Joint resolution incorporating the Pleahn Wanh Society of Krutown, Monrovia [naming as officers: K. Nimbly Pyne, president; Jack, Andrew, vice president; Kor Weah, secretary; Tomee Toluji, assistant secretary; Japro Nanor, treasurer; Knoteah Norsonah, mother; Geploh Doedu, assistant mother; Yankoon Bomah, collector; Tegroo Dawyer, assistant collector; Teah Morboo, Nimbly Morboo, Narboh Bordie and Juah Tantie] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 3-4).

Joint resolution incorporating the New Wye Company of Kru Town, Monrovia, Montserrado County [naming Jack Freeman, manager; Cobah Pennor, queen; May Wreh Warto, second queen; Sinoe, chief officer; Ginger, judge; Whiskey, chief engineer; Moses, mess room steward; Try Best, fourth engineer; Sea Boe Deck, captain; Lewis Teah, chief steward; Fenur Seekey, doctor; Yancee Wreh, police; William Johnson, captain; Markon, female captain; Nawnwin, second steward; Saw Frau, second engineer; Tom Peter, second manager; Seneca, lawyer; D.C. Huntington, clerk] (Acts 1915-16, p. 4).

Joint resolution granting David B. Peal of the settlement of Millsburg, Montserrado County, the right to run a ferry across the St. Paul River from a point at Millsburg to an opposite point at White Plains and from the latter place to the former (Acts 1915-16, pp. 4-5).

Joint resolution incorporating the Afro-Liberian Union Association of Maryland County, Republic of Liberia [naming Samuel H. Merriam, president; Robert W. Wilson, vice president; Timothy N. Savage, general secretary; Henry H. Merriam, recording secretary; John P. Harris, financial secretary; Jerome N. Seton, emergency secretary; Jane W. Valentine, treasurer; Samuel K. Scott, chaplain; George G. Wood, marshall; Alonzo P. Clarke, guard; Nathaniel P. Speare, organist; Jeremiah D. Scott, patron; and Virginia W. Scott, matron] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 5-6).

An act amending an act amending and enlarging the charter of the Excelsior Mining Company, Ltd., of Maryland County, approved January 19th, 1914 [permitting the company to use a non-standard guage of three feet and six inches, to use unimproved land if needed, with owners to be compensated similarly situated government land, and to add branches to its main line, as required] (Acts 1915-16, p. 6).

Joint resolution incorporating the National Company of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming George Tarpeh, president; Saccho Blamor, vice president; Florbhey, secretary; Munoh, treasurer; Geteh Wuloh, doctor; and Jack Andrew, judge] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 6-7).

Joint resolution incorporating the Union Castle Company of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming Jonah Davis, manager; T. Borrow, assistant manager; F.C. Grant, captain; J. A. Manning, general doctor; C. B. M. Williams, purser; Yankor Monah, treasurer; Peter Davis, judge; and Wulor Teh, mistress] (Acts 1915-16, p. 7).

Joint resolution incorporating the Soldier Company No. 1 of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming Worroh Jaroy, manager; G. F. Sharpe, assistant manager; Gbee Teahpleh, queen; Gbee Tebah, assistant queen; Munah Tarpeh, secretary; War Chen Callah, judge; Tah Yannoh Beah, purser; Yannoh Ta Yankoon, treasurer; and Kpeneh Toe Surely, doctor] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 7-8).

An act amending the act incorporating the Caroline Donovan Normal and Industrial Institute [, a public school, to receive annual interest payments from the Donovan Estate for Education in Liberia, administered by the American Colonization Society] (Acts 1915-16, p. 8).

An act relating to the issuing of lawyers licenses [only by the Clerks of the Circuit Courts and only after approval by the Circuit judges] (Acts 1915-16, p. 9).

Joint resolution amending a joint resolution incorporating the Baptist Indistrial Academy of Fortsville, Grand Bassa County, approved Oct. 20th, 1914 [adding the Rev. James Kelly and the Rev. L. J. Campbell to the list of trustees] (Acts 1915-16, p. 9).

