1928, Extraordinary Session

An act to repeal “An act respecting storage regulations for goods in the custody of the customs service of the Republic of Liberia,” approved Feb. 2, 1928 [establishing a seven day storage period] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 2-3).

An act amending section ten of the act approved Oct. 22, 1914, entitled an act amending the several existing acts relating to the internal revenue of the Republic of Liberia [fixing the minimum tax of $1.20 on unimproved farm land, to ensure that “citizens enjoying the franchise” pay a tax equal to or greater than persons who do not but must pay a $1.00 hut tax] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 3-4).

An act regulating the admission of lawyers to the bar [establishing a three-member examination committee, appointed by the chief justice, and barring circuit judges from admitting candidates who have not been approved by this committee, at the penalty of a $500 fine] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 5-8).

An act providing for defrayment of expenses incident to the extraordinary session of the 36th legislature of the Republic of Liberia [appropriating $1,141.10] (Acts 1927-28, p. 8).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the extraordinary session of the thirty-sixth legislature of the Republic of Liberia, convened Nov. 27, A. D. 1928 (Acts 1927-28, p. 9).

An act to charter the Booker Washington Industrial and Agricultural Institute of Liberia [naming W. O. Shephard, presiding Methodist bishop; B. W. Payne, secretary of public instruction, ex-officio; William T. Francis, American minister resident, ex-officio; James L. Sibley, representing the American Advisory Committee on Education, ex-officio; Robert E. Campbell, Protestant bishop, ex-officio; J. D. Curran, Lutheran superintendent of mission, ex-officio; Davis, African Methodist missionary bishop; R. L. Embree, College of West Africa president, ex-officio; and C. D. B. King, together with any successors that may be appointed by the Methodist bishop] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 10-17).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the extraordinary session 1928. Published by authority, Government Printing Office: Monrovia, 1928.

1920, Call Session

Joint resolution authorizing the president of the Republic of Liberia...


An act amendatory to and repealing a portion of an...

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