1916, 1917-1918

Joint resolution incorporating the Methodist Episcopal Church of the settlement of Tallah, Grand Cape Mount [naming Samuel B. Jackson, pastor; and trustees: John T. Moore, I. McIntosh and Stephen Moore] (Acts 1916, pp. 3-4).

Joint resolution incorporating the Apollo Circle, Buchanan, Grand Bassa, Liberia [naming Aaron P. Worrel, president; Thomas J. Rainsbury, vice president; Thomas R. Hill, secretary; James B. John, treasurer; Thomas W. John, chaplain; Joseph F. Barlone, conductor; Edwin A. Morgan, critic; D. Tipmore Harris, historian; P. J. L. Brumskine, advocate; Edward J. Summerville, assistant advocate; Jacob H. Logan, trustee; and W. S. Mason, trustee] (Acts 1916, p. 4).

Joint resolution tendering the thanks of the legislature and the people of the Republic of Liberia to the government of the United States of America, for the magnanimity of that government towards the Liberian government, during the last rebellion of confederate Krus in the county of Sinoe and elsewhere on the coast within the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1916, pp. 4-5).

Joint resolution granting to the African Methodist Episcopal Church of Grand Cape Mount, one acre of public land in said territory for a burying ground for their dead (Acts 1916, p. 5).

An act changing the term of the Supreme Court [to the fourth Monday in November and the first Monday in April] (Acts 1916, p. 6).

An act amending an act fixing the penalty for the violation of the proclamation of the president of the Republic of Liberia, approved Jan. 19th, 1916 [substituting “or” for “and”] (Acts 1916, p. 6).

Joint resolution incorporating the Gastronomic Circle No. 17 of Grand Bassa County [David A. Worrell, royal arch.; David A. Peters, president; Francis C. Hill, vice president; Samuel W. Payne, umpire; E. J. T. Herron, historian; W. P. Lysander Brumskine, treasurer; Randolph P. Hill, orgt. superintendent; J. N. Horace, recording secretary; Samuel T. Innis, corresponding secretary; James M. Cole, chaplain; Samuel White, marshall; W. A. Rogers, moderator; P. J. L. Brumskine, advocate; Milton White, conductor; Jehu Royal King, registra; and Robert H. Herron, assistant secretary] (Acts 1916, p. 6).

Joint resolution restoring Isaiah F. Peal of Montserrado County to citizenship (Acts 1916, p. 7).

Joint resolution incorporating the Annie E. Davis Temple No. 131, Sisters of the Mysterious Ten, Careys burg, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming Mary J. Sims, past princess; Rose A. Wardsworth, worthy princess; Penecy A. Deputie, vice princess; Mary A. Freeman, worthy secretary; Sarah E. Wordsworth, assistant secretary; W. Ella Knuckles, worthy treasurer; trustees: James F. Sims, Gabriel C. Knuckles and Charles C. Wordsworth; Hannah A. M. Deputie, worthy chaplain; Matilda A Jackson, senior marshall; Julia E. Jackson, pilot; Margaret A. Givens, inside sentinel; Sarah Givens, outside sentinel; Dalis A. Craig; and Zilla Edward C. Deputie, chairman of the committee] (Acts 1916, p. 7).

An act incorporating the Ferry Boat Company of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia [naming Edwin Morgan, James S. Smith and H. L. White] (Acts 1916, pp. 7-8).

An act incorporating “The Ladies Christian Association” of Lower Buchanan, Grand Bassa County [naming R. A. Morris, president; M. A. E. Savage, vice president; F. H. Davies, secretary; A. C. Cooker, assistant secretary; S. G. Harmon, treasurer; S. A. Reffel, conductor; J. R. Davvis, chaplain; trustees: K. F. Mason, F. A. K. Russell, T. G. Reffel; and members: Rose Brown, C. A. Clinton, Elizabeth Overton, Charity Oliver, Lucy Martin, M. J. Watts, Sarah Watts, Sarah J. Dean and Laura Greaves] (Acts 1916, p. 8).
Joint resolution restoring Moses Dennis of Montserrado County to citizenship (Acts 1916, p. 8).

