Joint resolution authorizing the appointment of delegates to the peace conference to be held at the termination of hostilities against the German Empire [appropriating $20,000 to cover expenses of delegation] (Acts, 1919, pp. 3-4).

Joint resolution incorporating the Fishtown Ferry-Boat Company of the county of Maryland, Republic of Liberia {naming James N. Collins, Isaac S. Nicholson, Samuel W. Wilson, Jacob Williams, John D. Freeman and James G. Body as members] (Acts, 1919, p. 4).

Joint resolution granting the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to the widow and heirs of the Honorable E. A. Stevenson, late representative of the county of Maryland, Republic of Liberia (Acts, 1919, pp. 4-5).

Joint resolution restoring Benjamin F. Lewis of the territory of Grand Cape Mount, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts, 1919, p. 5).

An act revoking the charter of Greenville, within the county of Sinoe, Republic of Liberia [ordering the submission of all monies and books to the national government] (Acts, 1919, p. 5).

Joint resolution restoring D. L. Cephas of Montserrado County to citizenship (Acts, 1919, pp. 5-6).

Joint resolution amendatory to a “Joint resolution granting unto J. N. Wright & Company of the territory of Marshall the right to run a ferry across the Junk “bar,” passed and approved Jan. 15, 1916 [substituting “twenty-five” for “twelve” in the second line of Section Five and setting the maximum charge for the transportation of animals at fifty cents] (Acts, 1919, p. 6).

Joint resolution granting J. C. Leonard, president, Muhlenburg Mission, Liberia, one hundred acres of land situated at Sanoghie-Gitting, for the purpose of opening a new station for missionary operation (Acts, 1919, p. 6).

An act penalizing all sheriffs, marshalls and clerks of courts for not reporting to the Department of Justice as is required by law [providing for summary trials with fines of between $25 and $50] (Acts, 1919, p. 7).

Joint resolution restoring William D. Ponder of Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts, 1919, p. 7).

An act extending the budget for the fiscal year commencing from Oct. 1, 1918, and ending Oct. 1, 1919 (Acts, 1919, p. 7).

Joint resolution relating to the publication of the acts of the legislature [to be made in two sections, one containing public acts and the other with private acts] (Acts, 1919, pp. 7-8).

Joint resolution granting to Charlotte S. Sancea, alias Gibson, heirs of Sandy and Patsy Gannaway, fifteen acres of farm land in the county of Maryland, Republic of Liberia (Acts, 1919, p. 8).

Joint resolution granting the Garraway Ferry Boat Company of Maryland County, Republic of Liberia, the right to run one ferry across the Po River [naming Samuel J. Mooney, George D. Natt, Jr., J. S. Williams, George G. Purser and Alexander G. Wreeah] (Acts, 1919, pp. 8-9).

An act to incorporate the Protestant Episcopal Church of Robertsport in the territory of Grand Cape Mount, Montserrado County [naming M. W. G. Muhlenburg,rector; James Dwala, senior warden; E. Z. B. Jones, junior warden; W. A. Williams, treasurer; W. B. Gray, secretary; and E. D. W. Shannon, vestryman] (Acts, 1919, p. 9).

Joint resolution penalizing any person or company who may land native labourers returning from foreign services in counties other than those from which they were shipped [to be fined $50 per labourer, with $25 going to each labourer] (Acts, 1919, pp. 9-10).

Joint resolution incorporating the Liberian Christian Union Association of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming Daem Tugbeh, conductor; S. B. Nagbee, vice conductor; J. J. A. McFoy, secretary; G. F. Sear, assistant secretary; Teah Debech, treasurer; John Walker, chairman; E. C. V. Peneard, judge; See Juepleh, first mother; Leutta Freeman, second mother; and C. A. Clark, third mother] (Acts, 1919, p. 10).

An act chartering the City of Lower Buchanan, Grand Bassa County [providing for a mayor, one auditor, one recorder, one solicitor, one treasurer, one or more tax collector, one or more magistrates, one clerk, one or more street inspectors, oen or more inspector of weights and measures, a “suitable number” of police officers, and a seven-member council] (Acts, 1919, pp. 11-13).

