An act amending an act levying hut taxes among the uncivilized aboriginal inhabitants within the Republic of Liberia, approved Nov. 2, 1916 [exempting those who pay the hut tax from paying poll or head tax] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 2-3).

An act supplying omissions to the criminal code [inserting “embezzlement” between “burglary” and “larceny”] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 3-4).

An act to supply the several arsenals of the republic with arms and ammunitions [appropriating $5,000] (Acts 1924-25, p. 4).

An act amending an act altering and amending the charter of the city of Robertsport territory of Grand Cape Mount, approved Nov. 2, 1916 [establishing the penalty for violating the charter at between $50 and $500] (Acts 1924-25, p. 5).

An act respecting the closing up of a portion of Russ Worn Street in the city of Harper, County of Maryland, Republic of Liberia [between Maryland Avenue and Gregory Street] (Acts 1924-25, p. 6).

An act relating to prisoners [punishing officials with firing and fines of between $500 to $1,000 for illegally transferring prisoners from jails in counties other than the one in which they committed their offenses] (Acts 1924-25, p. 7).

A joint resolution approving the agreement concluded between the government of Liberia and the Firestone Plantations Company, dated 16th and 17th of September, 1925 [requiring the company to: pay the Emergency Relief Fund and vehicle tax; keep the number of white employees to under 1,500; and pay duty on everything except hospital supplies and games] (Acts 1924-25, p. 8).

An act establishing the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court and a Monthly and Probate Court, in the county of Grand Cape Mount (Acts 1924-25, pp. 9-10).

Joint resolution approving the loan agreement between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Finance Corporation of America (Acts 1924-25, pp. 10-20).

Joint resolution supplementary to the joint resolution passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia on the 28th day of January 1926 directing, instructing and authorizing the executive to consummate the loan agreement between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Finance Corporation of America (Acts 1924-25, pp. 20-24).

An act creating the areas known as the cities of Upper and Lower Buchanan, a municipal district [replacing the major and common council with an administrative board, appointed by the national government, to include one head commissioner, police superintendent, one sanitation director, and one public works director] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 25-28).

An act defining how officials and employees of government are to be paid in future [barring the secretary of treasury from requiring government employees to collect their salaries from heads of departments] (Acts 1924-25, p. 28).

An act repealing an act approved Oct. 23, 1914, entitled an act altering and amending an act fixing the time of meeting of the national legislature (Acts 1924-25, p. 29).

An act authorizing and providing for aides-de-camp to the president of the Republic of Liberia [providing for one permanent aide, with a salary of $1,500, and another aide, to be paid at the per diem rate of a colonel and activated only when the president is traveling] (Acts 1924-25, p. 30).

An act amendatory to an act providing for the funding of certain classes of the existing floating public debt and for the refunding of the three percent bonds of 1918, approved Feb. 5th, 1924 (Acts 1924-25, p. 30).

An act altering and amending an act relating to the militia, passed and approved Jan. 27, 1863 [specifying the per diem to be paid to members of the Regimental Court Martial, varied by military rank] (Acts 1924-25, p. 31).

Joint resolution fixing the day of adjournment of the thirty-fifth legislature, third session, 1925-1926, of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1924-25, p. 32).

Joint resolution providing for an additional representative in the house of representatives of the legislature from the counties of Montserrado County, Grand Bassa, Sinoe and Maryland (Acts 1924-25, p. 32).

Joint resolution incorporating the Patten Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church, Kru Town, Monrovia, in the county of Montserrdo, Republic of Liberia [naming the Rev. C. S. Sanso, pastor; Robert S. Keyser, treasurer; stewarts: Geyplar Brown and N. Tugbeh Morton; and trustees: Jacob Peter, J. Manning, J. W. S. Barbor, Kity Kor, S. B. Naboy and Tabab Karteh] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 33-34).

Joint resolution granting [a $100] annuity to Hannah Lewis of Montserrado County, widow of the late Frank Caranda Lewis (Acts 1924-25, p. 34).

Joint resolution incorporating the “Jubilee Brass Band” of Hartfordward of the St. John’s River City, in the county of Grand Bassa, Republic of Liberia [naming Thomas L. Morris, manager; U. B. A. Dunn, instructor; James Hutchins, band master; H. John L. Diggs, secretary; James R. Clark, treasurer; and D. J. L. Scott, conductor] (Acts 1924-25, p. 35).

Joint resolution incorporating the “Social, Intellectual and Improvement Club” of the city of Edina, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia [naming U. A. Potter, president; J. A. Benson, vice president; J. R. King, secretary; J. E. Smith, assistant secretary; S. Annette Potter, treasurer; J. E. Johnson, organist; Lavinia P. P. King, custodian; W. F. R. Johnson, lecturer; J. W. Early, instructor; honourable members: Gen. T. M. Moore, the Rev. J. R. Daves, the Rev. T. J. King, F. E. R. Johnson, S. G. Harmon and L. A. Grimes; patrons: the Rev. S. A. Liberty and J. S Smith; member: Clavender V. King, B. E. Johnson, Ellen C. Potter, Ettmarte C. Early, H. L. Harmon, Catherine H. C. Crusoe and E. T. Woods] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 35-36).

