An act making appropriation [of $4,000] to defray the expenses of the inauguration of His Excellency Edwin J. Barclay, president of Liberia, and Honourable James S. Smith, vice president of Liberia (Acts 1931, pp. 1-2).

An act amending a certain portion of the Revised Statutes, relating to townships officers, page 273, section 1416, paragraph 4 [extending 12 days to 24 days the period during which road repair is required to be undertaken by adult men in townships] (Acts 1931, pp. 2-3).

Joint resolution authorising his excellency the president of Liberia to call an election for the purpose of electing a senator and four representatives in the county of Maryland, Republic of Liberia [declaring illegal the quadrennial election of May 5, 1931] (Acts 1931, pp. 3-4).

An act supplementary to Chapter LXXII of the Revised Statutes of Liberia, providing for the acquiring of private lands for public use (Acts 1931, pp. 4-6).

An act amending an act of the legislature entitled “An act fixing port and harbour dues,” approved Jan. 24, 1923 [exempting ships if their sole purpose is the disembarking of Liberian deckhands and providing a 50 cent for each Liberian shiphand disembarked to those ship that also land good] (Acts 1931, pp. 7-9).

An act authorizing the secretary of the treasury under warrant of the president to make partial payments to certain unpaid ex-Frontier Force soldiers [appropriating $5,000] (Acts 1931, p. 8).

An act declaring Picininicess in the county of Maryland, Republic of Liberia, a port of entry and delivery (Acts 1931, p. 9).

An act providing for the payment of the mileage and traveling expenses of the vice president of Liberia [restoring expenses for travel now that a vice president has been elected] (Acts 1931, pp. 9-10).

An act legalizing the manual of the Liberian Frontier Force of the Republic of Liberia [legalizing the existing compilation] (Acts 1931, p. 10).

An act to provide for the registration of births, deaths and burials and the care of cemeteries in the Republic of Liberia [authorizing the appointment of registrars and declaring burials outside approved cemeteries to be illegal, with fascimiles of approved registration forms and schedule of fees] (Acts 1931, pp. 11-40).

An act authorizing the president of Liberia to set up a special Discharged Frontier Soldier Claim Commission [to meet for no more than 60 days] to investigate and scrutinize the claims of all discharged soldiers of the Liberian Frontier Force and report its findings to the president who shall cause all cases of fraud connected therein to be rigidly prosecuted by the department of justice (Acts 1931, pp. 41-43).

An act prescribing the time in which the proposed budget should be presented to the national legislature of the Republic of Liberia by the secretary of the treasury, Republic of Liberia and defining the punishment for the violation of same [requiring the secretary to present the budget 30 days before the opening of the legislature or pay a fine of at least $100] (Acts 1931, pp. 43-44).

An act legalizing a budget for ten months period from March 1st to Dec. 31, 1932 [, but the budget was not included] (Acts 1931, p. 44).

An act repealing the act of the legislature providing for the Monthly and Probate Court in the several counties of the republic and making provision for the conduct of same [transferring the duties of the monthly and probate courts to the circuit courts] (Acts 1931, pp. 44-46).

An act approving Executive Order Number 8.1931 relating to the trial of sanitary cases before police magistrates in Monrovia, issued on the 12th day of December A. D. 1931 [establishing fines of $5 for the first offense and $10 plus dismissal from office for the second offense] (Acts 1931, pp. 46-47).

An act permitting special juries in civil cases [at the request of the litigants, provided the losing party agrees to pay the costs of court and expenses of the special jury] (Acts 1931, p. 47).

An act exempting reporting officers of the Republic of Liberia from paying fees to the clerks of courts for filing reports required by law [covering justices of the peace, constables, sheriff and coroners] (Acts 1931, p. 48).

A joint resolution repudiating a report of a special committee of the house of representatives, Republic of Liberia, 36th legislature, said to be relieving president C. D. B. King from censure for any misconduct whilst in office [because the resolution is “against the will of the people of the republic, considering the same as laying a precedent, unwarranted by law, unsupported by the constitution and dangerous to the safety of the nation] (Acts 1931, pp. 49-50).

An act to provide a special fund to be known as the Special Public Health and Sanitation Fund [imposing a three cent tax on every packaged or crated item imported into the county and a one cent tax on unpackaged items] (Acts 1931, pp. 50-51).

