1932, Extraordinary Session

An act making appropriation [of $1,985] for the expenses of the legislature of Liberia at its extraordinary session 1932 (Acts Extraordinary Session 1932, pp. 1-2).

An act authorising the president to negotiate and conclude an agreement with the Danish Syndicate of Denmark [approving the agreement with minor changes] (Acts 1933, pp. 2-4).

An act amendatory to Section 107, sedition as found on page 29 of the Criminal Code of Liberia [prompted because “it is becoming increasingly habitual for evil minded persons to make false representations, disrespectful and defamatory allusions to the head of the nation with intent in so doing to impugn and degrade the dignity and respect due tot the presidential office” and setting punishment as imprisonment from three to seven years with confiscation of all property] (Acts 1933, pp. 4-7).

A joint resolution authorizing the president of Liberia to adopt Annex III of the Plan of Assistance as a basis upon which the League of Nations will render assistance to the Republic of Liberia [, but disapproves section calling for the creation of a gendarmerie under the president, suggesting instead corps of up to 30 messengers in each province under the district commissioners and some less significant points] (Acts 1933, pp. 7-10).

An act to reimburse [$3,000 in three annual installments to] the Council of the League of Nations for expenses incurred in sending Dr. MacKenzie to Liberia to assist the government in the pacification of the belligerents of the Kru coast (Acts 1933, p. 11).

An act to provide for the application of part of the floating government indebtedness to the payment of certain taxes and revenues [up to $50,000 for payment of Liberians for services rendered] (Acts 1933, pp. 12-13).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the extraordinary session of the legislature of the Republic of Liberia that convened on the 18th day of July 1932 (Acts 1933, p. 13).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the 37th legislature of the Republic of Liberia that convened on the 15th day of August A. D. 1932 (Acts 1933, p. 14).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the extraordinary session 1932. Published by authority, Government Printing Office, Department of State: Monrovia, 1932.


Joint resolution approving an agreement supplemental to the loan agreement...


An act to regulate the importation, exportation, sale and dispensing...

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