An act chartering the Enterprise Mining Company of Grand Bassa County [permitting the importation of mining materials duty free and granting two thousand acres at fifty cents per acre to C. C. Brown, J. D. Summerville, A. J. Woods and J. A. Toliver] (1897, p. 3)

Joint resolution incorporating Unity Lodge No. 96 of the Order of United Brothers of Freindship of Brewerville, Montserrado County [naming L. D. Davis (w.m.), G. W. Woods (d.m.), J. W. Bowens (w.s.), J. H. Davis (w.a.s.), A. E. Brown (w.t.), E. W. Williams (w.c.), W. M. Hardy (w.s.m.) T. H. Hunter (w.t.), H. B. Hayes (w.t.), A. D. Simpson (w.t.), J. W. Ash (w.r.s.), Peter Slight (w.l.s.) and E. G. Mathews (w.t.s.) (1897, p. 4)

An act incorporating the First Presbyterian Church Schiefflin [naming the Rev. Z. R. Kennedy, Alfred B. King, William N. Smith (elder), William Jones (elder), William H. Blaine (elder), Spencer H. McMiller (elder) and Christopher C. Lett (communicant)] (1897, p. 4)

A joint resolution requiring the secretary of war and navy to despatch the Gorronammah to the coast in order to carry the guns, port lights and gatlins with ammunition for the same (1897, p. 5)

Joint resolution restoring James M. Curd of the city of Monrovia in the county of Montserrado to citizenship [because Justice of the Peace R. Johnson Clarke, in association with no other justices of the peace, did try Curd, convict him and deny him appeal, “an outrage upon the law and the rights of a person”] (1897, p. 5)

Joint resolution granting one hundred acres of land in the settlement of Brewerville to the American National Baptist Foreign Mission Board for Missionary purposes (1897, pp. 5-6)

Joint resolution restoring John W. Howard of Maryland County to citizenship (1897, p. 6)

Joint resolution restoring sundry persons to citizenship [naming Moses R. Toliver and William H. Sharp of the county of Grand Bassa and Richard Turner and G.W. Hardy of the county of Maryland (1897, p. 6)

Joint resolution granting the citizens of Owens Grove Grand Bassa County the sum of fifty dollars to have the settlement properly plotted (1897, p. 6)

Joint resolution [appropriating one thousand and six hundred dollars and] authorizing the president to secure the services of Messrs. Thomas J. Faulkner, J.B. Dennis and Clement Irons for teaching the art of engineering and other branches of industry to 16 youths of this Republic [to include four youths from each county, two each from repatriate and indigenous backgrounds] (1897, p. 7)

Joint resolution providing additional election polls to be opened in the county of Maryland (1897, p. 7)

Joint resolution granting five hundred acres of land in Montserrado County as a donation to Rev. Paulus Moort and trustees for and in behalf of the Female Training and Educational Institution of Liberia (1897, pp. 7-8)
An act incorporating the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows Farmers Link Lodge No. 3.451 in the settlement of Clay Ashland, St. Paul’s River in the county of Montserrado [naming as trustees: Z.H. Dixon, J.B. Burton, J.J. Ash, A. Houston and A.F. Nimmo] (1897, p. 8)

An act granting the Episcopal Mission twenty acres of land at Cape Mount and fifty acres of land in the county of Maryland (1897, pp. 8-9)
An act to amend all that part of the joint resolution passed January 28th 1896 referring to the fees allowed Liberian consuls for the verification of invoices (1897, p. 9)

An act amending the coinage act approved January 1896 [empowering the secretary of treasury to demonitize the coins of foreign countries circulating in Liberia] (1897, p. 10)

Joint resolution approving the special bonds given by the secretary of the treasury to the East Africa Company during the year 1896 with respect to the Sinoe war and for other purposes (1897, p. 10)

Joint resolution granting one thousand acres of land to the First Presbyterian Church Careysburg, Montserrado County [five hundred acres in the Gomooshoo district and five hundred in Glee] (1897, p. 10)