An act incorporating the “Stepping Company No. 1 of Monrovia, Montserrado County (Acts 1916, p. 9).

An act incorporating the “Granger Presbyterian Church” of Johnsonville in Montserrado County [naming J. G. B. Parson, senior stated supply; J. H. Kennedy, elder; Jacob Wetherspoon, elder; J. H. Brown, elder; and S. N. Williams, deacon] (Acts 1916, p. 9).

Joint resolution incorporating the No. 1 National Company of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming Peter Robo, manager; Joe Taipleh, assistant manager; Wreh-Meh-Geplu, financial secretary; Yeu-pru Pkanner, judge; S. B. Naibey, assistant mistress; Neppay Gbee, treasurer; Blarnu Jaw, assistant treasurer] (Acts 1916, pp. 9-10).

An act supplementary to an act declaring certain days to be national holidays approved Jan. 9, 1883 [adding to the National Fast and Prayer Day, observed on the second Friday of April, the following new national holidays: Pioneers Day, January 7th; Flag Day, August 24th; December 1st, Matilda Newport Day; and Decoration Day, second Wednesday of March] (Acts 1916, pp. 10-11).

An act amending an act extending the budget of the Republic of Liberia approved Jan. 28th, 1916 [substituting “September” for “June”] (Acts 1916, p. 11).

Joint resolution appreciative of the services rendered the Republic of Liberia by the late Samuel David Ferguson, D. D., D. C. L., K. C., bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Liberia (Acts 1916, pp. 11-12).

Joint resolution incorporating the Number One Brass Band of Arthington, Montserrado County [naming John Moore, band director; Johnny Bracewell, band master; W. H. Tyler, band instructor; Scott Carter, band leader; James Hoggard, financial secretary; Emma Tyler, band treasurer; Solomon Miller, boatswain; Thomas H. Tyler, band patron; and members: Joseph Bracewell and Jerry Jones] (Acts 1916, p. 12).

An act amending a joint resolution incorporating the Unity Lodge No. 95, United Brothers of Friendship and Sisters of the Mysterious Ten, Brewerville, Montserrado County, approved A. D. 1897 [substituting “No. 120” for “No. 95”] (Acts 1916, pp. 12-13).

Joint resolution incorporating the Coleman’s Memorial Lodge No. 134, United Brothers of Friendship of Arthington, Montserrado County [naming Thomas H. Tyler, p.m.; June Moore, p.m.; W. H. Tyler, w. m.; H. W. Davies, d. m.; Willie A. Moore, w. s.; Francis Hill, assistance secretary; James Clarke, chaplain; David Moore, marshall; trustees: John Moore and Henry Hill; W. H. Tyes, treasurer; Charles R. Askie, pilot; and Lot Hill (Acts 1916, p. 13).

An act granting a ferry franchaise to F. V. Massali, across the Po and Little Cape Mount or Loffa Rivers [from Manjamah to Bornaijah, with rates not to exceed ten cents per person] (Acts 1916, pp. 13-14).

An act creating a territorial court in the territory of Grand Cape Mount, defining its jurisdiction and providing for its organization [with five divisions: law, admiralty, equity, probate and native] (Acts 1916, pp. 14-16).

An act requesting the president of Liberia to erect a national monument in Maryland County and in memory of the late John Hilary Tubman, major general, Republic of Liberia [with an appropriation of $500] (Acts 1916, p. 16).

An act amending an act regulating towns and villages [shifting the date of town meetings to the first Tuesday in October] (Acts 1916, p. 17).

An act amending Chapter XXX of the Acts of 1916 approved Jan. 18th, 1916, entitled “An act declaring certain acts seditious and fixing the punishment of the same” [emphasizing “with intent to stir up rebellion” and increasing punishment for Liberians to $2,000, five years imprisonment and confiscation of real property while reducing the punishment of aliens to deportation only] (Acts 1916, pp. 17-18).

