Joint resolution removing Cerinthus Edward Gibson, judge of the Fourth Judicial Circuit, Maryland County, and J. K. P. Basel, judge of the Monthly and Probate Court, Sinoe County, from office [for having incited “mutiny among the people” and taken part “in politics and manifested interest in political parties or factions in violation of the expressed provisions of the statute in such cases” (Acts 1923-24, pp. 2-3).

An act amendatory to an act revising the tariff on goods, merchandise and produce imported and exported in and out of the Republic of Liberia, passed and approved Jan. 26, 1922 [adjusting the duty on spirits, cement, rice, beef and earthenware] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 3-4).

Joint resolution amending part of joint resolution granting to the citizens of Brewerville and Virginia in Montserrado Count, Republic of Liberia, one acre of public land situated along the right bank of the Saint Paul River, known as the landing wharf of Brewerville, for the purpose of erecting warehouse or warehouses for storing purposes to and from said settlement, passed and approved Jan. 21, 1923 [inserting the word “left” instead of “right”] (Acts 1923-24, p. 4).

An act relating to the collection and payment of all fines and forfeitures within the Republic of Liberia [requiring payment in revenue stamps, with each deviation punishable by fines of up to $100] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 5-6).

An act to amend an act granting time for the payment of debt and damages in courts of record [requiring courts to certify that guilty parties are in deed indigent, before extending debt payments] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 6-7).

An act creating Sasstown, Sinoe County, and Grand Cess in Maryland County, townships (Acts 1923-24, p. 7).

An act creating the township of River Cess, a district (Acts 1923-24, pp. 7-8).

An act creating the territory of Grand Cape Mount as the county of Grand Cape Mount, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1923-24, p. 8).

Joint resolution closing a portion of Marshall, Harper City, Maryland County [namely Marsh Street running west McGill Street] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 8-9).

An act authorizing the printing of Volume II of the opinions of the Honourable the Supreme Court of Liberia [appropriating $2,500 for payment to Chipman Law Publishing Company, Brooklin, Massachusetts, United States of America] (Acts 1923-24, p. 9).

An act regulating the methods by which members of one tribe may farm and settle within the territorial limits of another tribe [requiring paramount chiefs to place all land requests from outsiders before local elders, known as “owners or fathers of the land”] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 10-11).

An act establishing rules and regulations governing vessels and small crafts navigating harbours, rivers and inland waterways of the Republic of Liberia [designed to “fix and determine the responsibility of owners or persons operating and navigating such vessels”] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 12-18).

An act amending Section 55 of the criminal code [substituting “murder” for “homicide” on the last line of the sixth subsection] (Acts 1923-24, p. 18).

A joint resolution removing N. B. Whitfield, judge of the Monthly and Probate Court, Grand Bassa County, from office [for “misconducted’ which resulted in his suspension by the president] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 18-19).

An act levying upon each male inhabitant from the age of 21 and property owner of Monrovia, an annual street and light tax of one dollar (Acts 1923-24, p. 19).

An act providing for the erection of a national prison [appropriating $6,000 and authorizing the use of 150 acres of public lands for a new prison and $2,000 for the renovation of existing facilities] (Acts 1923-24, p. 20).

An act amending Section Five of an act approved Feb. 5, 1912, entitled “An act relating to the judiciary” [adding: “But no jury shall be empaneled after the 21st day of any term”] (Acts 1923-24, p. 21).

An act prohibiting the recruiting and shipment of labourers from the county of Grand Bassa, Republic of Liberia to Fernando Po and other foreign colonies (Acts 1923-24, p. 21).

An act to prescribe how real estate taxes shall be collected and payment thereof enforced [requiring the commissioner of internal revenue to give advance notice of the tax day (Acts 1923-24, pp. 22-23).

An act prescribing how corporations or franchises shall be annulled [permitting the attorney general to bring action for annulment in the Circuit Court] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 24-25].

An act providing for the funding of certain classes of the existing floating public debt [namely the government salaries, pensions and annuities; salaries of Frontier Force officers; debts to Liberian merchants and private citizens] and for the refunding of the three percent bonds of 1918 (Acts 1923-24, pp. 26-27).

An act creating the area known as the city of Harper, a commonwealth district [replacing the mayor and council with an administrative board, appointed by the national government, to include a police superintendent, sanitation director, director of public works and headed by a commissioner] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 28-31).

An act defining libel and prescribing the punishment thereof [criminalizing “malicious” depictions of the president and foreign representatives, punishable by a maximum of $1,000 in fines and two years imprisonment] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 31-32).

An act regulation the mining and prospecting of all minerals within the Republic of Liberia [declaring all mineral deposits within the country to be the property of the republic and requiring prospecting licenses to be obtained from the secretary of treasurer] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 34-47).

Joint resolution granting an annuity [of $300] to A. B. Stubblefield, Sr. (Acts 1923-24, p. 48).

Joint resolution reimbursing [$500 to] William U. Cummings, Sr., of Maryland County for money supplied during the Cape Palmas uprising of 1910, by orders of the special commissioners (Acts 1923-24, p. 49).

A joint resolution granting to Mildred R. Strong, Henry A. Strong, Martha V. Strong and Jane C. Strong, four of the surviving heirs of the late Henry M. Strong, the pension granted their father (Acts 1923-24, pp. 49-50).

