1930-1931 & 1931 Extraordinary Session

An act relating to contract labour recruited for service overseas [banning all recruiting due to ”many abuses”] (Acts 1931, p. 1-2).

An act authorizing the reorganization of the administration of the hinterland and providing for the employment of foreign administrative officials [specifically, “two persons of American or European nationality and certified experience in the administration of tropical territories” with each to receive no more than $4,000 in salary and $1,500 in allowances] (Acts 1931, pp. 3-4).

An act relating to the pawning system [nullifying the favorable recognition of pawning included in the regulations issued by the president and interior chiefs at Suehn, August 1923, and declaring pawning to be a felony punishable by no more than two years imprisonment] (Acts 1931, pp. 4-5).

An act creating a public health and sanitation service in the Republic of Liberia [authorizing the appointment of a physician as director with responsibility for preventing the spread of communicable diseases into and out of Liberia through ports of entry] (Acts 1931, pp. 5-9).

An act permitting unrestricted trade in the hinterland of Liberia, both to citizens and aliens [in response to representations made from abroad] (Acts 1931, pp. 10-12].

An act amendatory and extending the jurisdiction of the justice of the peace as found on Pages 622 and 644 of the Revised Statutes of the Republic of Liberia, Volume I (Acts 1931, pp. 12-13).

An act to relieve the strain upon the revenue of this republic [reducing the salaries of all foreigners employed by the government, except the financial advisor, and requiring these persons to share housing as assigned by government] (Acts 1931, pp. 13-14).

An act fixing the rate of allowances for the commanding officers and adjutants of the several regiments and detachments, and the clerks to the several regimental and detachment courts-martial of the various regiments and detachments of the militia of Liberia [and authorizing the secretary of treasury to pay their legitimate allowances, no overdue] (Acts 1931, pp. 15-16).

An act authorizing the president of Liberia to institute summary investigation by the department of justice of all complaints against persons criminally charged within the terms of reference submitted to the International Commission of Inquiry by the Liberian government as may be found in the official report filed with the government of Liberia by the said International Commission of inquiry on the 8th day of September A. D. 1930 [and declaring it illegal for any executive official or legislator to serve as a lawyer in these cases] (Acts 1931, pp. 16-17).

An act repealing the act approved Jan. 21, 1928, entitled “An act creating the public works department” and providing how public works shall hereafter be prosecuted, substituting Senate’s Engrossed No. 3, “An act abolishing the department of public works and creating a bureau of public works” [reducing the department to a bureau within the department of interior, consisting of one or engineers authorized to award contracts on the basis of competitive bidding] (Acts 1931, pp. 17-19).

An act amendatory to an act entitled “An act chartering the Booker Washington Agricultural and Industrial Institute,” passed and approved Nov. 29, 1928 [acknowledging the existence of a New York board of trustees, authorizing a local nine- to fifteen-member board of managers as delegates of the trustees and appropriating $5,000 a year in support] (Acts 1931, pp. 19-22).

An act amendatory to an act entitled an act regulating the collection and disbursements of all revenues of commonwealth districts, municipalities, townships and settlements within the Republic of Liberia, approved Feb. 16, 1928 [authorizing the bureau of internal revenue to administer the funds of local governments, with unexpended funds going to maintain the national government] (Acts 1931, pp. 22-23).

An act amending an act of the legislature approved Dec. 12, 1929, entitled an act revising and amending an act of the legislature approved Nov. 28, 1929 entitled “An act to repeal all existing acts regulating dry goods licenses, and substituting therefor a system of graded licenses” [requiring licensee with stock valued over ten thousand dollars to pay the required $100 plus an $3.00 per thousand for every addition thousand dollars in stock] (Acts 1931, pp. 23-24).

An act authorizing the sale of certain property of the government [from the former department of public works] (Acts 1931, p. 24).

An act relating to permits of residence [establishing a $5 charge for six month permits and $10 for one year permits] (Acts 1931, p. 25).

Joint address of the senate and house of representatives to his excellency the president of Liberia requesting the removal of judge James Henson Dent of the Fourth Judicial Circuit [who has “lost his mental control to such an extent as to at certain times compel his confinement] (Acts 1931, p. 26).

Joint resolution restoring Thomas Reuben Hill of the county of Grand Bass of the Republic of Liberia [convicted of embezzlement] to citizenship (Acts 1931, p. 27).

Joint resolution restoring John L. Fuller of Montserrado County and Frank E. Marshall of the territory of Marshall to citizenship [both having been convicted of infamous crimes] (Acts 1931, pp. 27-28).

Joint resolution to incorporate Daubeny Cooper and Company in Liberia [citing Harper, Cape Palmas, as location and proprietors: Daubeny Bartholemew Cooper, Sr.; E. J. Cooper, E. J. L. Cooper, D. B. Cooper, Jr., A. E. G. Cooper and M. O. E. Cooper] (Acts 1931, pp. 28-29).