An act amending the tariff of official fees on Section 196 of the Consular Regulations of 1922 [authorizing a $10 fee for bills of health in duplicate; $6 for supplementary bills of health and certificate of employment; and $2 for passport, ship’s manifest cargo or ship’s passenger list visa] (Acts 1931, pp. 51-52).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the 1st session of the 37th legislature of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1931, p. 52).

An act granting a ferry franchise to Oscar J. K. Gray of the county of Grand Cape Mount [with sole and exclusive right to run a ferry across the Lofa River on both sides from the town of Kparkarjah on the left bank to the town of Montserrado for 12 years, setting a maximum fee of 12 cents during the rainy season and six cents during the dry season] (Acts 1931, pp. 53-54).

An act restoring John W. Ross of Jacksonville, Maryland County of the Republic of Liberia to citizenship [having been convicted of petty larceny] (Acts 1931, p. 54).

An act granting a ferry right to J. Cepahs Brooks, Willis J. Rose, David Harris and Hannibal L. White of the county of Grand Bassa across the St. John River in the county of Grand Bassa (Acts 1931, p. 55).

An act incorporating the “Monrovia Athletic Club” of the city of Monrovia, county of Montserrado and Republic of Liberia [naming Clarence L. Simpson, president; Rachell A. Cole, vice president; Ella B. Sharpe, secretary; Stanley C. Clarke, assistant secretary; Uriah J. D. Cole, treasurer; Randolph M. Ellis, captain; and members: Edward L. Dunn, Mahamadu Dukuly, Jacob N. Sharpe, Pearl R. Clarke, Beatrice Ellis, Ida Watson, Anna Bishop, Mozart J. Bernard and J. D. Moore] (Acts 1931, p. 56).

An act incorporating the Marshall Transport Company and granting said company a ferry franchise and right to operate across the Junk River [naming Yamphor Seckeh, manager; and A. D. Peabody, assistant manager; authorized to operate for ten years from the right bank of the Junk to Harmon Point on the Bargay River, with a maximum charge of 12 cents] (Acts 1931, pp. 57-58).

An act incorporating the Camphor Memorial Church, borough of Kru Town, county of Montserrado and Republic of Liberia [naming the Rev. Charles W. Duncan, pastor; and trustees: Monah Nimley, Mary A. Duncan, Frances Frank, Rebecca Demery, Sarwea Tiny, Monah Karmlin, Tarlah Teh, Teah Jlah and T. V. A. Smith] (Acts 1931, pp. 58-59).

An act incorporating the Extremity Tennis Club in the city of Monrovia, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming J. Henrique Brown, president; Urias Brown, secretary; Robert E. Bright, treasurer; Emmett Harmon, captain; and John Grisby, vice captain and coach] (Acts 1931, pp. 59-60).

An act to incorporate Crowd “23” of Monrovia, Montserrado County [naming J. Daniel Beysolow, president; Ruben A. Stevens, vice president; Francis Tarr Grimes, secretary; James Z. Wilson, treasurer; and Isaac V. Fiske, master of ceremonies] (Acts 1931, pp. 60-61).

An act to incorporate the Liberian Industrial Corporation of Liberia in the county of Grand Cape Mount [naming Joseph F. Lawrence, J. S. Dennis, A. J. George, T. E. Beysolow, A. J. Padmore, C. H. A. Scott and Albert Watson] (Acts 1931, p. 61).

Joint resolution restoring Josiah E. D. Ricks of Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia, to citizenship (Acts 1931, p. 62).

An act incorporating the Zordee Pentecostal Mission operating in Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [naming Aaron J. Homes, president; Pearl J. Homes, secretary; and the Rev. B. M. Kinnan, treasurer] (Acts 1931, pp. 62-63).

A joint resolution repealing a joint resolution incorporating the J. N. Wright and Company, Marshall territory, approved Nov. 22, 1928 [for exceeding the fees stipulated by the legislature and for continual disregard of government officials] (Acts 1931, p. 63).

An act incorporating the Liberian Dental Association and the Liberian Dental Society [naming Dr. M. M. Townsend, president, and R. E. Hill Townsend, secretary] (Acts 1931, p. 64).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1931—1932. Published by authority, Government Printing Office, Department of State: Monrovia, 1932.


Joint resolution approving an agreement supplemental to the loan agreement...


An act to regulate the importation, exportation, sale and dispensing...

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