An act altering and amending the charter of the City of Marshall [to provide for one mayor and five council members, and the appointment of aldermen together with one solicitor, one treasurer, one tax collector, one inspector and police] (Acts 1916, pp. 18-19).

Joint resolution authorizing the president of the Republic of Liberia to publish the oration delivered by the Right Reverend Samuel David Ferguson, D. D., D. C. L., K. C., on our natal day, the twenty-sixth of July 1916, in pamphlet form for free distribution in Liberia (Acts 1916, p. 19).

An act incorporating the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, Careysburg, Montserrado County [naming D. W. Urey, past noble father; G. A. Minor, noble father; J. A. Deputie, past noble grand; W. R. Craig, noble grand; W. D. Cassell, vice grand; D. A. Ureh, p. s.; W. F. Dennis, e. s.; R. E. Knuckles, w. t.; T. A. Jackson, w. h.; G. E. Knuckles, w. c.; James Paxton, r. s.; G. R. Knuckles, l. s.; James People, r. s.; G. E. Winder, l. s.; J. T. Wordsworth, guardian; and trustees: George B. Walker, J. E. Woodson, J. L. Honsby and R. L. Knuckles] (Acts 1916, p. 20).

An act levying hut tax [instead of the unpopular poll tax] among the uncivilized aboriginal inhabitants within the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1916, pp. 20-21).

An act altering and amending the charter of the City of Robertsport, territory of Grand Cape Mount [providing for a mayor, a city clerk, one city treasurer, one auditor, one solicitor, one chief of police, one health commissioner, one tax collector, one commissioner of public works, one magistrate and a seven-member council with the power to elect a chairman, sergeant-at-arms, clerk and messengers, and to collect the following taxes: a $1 poll tax on males 21 to 75 years of age; a fifty cent dog tax; and a $1 female tax] (Acts 1916, pp. 21-26).

Joint resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the thirty third legislature, second session 1916 (Acts 1916, p. 27).

An act defining how the oath or affidavit of a claimant, shipper, importer, exporter, consignor, or consignee required by the president’s proclamation dated June 22nd, A. D. 1916, shall be made [authorizing the removal from office of any collector of customs or clerk of customs collecting any fee or perquisites for administering any oath to shippers and others] (Acts 1916, pp. 27).

An act defining and fixing the boundaries between the settlements of Careysburg, Bensonville, Crozierville and White Plains (Acts 1916, p. 28).

Joint resolution declaring the twenty-fifty day of December ensuing Commemoration Day [in honor of the American Colonization Society] and providing for its commemoration [by the publication of a presidential proclamation] (Acts 1916, pp. 28-29).

An act amending an act defining treason and fixing the punishment therefor [at no more than 25 years imprisonment and confiscation of all property where no death resulted from the treasonable act] (Acts 1916, p. 29).

An act suspending the act entitled “An act permitting foreign individuals or firms irrespective of nationality established at any of the regular ports of entry of this republic to trade interiorward or coastwise beyond ports of entry” passed at the session 1908-1909 [withdrawing permission for the operation of foreign firms outside ports of entry until three years after the end of the current European War] (Acts 1916, pp. 29-30).

An act suspending the benefit of the Habeas Corpus Act on the Kru Coast and between and including Rock Cess and Picanini Cess and forty miles interiorward in said district (Acts 1916, p. 30).

Joint resolution prescribing a penalty for the violation of customs rules and regulations [issued by the Customs Receivership, with fines of up to $1,000] (Acts 1916, p. 31).

A joint resolution authorizing the president of Liberia to enlarge the depository agreement entered into between the government of Liberia and the Bank of British West Africa Limited, Monrovia, on the 4th day of February A. D. 1916 (Acts 1916, p. 31).

An act amending Section One of the Emergency Relief Fund Act [extending the act until government receipts equal or exceed $9,000 for six months] (Acts 1916, p. 31).