Joint resolution restoring Norwood Theodore Dennis of Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts 1931, p. 29).

Joint resolution restoring Robert H. Dennis of the city of Monrovia, county of Montserrado of the Republic of Liberia to citizenship [having been convicted of forgery] (Acts 1931, p. 29).

An act to grant the Pentacostal Assembly of the World Missionary Organization of the United States of America, two hundred acres of land (Acts 1931, p. 30).

An act granting one hundred acres of public land to the Seventh Day Adventist Mission, in the Gbahngah Section, interior Grand Bassa County [for missionary purposes] (Acts 1931, p. 31).

An act to incorporate the Woman’s Progressive Culture Club of Harper, Maryland County [naming J. Angelique Dossen, president; C. B. Harmon, vice president; I. K. Ferguson, treasurer; T. R. Andrews, secretary; S. Jane Diggs, assistant secretary; and D. F. Gardiner, critic] (Acts 1931, pp. 31-32).

An act granting a ferry franchise to Henry E. Snetter of Eloise Farm, New York, Clay Ashland, in the county of Montserrado and Republic of Liberia, to run a ferry across the Saint Paul River at the points known as Gripper Creek and Peter Creek below the settlement of Millsburg and directly opposite said points below the settlement of White Plains [for ten years with a maximum charge of six cents during the dry season and 12 cents during the rainy season] (Acts 1931, pp. 32-33).

An act granting a ferry franchise to A. M. Harris and John Clinton and Joseph Cisco, Limited, of Millsburg and Harrisburg in the county of Montserrado, Republic of Liberia, to run a ferry across the Saint Paul River at the point between the Muhlenburg Mission Boys School and Girls School, Harrisburg [for ten years with a maximum charge of six cents during the dry season, 12 cents during the rainy season and two cents per kinjah] (Acts 1931, pp. 33-34).

Joint resolution granting two hundred acres of land to the Union of Baptist Churches of Ontario and Quebec, Canada, in the New Cess section, Timbo district, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia, for missionary purposes (Acts 1931, pp. 34-35).

An act providing certain amendments to Section 3, of an act entitled an act granting a ferry franchise to Richard S. Wiles, passed by limitation at the third sitting of the 36th legislature, A. D. 1929 [changing the act to read: “the right to run a ferry across the Little Cape Mount or Loffa RIver from Majamah on the right bank to Bombojah on the left bank and from Damarah on the left bank to Barjah on the right bank”] (Acts 1931, pp. 35-36).

An act amending an act incorporating the ferry boat company of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia, approved Oct. 12, 1916 [making the right “sole and exclusive”] (Acts 1931, p. 36).

Substituted act to senate’s original No. 20, incorporating Hayes Brothers and Company Limited of Brewerville, county of Montserrado, Republic of Liberia [naming Wayland H. Hayes, president; Henry Clay Daniels, vice president; Highland G. Hayes, business manager, local and foreign representative; John B. H. Hayes, business agent and accountant; Luther M. Hayes, treasurer and chief, industrial division; James O. Hayes, Jr., assistant chief of industrial division; and Solomon Jesse Oliver Hayes, secretary and salesman, authorized to operate motor launches, mercantile businesses, mechanical shops and agricultural activities] (Acts 1931, pp. 36-37).

An act incorporating the “Alpha Tennis Club” in the city of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming Cyrie W. A. Davis-Johnson, president; A. R. Harper, vice president; J. Marie Davis-Johnson, secretary; Etta Wright, treasurer; W. Stanley Wiles, financial secretary; and Beresford A. Cole, captain] (Acts 1931, p. 38).

An act granting an annuity to James Henson Dent of Maryland County [, former judge, appropriating $300 a year for “the period of his lunacy”] (Acts 1931, pp. 38-39).

An act granting Dougba Carmo Caranda and heirs the right to run a ferry across the Stockton Creek in the county of Montserrado, Republic of Liberia, between the point known as Bendumah Wharf and the point commonly known as Old Government Farm on Bushrod Island, opposite the said Bendumah Wharf, situated in the Upper Section of New Georgia in Montserrado County [for ten years, with a maximum charge of six cents] (Acts 1931, pp. 39-40).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the 4th session of the 36th legislature of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1931, p. 40).

An act providing appropriation for the expenses of the government [, but the act does not include any figures although it notes “the following sums are hereby appropriated”] (Acts 1931, p. 41).

An act to designate the adjournment day of the extraordinary session of the legislature A. D. 1931 (Acts 1931, p. 42).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1930—1931 and the extraordinary session 1931. Published by authority, Government Printing Office: Monrovia, 1931.


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