Joint resolution better defining the duties of the commissaries of the counties of Grand Bassa, Sinoe and Maryland (1897, p. 11)

Joint resolution directing the government of Liberia to grant a mining concession in the county of Grand Bassa to A. Meikle on the terms settled by the executive government [requiring the payment of five thousand pounds sterling] (1897, p. 11)

A joint resolution for the better protection of native African laborers [requiring a license for the solicitation of workers from Montserrado and Grand Bassa] (1897, pp. 11-12)

An act fixing a duty [of one quarter of a cent per pound payable in Liberian currency, gold or silver] on Piassava (1897, p. 12)

An act requiring the superintendents of the several counties and the Wharfingers to give bond and fixing the salaries of the said Wharfingers within this Republic and placing the several collectors of customs and Wharfingers upon the general civil list (1897, pp. 12-13)

Joint resolution authorizing the president to erect or cause to be erected suitable block-houses in the interior or any part of this Republic whenever it is necessary [appropriating three thousand dollars for construction and maintaining the military force] (1897, pp. 13-14)

An act respecting revenue and commerce [allowing foreign traders doing business in the ports of Robertsport, Monrovia, Marshall, Grand Bassa, Greenville and Harper to establish factories at the principal coastal trading points, other than ports of entry (1897, pp. 14-15)

Joint resolution incorporating F. Bernard’s Hotel, Monrovia, Liberia (1897, p. 16)

Joint resolution making constables and all fee officers responsible for any unlawful detaining of parties who tender cost in legal tender, etc., etc. (1897, p. 16)

A joint resolution granting William Stepney a deed for teh two hundred acres of land in lieu of one burned (1897, p. 17)

Joint resolution incorporating the Knights of Pythias [naming A. L. Sims (c.c.), Josiah Cox (v.c.c.), Isaac Holder (p.), J. H. Locket (m.w.), W. O. Crawford (k.r.s.), Cato A. Sims (m.f.), Jas. B. Padmore (m.a.), E. A. Padmore (i.g.), J. D. Weeks (o.g.) and John I. Thorpe (l.a.) (1897, p. 17)
Joint resolution granting annuity [of sixty dollars per year] to Alexander Mars of Paynesville, Montserrado County (1897, pp. 17-18)

An act to incorporate the First Presbyterian Church, Careysburg, Montserrado County [naming the Rev. R.A.M. Deputie, Sr., G.W.P. Wordsworth (elder), R.A.M. Deputie, Jr. (elder), Francis W.M. (elder), E.C. Deputie (deacon) and W.A. Wordsworth (deacon) (1897, p. 18)

An act with respect to the local debt of the several counties (1897, p. 18)
An act providing for the survey and establishing of permanent agricultural settlements at Cavalla and along the western side of the Cavalla RIver in the county of Maryland [appropriating three thousand dollars] (1897, pp. 18-20)

An act amendatory to the act respecting the navy tax (1897, pp. 20-21)

An act supplementary to the existing acts regulating the postal service of this Republic (1897, pp. 21-22)

An act to incorporating the Liberian Land Development Company [naming W. K. Roberts of Mexico, Md., D. J. Flummer, E. B. Cattingham, T. D. Howard, C. K. Funsdate of Birmingham, Alabama, J. V. Doud of Chattanooga, Tennesee] (1897, pp. 22-24)

Joint resolution incorporating the Daughters of Zion of Sassy Town, Louisiana, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming M. Yates (mother), E. W. Sharp (assistant mother), Jane Seys (treasurer), L.A. Johnson (secretary), Amelia Johnson, Sarah F. Johnson, George Anna Erskine, Ellen Roberts, Mariah E. Jackson, Sarah James, Mary Carney, Saphire Johnson, Martha L. Wilson, Elizabeth Russell and Lydia A. Washington] (1897, p. 24)

Joint resolution pensioning Lieut. Colonel A.M. Jackson of the county of Montserrado [appropriating two hundred dollars per year] (1897, p. 24)
Joint resolution authorizing negotiation for the payment of the English loan of 1871 the same having accumulated interest with principal now exceeding one million dollars (1897, p. 25)

