An act repealing Section 1 of the act approved Oct. 22, 1914, relating to the judiciary [nullifying the section which made it unlawful for any circuit judge to preside over one circuit twice in succession] (Acts 1934, p. 1).

An act fixing the salaries of the justices of the honourable the supreme court of the Republic of Liberia [at $3,000 for the chief justice and $2,500 for each associate justice] (Acts 1934, p. 2).

An act reorganizing the department of justice of the Republic of Liberia [placing the department in charge of: detection and prosecution of crimes, misdemeanors and revenue fraud; vindication of treaty rights and contractual obligations of the republic; the probation and registration of deeds, condemnation of private properties, and transfer of public lands; registration of aliens; and control of all police forces] (Acts 1934, pp. 2-9).

A joint resolution authorizing the president of Liberia to complete negotiations in connection with the League’s plan of assistance to Liberia [with major revisions, such as: a prohibition against the “chief advisor being appointed from any state to whose nationals the government has financial obligations or is under economic commitments, nor from any state having territory contiguous to Liberia; a requirement that deputy provincial commissioners be Liberians; and a rejection of foreign troops being brought into the country, “except upon the authority of the president”] (Acts 1934, pp. 9-12).

An act authorizing the president of Liberia to have built in the upper ward of the municipal district of Buchanan, county of Grand Bassa, a suitable house for court and prison purposes [appropriating $4,000] (Acts 1934, pp. 12-13).

A joint resolution amendatory to a joint resolution authorizing the president of Liberia to suspend payment of interest and amortization on the Seven Percent Gold Loan of 1926 and for other purposes, being Chapter 2, of the acts of the legislature of Liberia approved Dec. 23rd 1932 [authorizing the president to begin paying the loan out of surplus government funds, earlier than previously provided for] (Acts 1934, pp. 13-14).

An act approving the road regulations of January 1925, issued by the secretary of the interior [applying an annual five dollar tax to all vehicles using public roads] (Acts 1934, p. 15).

A joint resolution approving the payments of the secretary of the treasury, Republic of Liberia, of amounts during the fiscal year covering Jan. 1 to Sept. 30th, A. D. 1933 as couched in the secretary of the treasury, Republic of Liberia, report for the period above indicated, in recommendations 1—7 [specifically, $4,573.56 to Liberian Frontier Force soldiers; ten percent commission to chiefs; payments to foreign merchants in Liberia; $1,000 to C. Boman van Oudkarspel, Brussels, spent on Liberian delegates to League of Nations; $3,498 to Louis Arthur Grimes for League of Nations mission; $659 to W. D. Lea and Company for state department supplies; $6,427.20 for engraving and printing of internal bonds; $432 to Antoine Sottile, Geneva legation; $7,000 outstanding claims for Frontier Force supplies] (Acts 1934, pp. 15-16).

An act closing the voting poll of Trehn-Dru, New Cess, Grand Bassa County, and making Wohrwehn, Trade Town section, Grand Bassa County, instead [due to adverse topological situation of Trehn-Dru] (Acts 1934, p. 17).

An act repealing part of Section 394, amendatory of Section 395 of the Revised Statutes, and an act approved March 11, 1932, permitting special juries in civil cases [permitting the court to empanel special juries and order the losing party to pay jury and other court costs, without the consent of either litigant] (Acts 1934, pp. 18-19).

An act approving the budget presented by the secretary of the treasury, Republic of Liberia, and providing for the expenses of the government, for the fiscal year 1934 [, but budget not included] (Acts 1934, p. 20).

An act closing the voting poll of Little Bassa, Grand Bassa County (Acts 1934, p. 20).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the 3rd session of the 37th legislature of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1934, p. 21).
An act incorporating the “Community Activity Club” of New Series, Grand Bassa County [naming Jeremiah H. King, William H. Toliver, Jehu R. King, J. Waltus Gerring, Hesenna L. Gerring, Emma J. Findley, Louise T. King, W. F. R. Whitfield, N. C. C. Harris, John H. King, Etta Johnson, Jehu H. Jenkins, Perry J. C. King, Z. E. James-Vicks, James R. King, Jacob L. Williams, Lewis G. Adams, Henry T. King, Robert h. L. Porte, Frances Findley, Sarah R. Porte, Frances Williams, Joseph King, J. L. King, Clara King, Margaret Toliver, James Toliver, George B. Findley, James C. Liberty, C. R. H. Johnson, Elsie David, Pathinea A. King, Caroline Hodges, J. R. Green, Edward Green, T. Ishmael Johnson, Pheobe J. King, Joseph Chesseman, Cecelia Ricks, E. J. Harris, Joseph White, John Preston, J. Washington Early, Henrietta G. King, Samuel A. Findley and M. R. King] (Acts 1934, pp. 22-23).

