangelical Zoanknights in Maryland County [naming John F. R. Scotland, A. L. Gibson, James L. Henson, E. M. Cummings, W. A. Harmon, C. W. Harmon, J. W. Hutchings, H. Johnson, Wellington Mitchell, E. Wilkinsen, G. A. Tippet, G. A. Howard and W. A. Greenfield] (1893, p. 22)

Joint resolution restoring Mrs. Charlotte Kingfield of Sinoe County to citizenship (1893, pp. 22-23)

Joint resolution repealing joint resolution of the senate and house of representatives, providing for the support of the general government, approved January 1891 [providing half of all import and export duties for the national government] (1893, p. 23)

Joint resolution reopening the port of River Cess in Grand Bassa County (1893, p. 23)

[A resolution establishing the rates of duty on various specific commodities] (1893, pp. 23-24)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1892-1893. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1893.


Joint resolution making appropriation [of three hundred dollars] for the...


An act chartering the Enterprise Mining Company of Grand Bassa...

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