Joint resolution incorporating the George Family Company No. 1 of the Bassa Tribe of Montserrado County [naming Margar, manager; Jacob, inspector billah general; R. S. Morgai, captain; Karmmea, collector; Peter, treasurer; Tarjona Frank, assistant manager; Sam Myer, vice consul; and Miss Kasiah Gibson] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 36-37).

Joint resolution restoring John Jallah of the county of Grand Bassa, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts 1924-25, p. 37).

Joint resolution incorporating “The Training Company, Kru Town, Monrovia,” Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming Yau Kofah, manager; Wredo Geplay, assistant manager; Sarwlay Jugleh, manageress; Wree Tee, assistant manageress; F. K. Roberts, secretary; Japroe Plagbay, treasurer; Foh Dobah, collector; Cautan Kronyan, doctor; Saywon Monah, purser; Teah Gbay, judge; Dugbeh Toogbeh, general; Worcho Mars Marswah, captain; and Doubga Carmo Caranda, solicitor] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 37-38).

An act granting an annuity [of $500] to Mrs. Joetta Toliver of the county of Grand Bassa, Republic of Liberia, widow of the late Honourable James Archibold Toliver, chief justice of the supreme court of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1924-25, p. 38).

Joint resolution incorporating the Robertsport Patriotic Matrons Club of the county of Grand Cape Mount of the Republic of Liberia [naming Lucretia A. David, president; Hannah A. Ware, secretary; Laura A. Emmons, treasurer; and members: S. E. A. Sherman, Eliza B. N. Jones, Matilda A. Chinoweth, Hannah Hoff, Amy E. Jones, Martha Marshall, Elsie Chinoweth, Anna A. Muhlenburg and Frances G. Striker] (Acts 1924-25, p. 39).

Joint resolution incorporating the “Social, Intellectual, and Improvement Club Brass Band of Edina,” county of Grand Bassa, Republic of Liberia [naming J. R. King, band master; C. R. H. Johnson, assistant band master; J. S. Woods, secretary; J. F. Brown, treasurer; J. A. Deshield, custodian; J. A. Benson, instructor; and members: J. F. Duncan, T. J. Deshield, Nicholas johnson, J. E. Smith, S. C. Liberty, P. F. Taylor, Thomas King and C. A. Green] (Acts 1924-25, pp. 39-40).

Joint resolution granting fifty acres of public land to the Foreign Mission Board of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Republic of Liberia for misisonary purposes, in the Hobah section, Saint John River, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1924-25, pp. 40-41).

Joint resolution amending a portion of a joint resolution granting E. D. Hubbard of the Foreign Mission Board of the Baptist Convention (Inc.), United States America, one hundred acres of public land in the district of Careysburg, Montserrado County, for missionary purposes, approved Jan. 14, 1925 (Acts 1924-25, p. 41).

Joint resolution authorizing the secretary of the treasury to compensate C. D. Majors of Sinoe County for eleven months services rendered as clerk to the superintendent, Sinoe County [appropriating $275] (Acts 1924-25, p. 42).

Joint resolution incorporating the Elijah Johnson Educational Institute of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming: Doughba Carmo Caranda, founder and principal; Arthur Barclay, chairman; and trustees: W. Sampson Brooks, Abayomi Karnga, T. J. R. Faulkner, R. L. Embree, Robert Karpeh, S. J. Taylor, S. A. Liberty, C. B. Reeves, A. B. Mars, E. J. S. Worrell and James W. Cooper; and patrons: F. E. R. Johnson, Solomon Porter Hood, H. Too Wesley, John G. A. Richards, Edwin J. Barclay and M. Massaquoi] (Acts 1924-25, p. 43).

An act chartering the Missionary and Educational Convention of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School of Montserrado County, Liberian Annual Conference [naming J. Samuel Dennis, president; vice presidents: Phillip F. Simpson, W. Augusta Carter and Gabriel E. Knuckles; C. Henry A. Scott, recording secretary; J. Samuel Simpson, assistant recording secretrary; John T. Smith, corresponding secretary; Thomas J. R. Faulkner, treasurer; and directors: B. J. K. Anderson, John G. A. Richards, George H. Van Dimmerson, James W. Cooper, T. Evenezer Ward, John H. Smyth, John T. Smith, John H. Wilson and D. E. Howard] (Acts 1924-25, p. 44).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1925—1926. Published by authority, Government Printing Office: Monrovia, 1926.

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