Joint resolution accepting the resignation of Chief Justice C.L. Parsons [due to failure of eyesight] and retiring him after June 30, 1894 (1894, p. 3)

Joint resolution [appropriating one hundred and fifty dollars] for the relief of the widow of Captain John Johnson of No. 3 militia compnay of the second regiment, Grand Bassa County [who fell in the battle of Rocktown, June 21, 1893] (1894, pp. 3-4)

Joint resolution restoring J.N. Skipworth of Grand Bassa County to citizenship (1894, p.4)

An act creating a secretary of war and navy and defining his duties (1894, pp. 4-5)

An act to amend “An act to grant certain concessions for the charter and construction of a system of railroads in the Republic of Liberia,” approved January 21st 1890 [transferring the concession from F. F. Whittekin, who died on his way to Liberia to fulfill the contract, to his nephew, F. F. Whittekin] (1894, pp. 5-6)

An act authorizing the opening of a canal to connect the waters of the Cavalla and Hoffman Rivers in the county of Maryland [and appropriating eight hundred dollars] (1894, p. 6)

An act to restore to citizenship J.W. Brown and Leum Brown of Sinoe County, Levi Martin of Grand Bassa County, A.L. Cummings of Maryland Count, and A.P. Burnett and John Drayton of Montserrado County (1894, pp. 6-7)

Joint resolution fixing a place for a high school in the county of Grand Bassa and providing competent teachers for said school [with appropriation of one thousand and five hundred dollars] (1894, p. 7)

An act chartering the Young Men’s Lyceum of Lower Buchanan, Grand Bassa County [naming Henry P. Hall (president), Isaac Bishop Yancy (vice president), Daniel J. Page (recording secretary), Philip A. Thatcher (corresponding secretary), Ishmael P. Harris, C. H. Johnson, W. H. Perry, Peter Capehart, J. B. Thomas, J. W. Payne, Gabriel Burke, C.H. Nurse, John T. Harris and A.D. Holliday] (1894, pp. 7-8)

An act to incorporate the Methodist Episcopal Church, Marshall [naming J.P. Artis (pastor), W.G. Mathis (trustee and stewart), George W. Williams (trustee and stewart), J.W. Gordon (stewart), T.N. Wright (stewart), J.H. Marshall (stewart) and J.E. Davis (stewart)] (1894, pp. 8-9)

Joint resolution authorizing the secretary of the treasury to dispose of the currency accruing from gold bonds issued and extending the act authorizing the issue of gold bonds for currency (1894, pp. 9-10)

Joint resolution chartering the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, Marshall [naming J. H. Marshall (p.w.f.), W. S. Mathis (n.s.), J. B. Cole (n.g.), G. H. Marshall (v.g.), T. B. Woodson (s.w.) and W. G. Mathis (j.w.)] (1894, p. 10)

An act amendatory to the act establishing the judiciary and fixing the powers common to the several courts and amending the acts regulating appeals (1894, pp. 10-11)

An act to incorporate the Roberts Hospital [providing four town lots in Monrovia and naming as trustees: H. D. Brown, W. E. Dennis, H. J. Moore, H.A. Williams, Arthus Barclay, J. H. Roberts and G. C. Dennis] (1894, pp. 11-12)

Joint resolution authorizing the secretary of war and navy to furnish Sinoe County with certain arms and ammunitions [forwarding seventy five Peabody rifles and twenty thousand rounds of ammunition] (1894, p. 12)

Joint resolution appropriating annually seventy-five dollars to and for the use of John Hess of Montserrado County [who sustained head and eye injuries while firing a salute at Fort Norris in 1892] (1894, p. 12)

Joint resolution levying a special navy tax upon all inhabitants within the incorporate townships of this Republic without exception as to nationality or citizenship (1894, p. 13)

An act granting [Prof. O.F. Cook] the agent of the New York State Colonization Society exemption from duties on imports (1894, p. 13)

An act to provide support for Liberia College [appropriating three thousand and six hundred dollars annually for salaries of professors and two thousand dollars for other expenses] (1894, p. 14)

Joint resolution making further provisions for the appropriation of a sufficient amount to complete the building of a jail and court house at Robertsport, Montserrado County [appropriating one thousand dollars] (1894, pp. 14-15)

Joint resolution granting an annuity [of one hundred dollars each] to Ida W. Outland, Catherine J. Thompson, Patsey Hardy, Martha Woodson, Fannie E. Smith and Minty Ann Moore, whose husbands died in the battle of Rock Town; also [two hundred dollars each to] Geo. S. Padmore, Daniel Morris, R.T. Taylor, Josiah Benson, Isaiah Ireland, Henry Rogers who were wounded in the battle of Rock Town; also [two hundred dollars to] George Trembo who was wounded in the battle of Renelu in 1875 (1894, p. 15)

Resolution authorizing the celebration of the fiftieth year of Liberian independence [appropriating one thousand dollars for a fair in Monrovia] (1894, p. 16)

[A resolution granting one thousand acres of land to the New York State Colonization Society to establish an agricultural experiment station] (1894, pp. 16-17)

Joint resolution regulating the payment of the members and officers of the legislature [ordering full payment in gold five days before adjournment] (1894, pp. 17-18)

Joint resolution authorizing the removal of Judge I. N. Roberts, Grand Bassa County [in response allegedly to petitions from Grand Bassa citizens] (1894, p. 18-19)

Joint resolution authorizing the payment of a certain claim [for one hundred and thirty seven dollars and fifty cents] held against the government by Thomas Smith of Montserrado County [on balance due to George Bailey] (1894, p. 18)

Joint resolution authorizing the sale of the schooner Beatrice by the marshal of Monsterrado County [for no less than two thousand and five hundred dollars] (1894, p. 19)

Joint resolution authorizing the payment of certain claims of Thomas Smith [of six hundred and eighteen dollars] (1894, p. 19)

Joint resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the First Session of the Twenty-fourth Legislature of the Republic of Liberia (1894, p. 19)

An act amendatory and supplementary to an act entitled an act for the relief of certain officers and soldiers approved February 8th 1878 [providing annuity for the widows, orphans and aged or infirm parents of soldiers] (1894, p. 20)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1893-1894. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1894.


Joint resolution making appropriation [of three hundred dollars] for the...


An act chartering the Enterprise Mining Company of Grand Bassa...

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