Joint resolution incorporating the Southern Nigeria Company of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming Gmarrue Pargedoe, manager; Fardeh, assistant manager; Sebehtee Gedeh, manageress; Wadayennor Brown, assistant manageress; J. A. Sawyer, secretary; G. M. J. Morris, treasurer; Seekee Bohyennor, financial treasurer; John Moore, judge; and runners: Dehwenneh Seboe and Dehbleh Welly] (Acts 1917-18, pp. 32-33).

Joint resolution amendatory and supplementary to joint resolution respecting the title and privileges of native African representatives in the legislature, approved January 20th, 1903 [stipulating that the required tax be paid in gold, silver or copper coin] (Acts 1917-18, p. 33).

Joint resolution incorporating the African Association of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming Henry Grimes, chief commander; Peter Clay, second commander; Bue Shetter, secretary; Beadie, chairman; Brighte, captain; Johnny No. 1, chief doctor; Cantoo Bah, assistant doctor; Nah Lepet, treasurer; Pine Zlogard, president; Sayneilyard, collector; Joseph Berry, quartermaster; and Esarway, second mate] (Acts 1917-18, pp. 33-34).

Joint resolution incorporating the Navy Company No. 1 of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming Sardee Pargada, manager; Judee Kan Kneh, assistant manager; Jer Que Gbe, manageress; Gelar Keen Marsonah, assistant manageress; T. W. Magen, secretary; Gbne-Bee Monah, treasurer; Juah Tarneh Teysayer, doctor; Jardee Cee, collector; and Gban-lee Teah, captain] (Acts 1917-18, p. 34).

An act providing for a Kru governor [to be appointed by the president] and council in Kru Town, Maryland County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1917-18, p. 34).

An act to revoke the charter of the City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia [ordering all monies and books to be forward to the national government] (Acts 1917-18, p. 35).

Joint resolution restoring George Capeheart of Montserrado County to citizenship (Acts 1917-18, p. 35).

An act to amend the act of Jan. 24, 1900 relating to crimes and misdemeanors and their punishments [altering the definition of smuggling to include the failure to declare any dutiable item to customs] (Acts 1917-18, p. 35).

Joint resolution reimbursing Elizabeth A. Griggs, widow and the legal surviving heirs of the late Robert L. Griggs, deceased of Grand Bassa County, thirty acres of bounty land (Acts 1917-18, pp. 35-36).

An act incorporating the “Johnsonville Company” No. 1 of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming Carka Dehun, manager; Joe Yonnoh, assistant manager; Mrs. Werleh Juah G’bay, treasurer; Shedeegbedee, manageress; G. Y. Penner, recording secretary; A. T. G. Appleton, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. Tekler Shardee, member] (Acts 1917-18, p. 36).

Joint resolution granting Bombo and David L. Rose the right to run one ferry across the little Cape Mount River in the County of Montserrado and Republic of Liberia (Acts 1917-18, pp. 36-37).

An act incorporating the St. Paul Baptist Church, Arthington, Liberia [naming the Rev. R. B. Wicker, pastor; J. C. Taylor, sen.; Solomon Hill, sen.; George Askie, church clerk; Thomas H. Tyler, building treasurer; and deacons: George Askie, Eli Poner, Henry Tylor, E. Samuel Moore and Menford F. Smallwood] (Acts 1917-18, p. 37).

Joint resolution incorporating “Liberian Unity Lodge, No. 1” Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Grand Bassa [naming P. A. Thatcher, p. c. p.; J. T. Innis, p. g.; C. H. Johnston, v. g.; E. F. Grante, w. t.; A. P. L. Harris, conductor; J. S. Wright, i. s. g.; I. H. Payne, e. s.; D. A. Worrell, r. s.; D. T. Harris, Jr., l. s.; J. W. Worrell, p. n. g.; H. A. Page, p. n. g.; J. H. B. Ellis, w. g.; R. T. Wilks, w. c.; E. J. White, warden; J. F. Barlone, o. s. g.; W. S. Mason, p. s.; E. B. S. Johnson, advocate; S. Davis, r. s.; Hon. J. H. Logan, l. s.; and J. J. Harris] (Acts 1917-18, pp. 37-38).

