Joint resolution incorporating the Bridge Association of the settlements of White Plains, Crozerville, Bensonville and Careysburg in Montserrado County [naming W. T. Hagans (president), R. A. M. Deputie (vice president), Sr., Benjamin Fagans (vice president), Cato A. Sims (vice president), James D. Carter (vice president), Edward Hunte (treasurer), G. S. Padmore (recording secretary), D.E. Howard (corresponding secretary), J. C. Johnson (manager), Jas. W. Cooper (manager), J.E. Port (manager), Jas. B. Wright (manager) and Thomas W. Haynes (manager)] (1896, p. 3)

Joint resolution incorporating Saint Paul’s Baptist Church, Arthington in the county of Montserrado, Republic of Liberia [naming June Moore (pastor) and deacons J.C. Taylor, Solomon Hill, E. Ponder, V.L. Miller, Henry Taylor and George Askie] (1896, p. 4)

Joint resolution extending the time for all persons holding war certificates within the Republic [from Sept. 30, 1895 to Sept. 30, 1896] (1896, p. 4)

An act empowering the president to designate by public proclamation the limits of townships not already defined (1896, p. 5)

Joint resolution providing for a criminal code [appropriating five hundred dollars for a commission composed of two judges and three counsellors at law] (1896, p. 5)

An act granting Charles William Meiter [of London, England], his associates or assigns the right to establish a bank within this Republic with special privileges [including the exclusive right to coin and issue money in the city of Monrovia] (1896, pp. 6-8)

Joint resolution granting 10 acres of land in fee simple to each male member of the Cape Palmas tribe in Maryland County (1896, p. 8)

Joint resolution removing H.C. Birch, judge of the Monthly and Probate Court of Sinoe County [in order to avoid impeachment] (1896, pp. 8-9)

[A resolution appropriating three hundred and fifty dollars for the inauguration of the president and vice president] (1896, p. 9)

An act defining the duties of the postmaster general [requiring a twenty thousand dollar bond] (1896, pp. 9-10)

Joint resolution authorizing the coining of twenty-five thousand dollars in copper and silver coin (1896, pp. 10-11)
An act providing for the registration of partnership deeds and the articles of association of public companies working within the Republic of Liberia (1896, pp. 11-16)

An act amending the acts chartering Liberia College [allowing for trust fund holders — foreign and domestic — to elect trustees and for trustees to elect the professors and president] (1896, pp. 16-17)

An act granting a road right or right of way and other lands to the American Colonization Society and the New York State Colonization Society [including eight thousand acres near Mount Coffee] (1896, pp. 17-18)

An act to repeal a portion of an act entitled an act to amend the acts establishing the judiciary and fixing the powers and jurisdiction of the several courts, passed and approved January 14, 1895 [restoring Grand Bassa and Maryland Courts of Quarter Sessions to their original terms, due to “embarrassment,” “inconveninence” and “oppression” of the people under their recent charter] (1896, pp. 18-19)

An act amendatory and supplementary to the several existing military acts [establishing one court martial each in Harper and Monrovia and fixing parade dates for the various brigades and regiments] (1896, pp. 19-20)

An act amending the act defining the duties of the post master general [substituting a bond of ten thousand dollars instead of twenty thousand dollars] (1896, pp. 20-21)

Joint resolution repealing an act passed by the legislature approved Janaury 21, 1890, granting a concession to F. F. Whitekin and also repealing an act extending the time for said concession, approved Janaury 3, 1894 (1896, p. 21)

An act granting certain lands in Grand Bassa County to the American Colonization Society [up to six thousand acres near Hartford, Grand Bassa, for use by the All Saints Hall Mission School, established by Mrs. Margretta Scott but recently taken over by the ACS] (1896, pp. 21-22)

Joint resolution for the relief of the several counties of this Republic [ordering the clerks of court to keep an account of all fines and imposed costs for double-checking the accounts of sheriffs and marshalls] (1896, p. 22)

Joint resolution declaring Little Bassa in the county of Grand Bassa a port of entry and delivery [appropriating one thousand dollars to build a port and custom house] (1896, pp. 23-24)

An act granting [Thomas J.R. Faulkner of New York City] a concession to construct, work and maintain railways, telegraphs and telephone lines in the Republic of Liberia [allowing free mining of coal, iron and other metals to cover cost of road, duty-free importation of equipment and tax-free operation for twenty five years] (1896, pp. 23-24)

Joint resolution repealing all that part of the 3rd section of the act entitled an act fixing a tariff on goods, wares and merchandise imported into and on produce exported from the Republic of Liberia, approved January 28, 1896, referring to “fees” of foreign consuls for certification of invoices (1896, p. 24)

An act making appropriations for the fiscal year beginning the first day of October 1895 and ending September 30th 1896 [including salaries of public officers at the national and county levels] (1896, pp. 25-29)

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1895-1896. Published by authority Monrovia: T.W. Howard, printer, Government Printing Office, 1896.


Joint resolution making appropriation [of three hundred dollars] for the...


An act chartering the Enterprise Mining Company of Grand Bassa...

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