An act repealing an act entitled an act supplementary to the Emergency Mode of Procedure Act approved March 12th, 1915 (Acts 1921-22, p. 2).

An act repealing an act entitled an act prohibiting the shipment of labourers from the county of Grand Bassa to foreign countries (Acts 1921-22, pp. 2-3).

An act authorizing the opening of trading areas interiorward beyond ports of entry and regulating the trade of foreign individuals, corporations, associations and companies within such areas (Acts 1921-22, pp. 3-6).

An act fixing port and harbour dues [$35 at Monrovia, Buchanan and Harper; $25 at Greenville; and $10 at all other ports] (Acts 1921-22, pp. 6-8).

An act regulating a detective service corps for the Republic of Liberia and providing for the governance of the same [authorizing a maximum of one chief, five sergeants and twenty privates, all under the attorney general] (Acts 1921-22, pp. 8-11).

Joint resolution repealing joint resolution entitled joint resolution for the relief of officers, public servants, and creditors of the Republic of Liberia, approved March 12, 1915 [requiring all claims to be presented by Sept. 30th, 1923] (Acts 1921-22, p. 12).

An act supplementing and enlarging the stamp act, approved March 12, 1915 [enumerating the denominations of taxation stamps required for various licenses] (Acts 1921-22, pp. 12-13).

An act amending an act creating a department of public works and providing for a surveyor, passed March 10, 1910 [changing the “department” to a “board” composed of the secretary of treasury, the secretary of the interior, the financial advisor and citizens] (Acts 1921-22, p. 14).

An act creating the office of solicitor general of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1921-22, p. 15).

An act creating an annual salary of the national legislature of the Republic of Liberia [at $1,200] (Acts 1921-22, p. 15).

Joint resolution fixing the pay of jurors per diem [at $1.25] (Acts 1921-22, p. 16).

An act chartering the city of Careysburg, Montserrado County [providing for a mayor, one auditor, one recorder, one solicitor, one treasurer, one or more tax collector, one or more magistrate, one clerk, one or more street inspectors, one inspector of weights and measures, a “suitable number” of police officers and a seven-member council (Acts 1921-22, pp. 16-19).

An act creating a commercial division to the treasury department (Acts 1921-22, p. 20).

Joint resolution authorizing the secretary of the treasury to put into circulation Liberian silver coins (Acts 1921-22, p. 21).

An act revising the tariff on goods, wares, merchandise and produce imported and exported in and out of Republic of Liberia (Acts 1921-22, pp. 22-28).

A joint resolution repealing a joint resolution fixing the adjournment bill of the 4th session of the 34th legislature from the 25th of Jan. A. D. 1923, to the 31st day of Jan. A. D. 1923 (Acts 1921-22, p. 29).

An act repealing sections 3, 4, and 5 of the act abolishing the office of superintendent of Montserrado County and for other purposes, approved Aug. 2, 1917 [authorizing the president to appoint a judge and clerk of the Monthly and Probate County] (Acts 1921-22, p. 29).

An act authorizing and prescribing the form and use of a customs revenue flag (Acts 1921-22, p. 30).

Joint resolution amendatory and supplemental to a joint resolution regulating the opening of election polls within the Republic of Liberia, passed by limitation Feb. 1910 [permitting the president to open new polls by proclamation] (Acts 1921-22, p. 31).

An act repealing an act entitled “An act amendatory to an act relating to embezzlement [permitting misappropriation from employers other than the government to also result in criminal charges] (Acts 1921-22, pp. 31-32).

Joint resolution removing from office R. E. Dixon, judge of the First Judiciary Circuit Court, Montserrado County (Acts 1921-22, p. 32).

An act relating to the Bank of Liberia, Limited [authorizing the secretary of treasury to purchase ten thousand shares for the government and giving the bank authority to mint coins for Liberia] (Acts 1921-22, pp. 34-35).

A joint resolution restoring John Wesley Tippitt of Maryland County, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts 1921-22, p. 35).

Joint resolution restoring Necoda Samuel Ross of Brewerville, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts 1921-22, p. 36).

Joint resolution granting the Wedabo Ferry Boat Company of Maryland County, Republic of Liberia, the right to run a ferry across the Wedabo River [naming Wouplu, Sebeh, Walleh, John B. Delany, George W. Cox] (Acts 1921-22, pp. 36-37).

Joint resolution granting Louis A. Grimes the right to run a ferry across McGill’s Creek, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1921-22, p. 37).

An act incorporating the Catholic Mission, Liberia [naming John Oge, prefect apostolic] (Acts 1921-22, p. 38).

