1915, Call Session

“Emergency Relief Fund Act” [repealing Section 1 of the 1906 Stamp Act; requiring the payment of 20 percent duty on every parcel post or baggage item, for use in paying government salaries; and providing for a $100 fine for each violation of the Act] (Call Session of 1915, pp. 3-5).
“Emergency Mode of Procedure Act” [authorizing a reduction in the number of government employees, with retrenched workers to to be owed one-fourth of their salaries for the duration of the crisis, along with a 50 percent reduction in government salaries and emoluments, to not less than $10] (Call Session of 1915, p. 5-6).
An Act extending the time for the Excelsior Mining Company Limited of Maryland County, Liberia, to commence the surveys of the railroad routes [to 18 months after the end of the current European war] and their time within which to commence the construction of said railroad [to three years after the end of the war], as approved Sept. 24th, 1914 (Call Session of 1915, pp. 6-7).
An act amending Section 6 of the Customs Code [to require vessels trading at more than one Liberian port to pay ten cent per ton on total tonnage at first port of entry] (Call Session of 1915, p. 7).
An act supplementary to an act providing for a stamp duty on deeds, agreements, receipts and certain other documents, as approved Feb. 1st, 1906 [to require payment of a ten cent stamp duty on licenses of: commission agents, auctioneers, surveyors, lawyers, physicians, alien artisans, banks, mining companies, big game hunters, boats, and labor recruiting agents] (Call Session of 1915, pp. 7-8).
An act to prevent the restraint of trade and monopolies in the Republic of Liberia [making every hinderance of importation or exportation by rumor or otherwise a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 or six month imprisonment (Call Session of 1915, pp. 8-11).
Joint resolution for the relief of officials, public servants and creditors of the Republic of Liberia [authorizing the issuance of warrants of government indebtedness which may be used by individuals only to buy government land or to pay taxes or other debts owed to government] (Call Session of 1915, pp. 11-12).
An act supplementary to the Emergency Mode of Procedure Act [exempting from reduction those salaries set by the Constitution and the salaries of attorney generals and county attorneys as well as government obligations under special contracts and the Sea Transit Fee] (Call Session of 1915, pp. 12-13).
Joint resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the Call Session of the legislature, March 1915 (Call Session of 1915, p. 13).

Acts Passed by the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the Call Session of 1915. Published by authority, Monrovia: Government Printing Office, 1915.


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