An act transferring the annuity granted Simon O. Outland passed and approved Dec. 8, 1926 to Varni Dandah [of Jami, Garwolah district, having been wounded while serving in the military] and Jallah Konah, known as Jundopu [of Robertsport, having served the county in various capacities for 50 years], both of the county of Grand Cape Mount and Republic of Liberia [, $50 each] (Acts 1934, pp. 23-24).

Joint resolution granting Robert E. Campbell Missionary Bishop of Liberia Protestant Episcopal Church Mission additional public land in the city of Robertsport, county of Grand Cape Mount, for missionary purposes [in connection with St. John’s Academy and Bethany School] (Acts 1934, pp. 25-26).

Joint resolution incorporating the No. 1 Excelsior Club of Central Buchanan, Grand Bassa County [naming W. T. Haynes, parton; G. W. Horace, speaker; G. H. Moore, secretary; Peter Minor, treasurer; W. A. Greenfield, chaplain; D. A. B. Worrell, advocate; J. H. Ponter, messenger; and members: J. T. Innis, J. N. Horace, J. M. Greenfield, S. A. Gabbidon, C. A. McIntosh, J. Winfred Diggs and J. C. Philips] (Acts 1934, pp. 26-27).

An act incorporating the Industrial Progressive Club of Nyearkey in the county of Maryland, Republic of Liberia [naming Nyema (alias Charles), president; Kro (alias Aliam), vice president; Tom Nimley, treasurer; Queah, secretary; and members: Too and Peter Nah Paul] (Acts 1934, p. 27).

An act reimbursing [$147.11, salary for eight months and 24 days to] D. Colden Wilson, a county commissioner for the Plebo district in Maryland County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1934, pp. 28-29).

An act granting C. K. Clarke and Dolly Bernard [of Caldwell], the right to run a ferry across the St. Paul River in the county of Montserrado and Republic of Liberia, at the points always known as the Teep Clarke landing to the opposite side of said river known as the Bromley landing (Acts 1934, pp. 29-30).

An act granting a ferry franchise to Henry J. R. Cooper, Sr., of Harper, Cape Palmas, Maryland County [from Sassa-wood and Marshall on one side of the Hoffman River to Puduke graveyard and Government Wharf on the other] (Acts 1934, pp. 30-31).

An act incorporating the Monrovia Recreation Club of the City of Monrovia, Montserrado County and Republic of Liberia [naming J. S. T. Davies, president; Agnes Cole, vice president; W. C. Labor, secretary; C. D. Bioux-Davis, assistant secretary; G. McCauley, treasurer; and C. H. Hooke, financial secretary] (Acts 1934, pp. 31-32).

An act incorporating the townships of Charlesville and Lloydsville, of the territory of Marshall, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1934, p. 32).

An act transferring the pension of Hedo Gbee and Beleo Hennings of Maryland County passed and approved Jan. 16, 1912, now deceased, to Eli Barns of Tubmantown [$50], and [$50 to] Hne Augens, messenger [widow of the late Pedebo, messenger] (Acts 1934, p. 33).

An act incorporating the Gordian’s Knot Association of Harper City, Maryland County [naming C. Hector Harmon, president; W. Alexander Wilson, vice president; L. Benjamin Andrews, critic; W. Sac-Bill Cummings, secretary; A. Lewis Smith, assistant secretary; E. Benjamin Cooper, treasurer; J. Colden Tubman, curator; E. Monroe Cummings, president emeritus; W. Alexander Tubman, president emeritus; and members: S. David Cummings; R. Filmore Neal, S. Ashford Brewer, A. Lewis Weeks, A. Augustus Howard, W. E. Avey, A. Dash Wilson, Jr., and D. Eugene Lincoln, J. Horatio Thorne] (Acts 1934, p. 36).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1933—1934. Published by authority, Government Printing Office, Department of State: Monrovia, 1934.


Joint resolution approving an agreement supplemental to the loan agreement...


An act to regulate the importation, exportation, sale and dispensing...

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