An act amending the several existing acts relating to the internal revenue of the Republic of Liberia [defining “wholesalers,” “retailers,” and ”peddlers” for tax purposes] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 2-5).

An act making it unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to use the mail service of the republic for the perpetration of fraud upon the local or foreign public [brought on by certain persons pretending “that they were traders of good financial standing when in truth they were not”] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 5-6)

An act amending the several existing acts relating to the internal revenue of the Republic of Liberia [requiring from registered labor agents a $2.50 fee on every recruited laborer] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 6-7).

An act to provide a special fund to be known as Highway Fund [placing a tax on gasoline and lubricating oil while also prohibiting districts and municipalities from charging vehicle operators for the use of roads] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 7-8).

An act amending the charter of the township of Harlandville [extending the township chairman’s tenure from one to two years] (Acts 1924-25, p. 9).

An act authorizing the secretary of the treasury of the Republic of Liberia to provide for the payment of salaries for the month of January 1925 [from the six percent tax levied on dry goods] (Acts 1924-25, p. 9).

An act repealing that section of the judiciary act prescribing that the grand jury must in any event remain in session for one week [allowing instead for the grand jury to disband whenever there is insufficient business to warrant its retention] (Acts 1924-25, p. 10).

An act amendatory to an act revising the tariff on goods, wares, merchandise and produce imported and exported in and out of the Republic of Liberia, passed and approved Jan. 26, 1923 [affecting mainly automobiles and machinery] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 10-13).

An act regulating the use of the highways, roads and streets and the operation of vehicles thereon [“vehicle” used here to include bicycles, motor cars and any beast of burden being ridden or led, with motor vehicles being confined to maximum speeds of eight miles per hour in business districts, 15 miles per hour in other municipal areas and 35 miles outside municipal limits] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 13-22).

An act approving the deportation of the emissaries of the Universal Negro Improvement Association by His Excellency Charles Dunbar Burgess King, president of Liberia [approved seven months after deportations were conducted] (Acts 1924-25, p. 22).

An act establishing the Bureau of Immigration [within the department of interior] (Acts 1924-25, p. 23).

An act approving memorandum of agreement between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Anglo-African Exploration Limited of London, Wall Building, London, England, dated Jan. 10th A. D. 1925 (Acts 1924-25, p. 24).

An act approving the agreements entered into by the executive government and Harvey S. Firestone of the United States of America [permitting the cultivation of rubber and other produce as well as construction of a harbor at Monrovia] (Acts 1924-25, p. 24).

Resolution ratifying Convention of Madrid, dated 30 November 1920, together with detailed regulation for its executive (Acts 1924-25, p. 25).

An act expressing the confidence of the people of Liberia in His Excellency C. D. B. King, president of Republic of Liberia, and tendering to him their heartfelt thanks for his honest patriotic and unselfish service (Acts 1924-25, p. 25).

An act prohibiting false publication (Acts 1924-25, p. 26).

An act defining petty offenses [as offenses punishable by fines of less than $100] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 26-27).

An act for the registration of trade mark designs in Liberia [creating an Office of Patents, Trade Marks and Designs, under the secretary of state] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 27-31).

A joint resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the second session of the 35th legislature (Acts 1924-25, p. 31).

An act establishing a special tax on dry goods [of six percent ad valorem on imported items, for duration of two years] (Acts 1924-25, p. 32).

An act chartering and incorporating the Farmers Association of Liberia [naming Daniel E. Howard, Sr., president; vice presidents: C. C. Port, Isaac N. Brown, John Baxter, George W. Washington, W. L. Shaw, Thomas W. Walbuck and Stephen Wilson; J. O. Cassell, treasurer; D. C. Caranda, recording secretary; W. H. Johnson, assistant secretary; and members: C. D. B. King, F. C. Holderness, J. G. A. Richards, James F. Cooper, A. Karnga, G. Stanley Padmore, P. G. Wolo, J. I. A. Weeks, M. Smallwood, P. O. Gray, W. H. Blaine, H. A. Page, Z. B. Brown, S. J. Dossen, C. H. Marshall] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 33-34).

Joint resolution incorporating the Sehmmy Allah La (The Trust in God) of the Mandingoes of Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming Memmy Dukuly, president; Memmy Sarno, vice president; Momolu Janjo, treasurer; Zwannah Dukuly, secretary; Mojan Dolleh, chaplain; Dowdah Koeseer, assistant secretary; Ambolia Dukuly, financial secretary; the Rev. Dowdah M. Dukuly; and directors: Vafee Salifue, Zwannah Saryonh and D. Momolu] (Acts 1924-25, p. 35).