A act incorporating the Red Cross Society of the Republic of Liberia [naming Walter F. Walker, president; M. A. R. Camphor, secretary; C. B. Dunbar, treasurer; and members: C. A. King, Victoria E. Grimes, Cecelia A. Dunbar, Corinna A. McGill, M. H. Faulkner, Anna E. McCritty, I. C. Stevens, Annabel Walker, Thomas J. R. Faulkner, Deborah F. Stubblefield, Matilda A. Howard, G. L. Johnson and C. A. Cassell] (Acts, 1919, pp. 13-14).

Joint resolution incorporating the No. 1 Jones Brass Band of the City of Monrovia [naming Joshua Howard, band master; E. A. O’Corner, assistant band master; Louis A. Railey, treasurer; James A. Railey, secretary; John Gbabo Kolenky, instructor; and patrons: Edwin Barclay, J. F. Copeland, Momo Massaquoi and James W. Cooper] (Acts, 1919, p. 14).

Joint resolution granting to the executive board, Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia, of the Foreign Mission Board of the Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas, U. S. A., seventy-five acres of land situated in the vicinity of Lexington, Sinoe County, for the purpose of establishing a mission station and industrial high school (Acts, 1919, pp. 14-15).

Joint resolution requiring the secretary of the treasury to pay the mileage of the members of the national legislature for the years A. D. 1915-16 & 1917 (Acts, 1919, p. 15).

Joint resolution granting pensions to several persons within the Republic [specifically $250 to the widow and heirs of the late Samuel N. Smith, former district commissioner, Montserrado County; $100 to the widow of Charles Nelson of Caldwell, Montserrado County; $100 to Rufus Knight, former seaman on several gun-boats; $75 to Charles C. Vinton, who lost his sight while serving as district commissioner of Maryland County] (Acts, 1919, pp. 15-16).

Joint resolution making a special appropriation [of $,380.68] for the construction of roadway from Lower Buchanan, to the Caroline Donovan Normal and Industrial Institute, Grand Bassa County (Acts, 1919, p. 16).

An act amendatory to an act incorporating the Ferry Boat Company of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia, passed and approved Oct. 12th, 1916 [adding “Nothing in this Act shall be construed as to prevent persons crossing in their own boats and canoes”] (Acts, 1919, p. 16).

Joint resolution reimbursing able seaman Robert Fuller of Montserrado County [$97.70] and Samuel A. Norris, ex-captain of the R. L. S. “President Howard” of Maryland County [$72.22, both for losses sustained due to the torpedoing the the schooner by a German submarine on April 10th, 1918] (Acts, 1919, pp. 16-17).

Joint resolution authorizing the president of Liberia to accept the proffered [five million dollar] credit from the government of the United States of America (Acts, 1919, p. 17).

An act to repeal an act entitled “An act relating to the Second Regiment, Grand Bassa County [reinstated quarterly parades at Edina and Buchanan] (Acts, 1919, p. 17).

Joint resolution reimbursing the [Oost Afrikanische Compagnie the sum of $5,739] for losses sustained at several points along the Bassa coast caused by the uprising of the hostile Krus (Acts, 1919, pp. 17-18).

Joint resolution reimbursing sundry persons in Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia [namely Oost Afrikanische Compagnie, $740; T. G. Feighery, $3,000; and the estate of J. J. W. Johns, $3000 for losses during the Kru uprising of 1916] (Acts, 1919, p. 18).

An act to remove the seat of government to the interior of the Republic [appropriating $3,000 for surveying of a point 60 miles from the coast and midway between Cape Mount and Maryland for a city to be called “Ashmun”] (Acts, 1919, pp. 18-19).

Joint resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the fourth session of the thirty-third legislature of the Republic of Liberia (Acts, 1919, p. 19).

Acts Passed by the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1918—1919. Published by authority, Monrovia: Government Printing Office, 1919.

1920, Call Session

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