Joint resolution restoring John F. Wright of the county of Grand Bassa to citizenship (Acts 1917-18, p. 38).

Joint resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the third session of the thirty-third legislature of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1917-18, p. 38).

An act repealing and annulling a certain portion of “An act providing for the government of districts in the republic inhabited by aborigines” approved Jan. 25, 1905 (Acts 1917-18, pp. 38-39).
An act levying an export duty on all kola nuts [six cents per pound] and rice [fifty cents per cwt.]; and 20 per cent surtax on all produce exported from the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1917-18, p. 39).
Joint resolution granting annuities and pensions to several persons in the Republic [transferring the $200 pension of the late John Bettie of Johnsonville to his children until they reach the age of majority and the $75 pension of the late S. A. Neal of Maryland to his seventy-five year old mother, Rebecca Carpenter; both Bettie and Neal fought in the Grebo War of 1910] (Acts 1917-18, pp. 39-40).
Joint resolution restoring P. W. Roberts of Sinoe County to citizenship (Acts 1917-18, p. 42).

Joint resolution incorporating “the Bow Tie Company” No. 1 of Kru Town, Monrovia, Montserrado County [naming S. B. Nabby, manager; Kogbar Nanah, manageress; Joe-pre-Depay, assistant manager; Kambo Joe Welle, assistant manageress; R. C. Brown, secretary; Weah Gofah, treasurer; Gelarkrow Marseneh, collector; Nanneh Welle, doctor; Nagbay Weah, purser; judges: Jophlar Brown, Joe Tarplay and Kambo Wreah; Wraeh Tee, general; and captains: Ars King, Sampon Tee and Farkarteh] (Acts 1917-18, p. 42).

An act granting S. F. Brown of Virginia, Montserrado County, the right to run a ferry across the St. Paul River from Virginia, half mile above his wharf and half mile below to the opposite bank of the Caldwell side of said river half mile above and below (Acts 1917-18, pp. 42-43).

An act incorporating “The Saving Company No. 1 of Kru Town,” Monrovia, Montserrado County [naming Chea Doe, manager; Tarney Kay, assistant manager; Nimley T. Morton, secretary; S. B. Nabey, doctor; Waler Juah Gbae, manageress; Sackey Bahlee, treasurer; and Sailee Unnah, collector] (Acts 1917-18, p. 43).

Joint resolution incorporating “The Mary A. Sharp Training Company” [naming Tour Myer Eea, manager; Fred W. Cor-Wea, assistant manager; Milliam D. Brown, secretary; Glascow Blama, runner; Sawi Dorner, treasurer; Wale Plee, doctor; and Corwea Nancy] (Acts 1917-18, pp. 43-44).

Joint resolution incorporating Greenville Lodge No. 6003, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia [naming C. O. Tuning, p. n. f.; E. A. McCauley, n. f.; Z. B. Russ, p. n. g.; B. J. Turner, n. g.; Richard P. Greene, p. secretary; J. N. F. Russ, e. secretary; Isaac Roberts, worthy treasurer; C. M. W. Cooper, worthy chaplain; and Samuel J. Grisby, advocate] (Acts 1917-18, p. 44).

Joint resolution incorporating the St. Thomas Protestant Episcopal Church, Kru Town, Monrovia [naming J. G. Coleman, rector; D. D. Freeman, senior warden; W. D. Herman, junior warden; and vestrymen: K. N. Pyne, T. W. Johnson, Him Boyle, Pyne Nappay and Peter Warboe] (Acts 1917-18, p. 44).

Acts Passed by the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1916, 1917—1918. Published by authority, Monrovia: Government Printing Office, 1918.


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