An act providing [$500] for the repairing of the Government House in Upper Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, and [$300 each for] jail houses in Greenville, Sinoe, and Maryland counties (Acts 1915-16, pp. 9-10).

An act fixing the penalty for violation of the neutrality of the Republic of Liberia [at up to two years imprisonment or $5,000] (Acts 1915-16, p. 10).

An act fixing the penalty for the violation of the proclamation of the president of the Republic of Liberia [between $25 and $500, left to the discretion of the courts] (Acts 1915-16, p. 11).

An act forbidding the circulation and spread of false news and rumors, whereby the foreign relations of the Republic of Liberia may be disturbed, and fixing penalty for same [at up to $1,000 or two years imprisonment] (Acts 1915-16, p. 11).

An act making appropriation [of $1,149.20] for defraying the expenses of the inauguration of the president and vice president of the Republic, A. D. 1916 (Acts 1915-16, pp. 11-12).

An act incorporating the Mary A. Sharp Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church of Kru Town, Monrovia, Montserrado County [naming Tom Green, Bill Williams, George F. Sharpe, S. B. Smith, Tea Cup Cooper, W. E. Dennis, T. J. R. Faulkner, J. B. McCritty, and D. E. Howard] (Acts 1915-16, p. 12).

An act extending the budget for the fiscal period ending Dec. 31st, 1915, to cover the period ending June 30th, 1917 (Acts 1915-16, pp. 12-13).

Joint resolution restoring D. D. Freeman of Monrovia, Montserrado County, to citizenship (Acts 1915-16, pp. 13).

An act authorizing the secretary of the treasury of the Republic of Liberia to pay the expenses of the call election in Sinoe County, and the quadrennial election in the several counties, March and May A. D. 1915 [out of the revenue of each county] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 13).

An act augmenting the salary of the commissioner of internal revenue [by $200] (Acts 1915-16, p. 12).

An act requiring the secretary of the treasury to pay the mileage bills of the legislature (Acts 1915-16, p. 14).

An act fixing the salaries of the marshall of the Supreme Court, sheriffs and clerks of courts (Acts 1915-16, pp. 14-15).

An act providing for the government of Kru Town, Monrovia, and constituting the same a corporation [providing for a governor, with the power to appoint one clerk and four police officers, and to act as a justice of the peace; one advisory councillor from each of the six nominating districts: Kru, Jiwroh, G’Bata, Ka-u, Bassa and Grebo; and the levying of taxes by the corporation to cover sanitation, water supply and poor relief] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 15-18).

Joint resolution restoring Andrew J. Wheathers of Montserrado County to citizenship (Acts 1915-16, p. 18).

Joint resolution incorporating the Eureka Lodge International Order of Good Templars, Robertsport, Montserrado County [naming G. N. Emmons, lodge deputy; R. W. Gordon, chief templar; W. A. Williams, vice templar; J. B. Stryker, secretary; L. J. Baker, financial secretary; Peter Russell, treasurer; W. S. Hoff, chaplain; J. A. H. Jones, superintendent of juvenile temple; A. J. Dimery, past chief templar; Ralph Perry, assistant secretary; Lemuel Russell, marshall; J. W. O. Garber, deputy marshall; J. R. McKeiver, guard; and J. H. Lewis, sentinel] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 18-19).

Joint resolution incorporating the Central Free Will Baptist Church, Brewerville, Montserrado County [naming William M. Coleman, pastor; and deacons: L. C. Crooksy, Alexander Moore, W. H. Davis, William Cheeseman, John A. Coleman, W. H. Forfey and Shederich Williams] (Acts 1915-16, p. 19).

Joint resolution incorporating the No. 1 Brass Band of the territory of Marshall, Republic of Liberia [naming Aaron P. Page, president; E. Francis Marshall, band master; Josiah White, assistant band master; and members: T. W. Marshall, Amos L. Williams, Thomas Smith, Samuel Mathis, H. Augustus Marshall, Thomas J. White, Henry King, Eddie White, Andrew Sanders, Jacob White, Paul Page, Andrew White and C. J. White (Acts 1915-16, pp. 19-20).

