An act to prohibit profiteering on the wages of sea going labourers [with fines of between $100 and $400] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 1-3).

An act to increase the salary of the president of Liberia [to $15,000] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 3-4).

A declaratory act on the amendments of the constitution adopted at the quadrennial election in the month of May A. D. 1927, approved Dec. 8, 1926 [certifying the ratification of amendments proposed by the legislature on Dec. 8, 1926] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 4-5).

An act creating the department of public works [consisting of a technical advisor, a road engineer, one draughtsman and others, as deemed necessary, to fulfill the purpose of the recently contracted loan] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 5-7).

An act to amend an act approved Jan. 24, 1923, entitled an act authorizing the opening of trading areas interiorward and beyond ports of entry and regulating the trade of foreign individuals, corporations, associations and companies within such areas [barring aliens whose governments do not have friendship and commerce treaties with Liberia] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 7-8).

An act designating the secretary of public instruction as trustee of the [$7,500] Hall Free School Fund of the county of Maryland [, established by James Hall of the United States of America and administered by the American Colonization Society] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 8-9).

An act to amend the act fixing the import duty on distilled spirits, gun powder and ammunition (Acts 1927-28, p. 9).

An act relating to transportation [barring foreigners from from operating transportation businesses] (Acts 1927-28, p. 10).

An act regulating the residence of aliens and immigrants within the Republic of Liberia [requiring that a residence permit be obtained within five days and permitting the president to deport an alien “whose presence would by authorities be deemed a menace to public security,” including aliens who “advise, advocate or teach, or who are members of or affiliated with any organization, association, society or group, that advises, advocates or teaches opposition to organized governments”] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 10-17).

An act amendatory to an act passed by the legislature of Liberia and approved Jan. 20, 1903, entitled “An act penalizing heads of departments who fail to tender their reports to the national legislature of Liberia, within ten days after the session convenes” [requiring the submission of department reports within two days of the president’s annual message to the legislature] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 17-18).

An act respecting storage regulations for goods in the custody of the Customs Service of the Republic of Liberia [providing for fines of $50 to be levied against any customs officials who stores or allows the storage of landed goods outside the designated wharf or customs house] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 18-19).

An act to create a revenue court and to fix its jurisdiction (Acts 1927-28, pp. 19-22).

An act expressing the gratitude and appreciation of the people of Liberia to his Excellency Charles Dunbar Burgess King for the services he has rendered the republic and their entire confidence in him (Acts 1927-28, p. 23).

An act regulating the operation of radio or wireless telegraph, telephone and broadcasting stations in the Republic of Liberia [barring the importation of radio equipment that operates frequencies between 60,000 and 1,000 kilocycles or 600 to 429 kilocycles, apparently reserved for government communications] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 23-27).

An act to create a sixth and seventh regiment in the militia of the Republic of Liberia and fixing the time of parade of the two regiments also that of the first regiment (Acts 1927-28, pp. 27-29).

An act entitled an act for the adoption of a uniform cap, ornament and buttons for the specific use of commissioned officers of the Liberian army and the protection thereof (Acts 1927-28, pp. 29-30).

An act expressing the thanks and appreciation of the people of Liberia to the Honourable Edwin Barclay, secretary of state, and other members of the presidents cabinet for the conduct of the government of the Republic of Liberia during the absence of the president from the republic on leave (Acts 1927-28, p. 31).

An act regulating the collection and disbursement of all revenues of commonwealth districts, municipalities, townships and settlements within the Republic of Liberia [authorizing the bureau of internal revenue to undertake all collection] (Acts 1927-28, p. 32).

An act increasing the mileage allowances of the legislators of the counties of Grand Bassa and Grand Cape Mount [to $36 each way] (Acts 1927-28, p. 33).

An act defining the duties of the adjutant general (Acts 1927-28, pp. 30-31).

An act repealing that portion of page 23, Chapter 5, Section 36, Paragraph Six, of the Criminal Code, approved Oct. 14th, 1914, which prescribes the way and manner whereby suits may be brought for offenses against the election laws of this republic [requiring offenses against the election laws to be prosecuted only upon indictment by a grand jury and not, as was done in the past, heard in a summary manner upon information of the county attorney] (Acts 1927-28, p. 34).

An act to amend the law prescribing the quorum of the supreme court of Liberia ; and enlarging the powers of the associate justices thereof [raising the number of justices required for a quorum from two to three] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 35-36).

An act supplementing and enlarging the Stamp Act, approved Jan. 24, 1928 [requiring a 25 cent stamp on each of following legal documents: complaints, answers, replies and subsequent pleadings] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 36-37).

An act making appropriation [of $8,000] to defray the expenses of the inauguration of His Excellency Charles Dunbar Burgess King, president of Liberia, and the Honourable Allen Nathaniel Yancy, vice president of Liberia (Acts 1927-28, p. 37).

An act to regulate the practice and dispensing of medicines in the Republic of Liberia and providing for the creation of a director of public health and sanitation [requiring the licensing of doctors and pharmacists; and banning doctors from mixing or dispensing drugs, if a qualified pharmacist is available in that town, but not applicable to “native herbalists”] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 38-40).

Joint resolution extending the annuity granted Anthony J. Wood, now deceased, to his widow [, Mary J. Wood, ] and only surviving daughter [, Antoinette Wood,] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 41-42).

Joint resolution restoring William S. Perviet of Montserrado County to citizenship (Acts 1927-28, p. 42).