A joint resolution repealing a joint resolution reviving the city charter of the city of Greenville and repealing all laws creating Greenville, Sinoe County, a city (Acts 1921-22, p. 38).

Joint resolution granting an additional annuity [of $2,500] to ex-president Arthur Barclay of Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1921-22, p. 39).

Joint resolution granting to Henry Johnson of Sasstown in the county of Montserrado, an annuity [of $50] (Acts 1921-22, pp. 39-40).

Joint resolution granting the National Baptist Board of Foreign Missions of Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America, two hundred acres of public land in the district of Careysburg, county of Monsterrado, for missionary and educational purposes (Acts 1921-22, pp. 40-41).

Joint resolution granting unto [Emma M. F. Bernard and M. J. Bernard,] the heirs of the late Artence March, formerly Artence Bernard, ferry rights formerly owned by her, running from the market wharf to Vey Town, Monrovia in the county of Montserrado for ten years and also extending said right for a further ten years (Acts 1921-22, p. 41).

Joint resolution incorporating the Accordeon Society of Half Cavalla, Maryland County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1921-22, p. 42).

Joint resolution granting the Presbytery of Western Africa, Republic of Liberia, two hundred acres of land in the rear of their present mission station at Grassdale, Farmington River in the territory of Marshall in the county of Montserrado, for missionary purposes [naming as petitioner Moderator R. A. M. Deputie] (Acts 1921-22, pp. 42-43).

Joint resolution granting six hundred and five acres of land in Maryland County to the Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church, U. S. A., for missionary purposes (Acts 1921-22, pp. 43-44).

Joint resolution extending the time to five years from the passage of this resolution for the commencement of the operations of the following corporations, namely: the Enterprise Mining Company of Grand Bassa County, the Mountain Mining Company, Sinoe County, and the Excelsior Company, Limited, of Maryland County (Acts 1921-22, p. 45).

A joint resolution granting to John C. Tubman and Stella G. Tubman, heirs of the late General John H. Tubman, the annuity granted to their father (Acts 1921-22, p. 45).

Joint resolution reimbursing Colston M. W. Cooper, Sr. of Sinoe County, [$234] for public services rendered [as inspector of schools, Sinoe County] (Acts 1921-22, p. 46).

An act incorporating the Boy Scouts of Liberia and granting them the right and power to protect their insignia badge [naming Benjamin W. Payne, president; John G. Richards, vice president; Thomas J. R. Faulkner, treasurer; James A. Gittens, secretary; and T. Elwood Davies, national director] (Acts 1921-22, pp. 46-47).

Joint resolution pensioning John T. Banks, brevet general, Liberian army [providing a pension of $100] (Acts 1921-22, p. 47).

Joint resolution incorporating the No. 1 Brass Band of Virginia, Montserrado County in the Republic of Liberia [naming William H. Johnson, Sr., president; David A. Snorton, first vice-president; Washington Seafah, second vice-president; W. H. Johnson, Jr., secretary; D. F. Snorton, master; Fred H. Marshall, assistant band master; William B. Richardson, band leader; Charles Williams, assistant band leader; D. A. Snorton, legal advisor; Jerome B. Hayes, band instructor; and Hon. C. D. B. King, patron] (Acts 1921-22, p. 48).

Joint resolution restoring Hannah Howard of the county of Maryland to citizenship (Acts 1921-22, p. 48).

Joint resolution reimbursing William U. Cummings, Sr. of Maryland County, Republic of Liberia, [$250] for services rendered as customs cashier in the years 1914 to 1915 (Acts 1921-22, p. 49).

Joint resolution granting to the citizens of Brewersville and Virginia in Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, one acre of public land situated along the right bank of the St. Paul River and known as the landing wharf of Brewersville for the purpose of erecting warehouse or warehouses for storing purposes to and from said settlements (Acts 1921-22, pp. 49-50).
Joint resolution incorporating the Liberian Literary, Social and Athletic Union, Montserrado County [naming Doughba Carmo Carranda, president; C. Lorenzo Simpson, vice president; J. Auzell Gittens, secretary; Benjamin T. Collins, assistant secretary; M. Oliver Coleman, financial secretary; W. L. Turner, treasurer; J. Pitman Harmon, chaplain; Thomas H. Barnes, librarian; censors: W. Monroe Phelps, D. R. Horton and Nathaniel Puo Spear; reporters: Thomas R. G. Roberts, Walter P. Davison and W. O. D. Bright] (Acts 1921-22, p. 50).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1922—1923. Published by authority, Monrovia: Government Printing Office, 1923.

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