Joint resolution calling in all war certificates now in circulation within the Republic (1895, p. 3)

An act requiring the auditor of the treasury department to visit the Leeward Counties once a quarter for the purpose of examining and checking the public accounts and expenditure (1895, pp. 3-4)

An act to incorporate the national museum and library [appropriating three hundred and fifty dollars per year] (1895, p. 4)

An act amendatory and supplementary to an act entitled an act fixing the boundaries of town of Robertsport (1895, pp. 4-5)

Joint resolution providing for the survey and rectification of lands at Talla and Waterville, Grand Cape Mount, Montserrado Count [appropriating three hundred and fifty dollars] (1895, p. 5)

Joint resolution providing for a court house, jail and government houses in the county of Grand Bassa and watch house in the county of Sinoe [approving for repair the recently transferred premises of A. Woermann, Upper Buchanan for government use] (1895, pp. 5-6)

An act amendatory to the Homestead Exemption Act approved January 4th 1889 [making it misdemeanor for any sheriff or clerk to seize and expose for sale any homesteaded property] (1895, p. 6)

Joint resolution providing for the settlement of disturbances on the Kroo Coast [appropriating ten thousand dollars for military action if negotiation fails to obtain from the Nanna Kroo and Settra Kroo one thousand dollars each allegedly for owed import duties] (1895, pp. 6-7)

An act to amend the acts establishing the judiciary and fixing the powers and jurisdiction of the several courts [extending the jurisdiction of monthly and probate courts and the powers of justices of the peace, in order to cut spending for the Courts of Common Pleas and Admiralty] (1895, p. 7-8)

Joint resolution reviving the act establishing and fixing … export duty on coffee scions and dried coffee, passed and approved December 26th 1878 (1895, p. 8)

An act to regulate the fees to be allowed the marshall of the several Courts of Common Pleas and Admiralty in the Republic, also the marshall of the Supreme Court (1895, pp. 8-9)

Joint resolution authorizing the secretary of war and navy to furnish Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount, and Careysburg, Monstserrado County [fifty Peabody rifles and fifteen thousand rounds of cartridges], Sinoe [one Gatling gun, two hundred Peabody rifles and twenty thousand rounds of cartridges] and Maryland [one Gatling gun, one hundred Peabody rifles and two thousand rounds of cartridges] Counties with certain arms and the necessary ammunition (1895, p. 9)

An act supplementary and amendatory to an act entitled an act chartering the city of Harper, approved December 27th 1878 (1895, p. 9)

Joint resolution providing for immigrant receptacles in the several counties [appropriating four thousand dollars for receptacles] (1895, p. 10)

Joint resolution authorizing the president to appoint two suitable persons in the counties of Montserrado, Grand Bassa, Sinoe and Maryland to select suitable places to establish civilized settlements (1895, pp. 10-11)

Joint resolution granting lands in the several counties of this Republic to the trustees of Bishop Taylor’s Industrial Missions (1895, pp. 11-12)

An act to authorize the citizens of Grand Bassa County, to run a Tram Road through the city of Buchanan and to assist them in accomplishing the same (1895, pp. 12-13)

An act amendatory and supplementary to an act entitled an act encouraging mining in the Republic of Liberia (1895, pp. 13-14)

An act making appropriations for the fiscal year beginning the first day of October 1894 and ending September 30th 1895 (1895, pp. 14-21)

An act providing for a Liberian Common School Reader [authorizing no more than three persons to compile the manuscript, two thousand copies of which are to be published by “some foreign printing company”] (1895, pp. 21-22)

An act to increase the revenue of this Republic [appropriating two thousand acres for government farms and state prisons] (1895, pp. 22-24)

An act to alter and amend an act to increase the number of regiments in the Republic of Liberia [from four regimental and eight monthly parades a year to two regimental and ten monthly parades] (1895, pp. 24-25)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1894-1895. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1895.


Joint resolution making appropriation [of three hundred dollars] for the...


An act chartering the Enterprise Mining Company of Grand Bassa...

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