[A resolution appropriating three hundred dollars for a road from Barkers Street, Brewerville, to Logan’s creek, St. Paul’s River, in response to a petition from Brewerville resident] (1897, pp. 25-26)

An act chartering the “Union Mining Company” of Grand Bassa County [naming Edward E. Grant, Daniel G. Harris and Henry B. Williams of Grand Bassa; E.A. Payne, R.H. Jackson and A.B. King of Montserrado as recipients of a 25 year lease on three hundred acres in Grand Bassa and one thousand acres in Montserrado] (1897, p. 26)

Joint resolution requiring defaulting officers to make good the amounts of their deficits [ordering the attorney general to prosecute offenders] (1897, p. 27)

Joint resolution providing for the delimitation of the frontier between the Liberian territory and the French possessions contiguous thereto (1897, p. 27)

Joint resolution empowering the executive government of Liberia to enter into negotiation for the establishment of a banking institution within this Republic [in keeping with the Meiter Banking Act] (1897, pp. 27-28)

A joint resolution authorizing the secretary of treasury to pay A. Blackledge seventy five dollars in lieu of audited bills held by him (1897, p. 28)

Joint resolution granting an annuity of one thousand dollars for three years to Ricks Institute (1897, p. 28)

Joint resolution authorizing the president to approve war certificates in the hands of the superintendents of the several counties of this Republic [ordering that the review of certificates be extended beyond the original deadline due the government’s delay in publishing the announcement calling for the surrender of certificates] (1897, pp. 28-29)

Joint resolution to incorporate Zephus’ Lodge of the grand United Order of Odd Fellows No. 4069 Brewerville, Montserrado County [naming March Gaskin, W. D. Coleman, Henry Chesson, William Adams, Harvey Bast, George Moore, J. J. Saunders, H. B. Lee, Charles Banks, J.C. Lewis, L.D. Davis, A.B. Richardson, N. W. Williams, Jno. T. Banks, William Lucas, Jno. Marshall and Alfred Boyles] (1897, p. 29)

An act providing for the conversion of audited bills and scripts part of the floating debt of this Republic into bonds [in gold coins, bearing three percent interest] (1897, p. 29)

An act altering and amending the charter of the city of Buchanan approved January 13, 1891 [allowing the mayor and council members to fix their own compensation and designating all taxes collected from residents to be the property of the city] (1897, p. 32)

Joint resolution amendatory to the act and supplementary to the several military acts approved January 29 1896 [authorizing one surgeon general for the entire army at the rank of colonel, one surgeon for each brigade at the rank of major and one assistant surgeon per regiment at the rank of first lieutenant] (1897, p. 32)

[A resolution suspending application of the new military law regarding brigade parades] (1897, p. 33)

Joint resolution incorporating Live Stock Company of Careysburg, Montserrado County [granting one thousand acres in the Bough Kelly section, Careysburg, for raising beef and dairy cattle to R. L. Knuckles (chairman of the board), G.W. Walker (treasurer and board member), G. W. R. Wordsworth (corresponding secretary and board member), R. A. M. Deputie [Sr.?] (recording secretary and board member), J. C. Johnson (board member), G.W. Walker (board member), F. W. Jackson.(board member) — all shareholders, along with J. A. Cuthbert, J. E. Porte, Z. R. Kennedy, R. F. Walker, H. B. Woodson, E. C. Deputie, A. E. Walker, N. A. Richardson, J. H. Carr and Daniel Walker] (1897, pp. 33-34)

An act making appropriations [totaling one hundred eighty five thousand and nine hundred forty five dollars and ten cents] for the fiscal year beginning the first day of October A.D. 1896 and ending September 30th 1897 (1897, pp. 34-39)

Acts of the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia passed during the session 1896-1897. Monrovia: T.W. Howard, Printer, Government Printing Office, 1897


Joint resolution making appropriation [of three hundred dollars] for the...


Joint resolution incorporating the Bridge Association of the settlements of...

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