An act amendatory to and repealing a portion of an act entitled an act providing for the provisional authority for payment of government expenses, passed and approved, Oct. 25, 1928 and providing for the payment of mileage of the members and officers of the national legislature of Liberia [exempting the clerical staff of the legislature from the pay reduction affecting other government employees, due to the seasonal nature of their employment] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 2-3).

An act fixing the rate of pay of officers of the militia when called into active service [providing for active service militia officers to receive the same scale of pay and allowances of the Frontier Force] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 3-4).

An act relating to the second regiment of the Liberian army of Grand Bassa County and making provisions for the safety of the soldiers of the third battalion of the said regiment [citing Colonel J. B. Horace as commander and excepting units living St. John River City and surrounding areas from reporting to Edina and Buchanan for quarterly parades] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 4-5).

An act to close certain portion of McGill Street in the city of Harper, Maryland County [between Marsh Street and a mangrove swamp] (Acts 1927-28, p. 6).

An act to provide for the Company Johnson Artillery to hold monthly parades in the settlement of Lexington (Acts 1927-28, p. 7).

An act authorizing the construction of a concrete bridge between the settlements of Farmersville and Lexington in the county of Sinoe in the Republic of Liberia [appropriating $200 for a survey] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 7-8).

An act legalizing the Revised Statutes of the Republic of Liberia, except in such parts where they conflict with the original unrepealed acts of the legislature and statutes upon which the revisions were made (Acts 1927-28, p. 9).

Joint resolution endorsing the actions taken by the executive government referable to the alleged charge of slavery and forced labour made against the government of Liberia, and empowering the president to take such actions that will successfully and honourably terminate said issue [specifically the proposal of a League of Nation commission of inquiry] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 10-11).

An act amendatory to an act to create a sixth and seventh regiment in the militia of the Republic of Liberia and fixing the time of parade of the two regiments, also that of the first regiment (Acts 1927-28, p. 11).

An act to abolish the revenue courts and to provide for the conduct of the business heretofore entrusted to them [creating instead a revenue division in each Monthly and Probate Court and setting the salaries of judges, clerks and sheriffs] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 12-14).

An act providing appropriations for the expenses of the government [applicable to the members and staff of the legislature only] (Acts 1927-28, p. 14).

An act creating a permanent claims commission [consisting of the secretary of treasury, the financial adviser, the comptroller and the auditor, to settle all legitimate claims if registered within six months of the publication of this act] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 15-18).

An act revising and amending an act of the legislature approved Nov. 28, 1928, entitled “An act to repeal all existing acts regulating dry goods licenses and substituting therefor a system of graded licenses” [establishing eight grades of license fees, from six dollars to $100, depending upon the value of capital stock] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 19-22).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the 3rd session of the 36th legislature of the Republic of Liberia, A. D. 1929 (Acts 1927-28, p. 22).

An act to amend an act entitled an act to incorporate the Protestant Episcopal Church of Robertsport in the territory of Grand Cape Mount, passed and approved Jan. 21 A. D. 1919 [changed to read “Saint John’s Parish (Irving Memorial)”] (Acts 1927-28, p. 23).

Joint resolution granting Moses Early of the territory of Marshall the right to run a ferry across the Farmington River, between the settlements of Owens-Grove and Mount Olive [for ten years, with a maximum charge of eight cents per crossing] (Acts 1927-28, p. 24).

An act incorporating the Taylor’s Jazz Hounds No. 1 of the commonwealth district of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming C. H. Taylor, president; Annie J. Taylor, lady president and treasurer; W. B. Morris, secretary and pianist; James Roberts, director and violinist; Samuel T. Taylor, assistant director; R. S. D. Smallwood, solicitor; and members: Reuben Logan, Johnny Taylor, C. H. Taylor, Jr., A. E. J. Tomlinson, Robertson Roberts and Alfred Russ] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 24-25).

Joint resolution compensating A. V. D. Freeman [$436] for the loss of his personal belongings in the uprising of the Gee-Bee-Ghor tribes of the Bassa Section [while serving as provisory commissioner and tax collector] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 25-26).

Joint resolution granting one hundred acres of public land to the officers of the Missionary Educational Convention of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School of Grand Bassa County, existing under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal District Conference of Grand Bassa County, in the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1927-28, pp. 26-27).

An act to grant one half acre of public land to Saint John Parish (Irving Memorial) in the county of Grand Cape Mount (Acts 1927-28, p. 27).