Joint resolution incorporating the No. 1 Gibson Excelsior Brass Band of Caldwell, Montserrado County [naming J. C. A. Gibson, ex-officio president; J. H. Sauders, president; James L. Johnson, vice president; C. C. Melton, band master; S. J. Melton, secretary; A. L. Blackledge, assistant secretary; J. W. Melton, speaker; J. P. Davis, treasurer; Joseph George, band leader; and Henry King, boatswain] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 50).

Joint resolution granting to Abraham Jackson of Maryland County an annuity [of $75] (Acts 1923-24, p. 51).

Joint resolution restoring Joseph Berrian of Edina, county of Grand Bassa, to citizenship (Acts 1923-24, p. 52).

Joint resolution restoring Gaddison Freeman of Brewerville, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts 1923-24, p. 52).

An act incorporating the Methodist Episcopal Church of Sasstown, St. Paul River, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming R. V. Richards, pastor; and stewards: Agustus Johnson, William Dennis, John B. Brown, James Wilson, John A. King and Frederick Hines] (Acts 1923-24, p. 52).

An act incorporating “The Woman’s Culture Club of Monrovia” [naming H. E. R. Cooper, president; C. A. Cassell, vice president; I. C. Stevens, treasurer; H. E. Goerge, recording secretary; M. E. Hilton, corresponding secretary; H. E. Dennis, financial secretary; and M. A. Parker, chairman of the advisory board] (Acts 1923-24, p. 53).

Joint resolution pensioning Goerge A. Delany of Greenville, Sinoe County [providing $50 per year] (Acts 1923-24, p. 54).

Joint resolution incorporating the “Try Best Company Number One” of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming Jacob Ross, manager; Peter Johnson, assistant manager; Ten Bloh Kargauh, secretary; Sar Wleah Monah, assistant secretary; Gmah Gbee, treasurer; Gbeedee-Yanh, judge; Darweh Togbah, matron; Shegbeah-Monah, assistant matron; Wleah Kantea, captain; Sar-Wleah, medical doctor; Toe-Weon Glapoo, assistant doctor; Yankoon-Slahby, collector; Blobeh-Kopah, steward; and Doweh-Wlateh, police] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 54-55).

An act granting to the Solsapa Export Company Limited of the territory of Marshall the right to cut timber and logs of various sizes in the territory of Marshall, for exportation (Acts 1923-24, pp. 55-56).

Joint resolution granting a pension [of $200] to retired Major George W. King, Sr., Grand Bassa County (Acts 1923-24, p. 56).

Joint resolution granting Wayland H. Hayes the right to run a ferry across the Po River in the settlement of Royesville at the points known as Sybee and Bowah wharves near the Atlantic Ocean, westward (Acts 1923-24, pp. 56-57).

An act incorporating the “Girl Guides” of the Republic of Liberia and granting them the right to protect their insignia, badge, uniform and accoutrements [naming C. Adeline King, commissioner and national directress; M. M. Parker, president; E. I. Wehner, vice president; N. M. Davis, secretary; and Janie L. Harris, treasurer] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 57-58).

Joint resolution granting to Robert W. Draper of Sinoe County, the right to run a ferry across the Sinoe River in the county of Sinoe, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1923-24, pp. 58-59).

Joint resolution incorporating the Caldwell Ferry Company of the county of Montserrado, Republic of Liberia [naming James A. Wilson and J. C. A. Gibson] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 59-60).

Joint resolution granting three hundred acres of public land to the Liberia missionary district council of the Assemblies of God in Maryland County, Republic of Liberia [, 100 acres each in areas occupied by the Trembo, Barrabo and Nyinebo] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 60-61).

Joint resolution restoring Thomas J. Lewis of Grand Bassa County to citizenship (Acts 1923-24, p. 61).

A joint resolution granting to Christiana King, widow of the late Edward King of the settlement of Virginia, Montserrado County [a solider in the Grebo war of 1910] , a pension [of $50] (Acts 1923-24, p. 62).

Joint resolution incroporating the Bleh War-Nah Company of Kru Town, Greenville, Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia [naming Dippy Forh, president; Wornh Pio Sackor, vice president; Bee Wreah, judge; Sakey Yambeah, captain; Wreah Gaida Giddeah, treasurer; Sayani Wiseh, commissioner; Wiseh Yundear Dunch, captain; Teah Guash, first mate; Wreah Geebeah, second mate; Tweah Coffar, third mate; Saccor Tainee, purser; War Coffar, chief engineer; and Wippy Wenh, doctor] (Acts 1923-24, p. 63).

An act to incorporate Butler’s Limited of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming Abraham H. Butler, Sr. in a joint real estate and publishing venture, specifically “to print, publish, issue and circulate a newspaper entitled “The Liberia Press,” and such other news budgets, bulletins, paper, periodical, books, directories, circulars and other literary undertaking” and to “give a general support to the policies of the government of the day and the political party … which that government represents”] (Acts 1923-24, pp. 63-64).

An act incorporating the Liberia Missionary District Council of the Assemblies of God, Maryland County, Republic of Liberia [naming John M. Perkins, chairman; Emily de Groat, secretary and treasurer; and members: E. E. Alger, A. Howard, Ethel Bingeman and Katherine K. Kirsh, with headquarters in Springfield, Missouri] (Acts 1923-24, p. 65).

An act incorporating the Cuttington College Protestant Episcopal Mission, Liberia [with a seven-member board of trustees and an executive committee of three, including the president (Acts 1923-24, pp. 65-67).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1923—1924. Published by authority, Government Printing Office: Monrovia, 1924.

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