Joint resolution incorporating the Saint Philips Parish of the Protestant Episcopal Mission of Fortsville, Grand Bassa County [naming William Alex Greenfield, rector; Alexander A. Pierre, senior warden; Samuel P. Hodges, secretary; and vestrymen: James C. Rutlege, junior warden; Thomas L. Morris, E. J. Snyder, C. E. Vierdier] (Acts 1915-16, p. 20).

An act declaring certain acts seditious and fixing the punishment of same [making it a crime to (a) charge the government of unfairness in its conduct toward “native tribes,” punishable by up to $2,000 fines, five years imprisonment and confiscation of property or (b) harbor anyone engaged in revolt against the government, punishable by up to $500 fines or one year imprisonment if the offender is a Liberian or by up to $5,000 in fines and deportation if an alien] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 21-22).

Joint resolution granting J. N. Wright and Company of the territory of Marshall, Montserrado County, the right to run a ferry across the Junk River near the mouth of the Junk Bar in the territory, county and Republic of Liberia [for ten years] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 22-23).

An act forbiding the sale or improper use of government arms and ammunition [creating a high misdemeanor punishable by up to $500 and two years imprisonment] (Acts 1915-16, p. 23).

Joint resolution incorporating the Morris Memorial Lodge No. 133, United Brothers of Friendship of Bensonville, Montserrado County [naming James D. Brent, worthy master; Samuel N. Smith d. m.; J. T. Hampton, w.s.; James A. Parker, w. a. s.; Sandy F. Horace, w. f.; E. S. Moore, chaplain; and trustees: Fred. A. Padmore, E. S. Moore and Henry Ammons] (Acts 1915-16, p. 24).

Joint resolution granting Bishop S. D. Ferguson, missionary bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Mission in Liberia, six acres of land in the territory of Grand Cape Mount, in the city of Robertsport, for the purpose of carrying on a girls boarding and day school and for other industrial purposes (Acts 1915-16, pp. 24-25).

An act authorizing the secrtary of the treasury to pay off the officers of the national legislature the remainder of their salaries which may be due them at the end of each and every session (Acts 1915-16, p. 25).

An act providing for the maintenance of disabled seaman of the Republic of Liberia [on the following scale: second officer and above, $100; officers below second officer, $75; seamen, $60; and firemen and other hands, $40] (Acts 1915-16, p. 26).

An act amendatory to an act regulating the interior department, Republic of Liberia, approved Oct. 13, 1914 [requiring a $1,000 bond from each district commisioner] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 26-27).

An act chartering the City of Clay-Ashland, Montserrado County [with a mayor, one auditor, one recorder, one solicitor, one treasurer, one or more tax collector, one or more city magistrate, one lerk, one or more street inspectors, oen or more inspectors of weights and measures, a “suitable number” of police officers and a seven-member council] (Acts 1915-16, p. 23-30).

An act altering and amending the charter of the City of Greenville [with a mayor, one clerk, one auditor, one treasurer, one solicitor, one chief of police, one health commissioner, one chief tax collector, one commissioner of public works, one magistrate, and a seven-member council with one member from each ward and three at-large members] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 30-37).

Joint resolution reimbursing certain citizens holding legal claims against the Republic of Liberia [namely C. H. Taylor, $148; Thomas G. Ville, $350; and A. F. Jackson, $87.42] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 37-38).

An act making an appropriation [of $1,000] for the payment of the rent for the new executive mansion of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1915-16, p. 38).

Joint resolution in memory of Dr. Booker Taliaferro Washington, founder of Tuskegee Institute, Alabama [who for many years “manifested a sincere and unselfish interest in the affairs and progress” of Liberia] (Acts 1915-16, pp. 38-39).

Joint resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the first session of the 33rd legislature (Acts 1915-16, p. 39).

An act regulating the residence of aliens within the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1915-16, pp. 39-40?).

Acts Passed by the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1915—1916. Published by authority, Monrovia: Government Printing Office, 1916. [Some pages were apparently missing from among copy of the Acts used for preparing this section of the index.]


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