An act granting a ferry franchise to Richard S. Wiles across the Poo and Little Cape Mount or Loffa River [from Zolu on the right bank to Momojah on the left bank on the Poo River and from Manjamah on the right bank to Dammarah on the left bank of the Loffa River, for a maximum charge of 12 cents] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 28-29).

An act granting a ferry franchise to Doughba Carmo Caranda and heirs of the settlement of Virginia, Montserrado County, across the Saint Paul’s River at the points known as the Shiloh Baptist Church Wharf, Virginia, and opposite said wharf in the settlement of Caldwell, Montserrado County [for ten years, with a maximum charge of 12 cents per crossing] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 29-30).

AN act to imburse [$430 to] S. T. Nimmo, government surveyor, Montserrado County (Acts 1927-28, p. 30).

An act transferring [$300] a portion of the pension granted the late Joseph Alexander Stewart to his widow Versa A. Stewart during her widowhood and [his three children] Alice, Samuel Edward and Nellis Etta Stewart during the years of their minority (Acts 1927-28, p. 31).

An act restoring T. V. Smith and L. M. Ferguson [both convicted of forgery] of the city of Monrovia of the county of Montserrado of the Republic of Liberia to citizenship (Acts 1927-28, pp. 32-32).

Joint resolution incorporating Try Best Company No. 5 of Bigtown, Cape Palmas, Maryland County [naming Budu Hne, manager; Kwee, assistant manager; Gba Gyude, secretary; Keda Do, treasurer; Sobo Wade, manageress; Wese Wodooe, assistant manageress; Pe Sie, doctor; Nambo Budu, advisor; Dummude Twee, collector; and members: Bedo Tiba, Dumu Sudobla, Gbuo Keda and Nyeba Hne] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 32-33).

Joint resolution incorporating Grebo Musical Association No. 1 of Bigtown, Cape Palmas, Maryland County [Gbawa Himie, manager; Kedads Hodo, assistant manager; Ba Wea, secretary; Dowe Nyabo, treasurer; Nysue Wede, manageress; Ba Hne-anyene, assistant manageress; Nasowe, doctor; Tia Keda, advisor; Gbudi Nmade, female treasurer; Tumu Hedoo, female collector; and members: Blio Wode, Dowedo Blanye, Tidi Gyedo and Yapo Gbo] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 33-34).

An act granting a franchise to S. E. McCarey, Son and Company, Ltd. at the extreme end of the St. Paul River bar mouth [for ten years with fees not to exceed 12 cents] (Acts 1927-28, p. 35).

An act granting a ferry franchise to J. C. Johns and Company Ltd., Robertsport, on the Marfar River, from the town of Sewelor on the left bank to the city of Robertsport and from Wiemah Point, on Benson Lake to Gomer’s Point in Robertsport [for twenty years with fees not to exceed 36 cents] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 35-36).

An act restoring Stanley C. Clarke of Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts 1927-28, p. 37).

An act to grant three hundred and twenty acres of public land to the Methodist Episcopal Mission in Saniquellie District Number Three, Liberian hinterland (Acts 1927-28, pp. 37-38).

An act to transfer the pension granted to Nathan A. White deceased to his widow Martha A. White of the county of Montserrado, to their son Isaac White of the aforesaid county (Acts 1927-28, p. 38).

Joint resolution granting to Josephine Hughes, heiress of the late J. H. Hughes, Grand Bassa County, an annuity [of $150] (Acts 1927-28, p. 39).

Joint resolution incorporating the Spring Hill Brass Band, Half Graway, Cape Palmas, Maryland County, Republic of Liberia [naming John G. Howe, manager; O. H. Shannon, assistant manager; M P. K. Killen, chaplain; N. H. Hammond, band master; and Edwin Y. Harris, inspector] (Acts 1927-28, pp. 39-40).

Joint resolution incorporating the Diamond Musical and Social Brass Band of Fortsville, Saint John River City, Grand Bassa County [naming Joseph L. Reeves, manager; Mascon S. Hall, band master; Joseph F. Barnard, assistant band master; James T. Roberts, secretary; Josiah C. Reeves, treasurer; Joshua A. Winkey, drum major; Samuel Snyder, conductor; Arthur Hall, drum major; and members: H. C. Barnard, H. C. Reeves, James T. Forte, Nathaniel Anderson] (Acts 1927-28, p. 40).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1929. Published by authority, Government Printing Office: Monrovia, 1929.

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