Joint resolution incorporating the “New Georgia Brass Band No. 1” of the settlement of New Georgia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming C. L. Berrian, bandmaster; R. D. S. Smith, assistant bandmaster; T. N. Walbuck, Jr., secretary; H. W. White, treasurer; J. N. Brown, custodian; J. A. Ash, instructor; July Davis, band leader; J. F. Smith, assistant band leader; G. W. Cooper, speaker; and members: Sandy Smith and D. B. MacCaulley] (Acts 1927-28, p. 43).

Joint resolution amending a portion of a joint resolution granting to the Foreign Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention one hundred and fifty acres of public land [transferring to the national Baptist Foreign Mission Board Incorporated] (Acts 1927-28, p. 44).

Joint resolution incorporating the Macedonia Baptist Church of Barnersville, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming the Rev. J. T. Minor, pastor; and deacons: W. R. Slocum and J. G. Slocum] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 44-45).

Joint resolution incorporating “The McKrae Memorial Lodge No. 32, International Order of Good Templars,” Kru Town, Monrovia [naming A. T. Gyude Appleton, lodge deputy; R. N. C. Brown, past chief templar; J. D. Kwee Baker, chief templar; Edith B. Gray, vice templar; Nehemiah H. Brown, secretary; D. S. Solomon, assistant secretary; Alfred W. Yanor, treasurer; Jean B. Cuffey, superintendent of juvenile work; Samuel Washington, chaplain; H. D. O. Sorboh, assistant superintendent of juvenile work; William Ginger, marshall; Kieh Galkron, guard; and Slamee Juah, sentinel] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 45-46).

An act compensating Agnes E. Coleman of Clay-Ashland in the sum of fifty dollars for arrears of salary as school teacher in 1915 (Acts 1927-28, p. 46).

Joint resolution incorporating the Niger Company of Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia [naming Yenkeru Doe, chairman; Bardeh Wreh, assistant chairman; E. J. T. Herron, secretary; Teah Davis, judge; Walker Rodges, doctor; Jack Savage, speaker; and members: Tom Tobie, Teh Won, Teah Gennehkon, Solomon; and Kali-Meh] (Acts 1927-28, p. 47).

Joint resolution incorporating the “St. Michael and All Angels Church” of the Protestant Episcopal Church Timbo District, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia [naming the Rev. F. A. K. Russell, rector; J. C. A. Coker, senior warden; E. M. G. Seton, junior warden; and vestrymen: C. H. Harmon, T. K. Janell, A. E. C. Pratt and X. R. Brown] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 47-48).

Joint resolution incorporating the New Company Number One in the city of Greenville, county of Sinoe [naming Canoteh, president; Gbelee, vice president; S. Z. Mitchell, secretary; W. B. Sango, treasurer; and Snawbar Roberts, musician] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 48-49).

Joint resolution incorporating the New Port Company of Maryland County, Republic of Liberia [naming Earnest Mappy, president; Mondingo, first vice president; Boe Peter, second vice president; War Frazer, secretary; Charles Gaizor, assistant secretary; Flaunway, treasurer; R. W. harmon, chaplain; and Samuel George, marshall] (Acts 1927-28, p. 49).

An act to reimburse G. H. Vanja Dimmerson [$5,000] for the destruction of his dwelling house, furniture and fixtures by fire in the capture of an outlaw, one John Hall, at the city of Monrovia [who allegedly attacked members of the First Regiment, returning from their quarterly drill] (Acts 1927-28, p. 50).

Joint resolution granting one hundred and fifty acres of public land to the rector, wardens and vestrymen of St. Michael and All Angels Protestant Episcoapl Church at Timbo in the county of Grand Bassa and Republic of Liberia for missionary purposes (Acts 1927-28, p. 51).

Joint resolution incorporating the Workpey Company of Kru Town, Monrovia [naming George Tapy, manager; Kutu Je-Wodi, manageress; Chi-ble Kofa, assistant manageress; J. K. Monday, general; Tee-Weah Kofa, superintendent juvenile order; Tanny Sadi, sea captain; Tugbeh Gbi, dock captain; Tubah Jugbeh, treasurer; Boyah Tanne, doctor; S. J. McCarthy, secretary; and B. J. Davies, judge advocate] (Acts 1927-28, p. 52).

Joint resolution incorporating the Cape Palmas Association Number 1 of Maryland County, Republic of Liberia [naming Nyekan Blammo, president; Earnest Tubo, vice president; Fank N. Tubman, secretary; Hanbo, treasurer; John Taisee, advocate; John Wilson, chaplain; and Freeman Wreah, shea doctor] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 52-53).

Joint resolution incorporating the Tom Peter Social Club of New Georgia, Montserrado County [naming Tom Peter, manager; Sage Po, assistant manager; Bluh, treasurer; J. J. Walker, collector; Sarah Peter, inspector; Vah, captain; and members: Saynmoh and Bear] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 53-54).

Joint resolution incorporating the Valley of Comfort Lodge, Number Thirty, of the International Order of Good Templars, Monrovia [naming the Rev. J. A. Johnson, lodge deputy; E. L. Dunn, chief templar; S. F. Hodge, vice templar; Richard A. Henries, secretary; Dexter Lewis, assistant secretary; L. T. Walters, treasurer; J. B. Doighty, superintendent of juvenile works; Charles James, past chief templar; W. B. Harmon, financial secretary; James Williams, chaplain; Ruth Freeman, guard; James Wilson, sentinel; P. Johnson, marshall; W. G. Greenfield, deputy marshall; and members: D. E. Weah, George Siddy, E. B. Davis, J. T. Eddington, A. W. Deline, W. E. Dennis, G. B. Emmerson, N. T. Milton, W. F. Deline and S. B. Gabbison] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 54-55).

Joint resolution restoring Wilbur Faison of Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts 1927-28, p. 55).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1927—1928. Published by authority, Government Printing Office: Monrovia, 1928.

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