Joint resolution transferring annuity [of $200] granted the late C. W. Houston of the county of Grand Cape Mount to his widow A. V. Houston (Acts 1924-25, p. 36).

Joint resolution granting an annuity [of $300] to Charles H. Horace of Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1924-25, p. 36).

An act incorporating the First Presbyterian Church Warnee Ginnu Country, Sinoe River in the county of Sinoe, Republic of Liberia [naming as trustees: Stephen H. Dickerson, Joseph R. Crayton, Sr., Isaac Roberts and James T. Davies; and elders: John Hansford, R. B. Davies and Josiah Davies] (Acts 1924-25, p. 37).

Joint resolution granting E. D. Hubbard of the Foreign Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention (Inc.), United States of America, one hundred acres of public land in the district of Careysburg, Montserrado County, for missionary purposes (Acts 1924-25, pp. 37-38).

Joint resolution pensioning Joseph Alexander Stewart, brevet major of the Liberian Frontier Force, Montserrado County [awarding $500 per year] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 38-39).

Joint resolution increasing the pension of Jesse James of the settlement of Old Congo Town, Montserrado County [from $75 to $100] (Acts 1924-25, p. 39).

Joint resolution increasing the pension of James A. Wilson of Caldwell, county of Montserrado [from $135 to $150] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 39-40).

Joint resolution granting upto the Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Cape Palmas district, one hundred acres of public lands on the Hoffman River, Maryland County, for education and industrial purposes [naming the Rev. F. A. Price, representative of the Board, and specifying that land will be used for the establishment of a girls school] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 40-41).

Joint resolution granting an annuity [of $500] to Mrs. Julia Angelique Dossen, widow of the late Honourable James Jenkins Dossen, chief justice of Liberia (Acts 1924-25, p. 41).

Joint resolution incorporating the Number One Musical Company of Paynesville, Montserrado County [naming James W. Gibson, president; J. Cephas Minor, vice president; J. C. W. Gibson, band master; G. Victor Outland, secretary; J. Felix Brumskine, assistant secretary; George H. Weaver, corresponding secretary; Lewis N. Weaver, treasurer; J. P. Nelson, band leader; B. W. Blunt, boatswain; James H. T. Blunt, collector; and S. Henry Mattjies, spokeman] (Acts 1924-25, p. 42).

Joint resolution restoring Arthur Tolbert of Bensonville, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts 1924-25, p. 42).

Joint resolution incorporating the “Bassa Brotherhood Industrial and Beneficial Society of Monrovia,” Montserrado County [naming D. R. Horton, C. V. Johnson, Jacob Mason, James George, James Vambram, Emma A. Tyler, Jacob Gibson, J. E. manderson and Joseph Banks] (Acts 1924-25, p. 43).

Joint resolution incorporating Mahamadu Company No. 1 of Johnsonville, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia[naming Momo Gray, manager; Momo Massaquoi, assistant manager; Borkie Rogers, secretary; Joseph Barclay, assistant secretary; Varnee Parboi, treasurer; Zolu Feday, assistant treasurer; Sarkee Johnson, collector; Momo Torbor, assistant collector; Gydakwe, judge; and Simmo, assistant judge] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 43-44).

Joint resolution incorporating the “Remember River Cess Company No. 1” of Kru Town, Monrovia, Montserrado County [naming Juah Mini, manager; Beawor, female manager; Walter Gieswah, treasurer; and Brown Dixon, secretary] (Acts 1924-25, p. 44).

Joint resolution incorporating the Sinoe Jubilee Club No. 1 of Greenville, Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia [naming C. M. W. Cooper, president; S. D. Clarke, vice president; W. R. Draper, secretary; S. J. C. Davis, treasurer; with Catherine A. Cooper, president; R. L. Roberts, vice president; E. A. E. Cooper, secretary; and Z. M. Draper, treasurer, of the women’s branch] (Acts 1924-25, p. 45).

Joint resolution granting “Calvary Baptist Missionary Association,” Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia, one hundred acres of land at Lloydsville for missionary purposes (Acts 1924-25, p. 46).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1924—1925. Published by authority, Government Printing Office: Monrovia, 1925.

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