An act creating a voting poll in the settlement of Lloydsville in the county of Grand Bassa, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1935, p. 1).

An act repealing a portion of an act declaring building materials and reading literature free of duty, approved Nov. 26, 1926 [affecting cement, corrugated iron, flat iron sheets, ridging and spouting, structural iron and plumbing fixtures] (Acts 1935, p. 2).

An act recommending amendments to the constitution of the Republic of Liberia [1. extending the presidential term from four to eight years, with no more than two terms, and 2. approving a civil service law, both in order “to promote efficiency and to assure continuity of policy”] (Acts 1935, p. 3).

An act relating to elections and amending an act providing for the appointment of commissioners of election, passed and approved Jan. 20 A. D. 1914 [requiring approval of of election expenses by county and territory superintendents] (Acts 1935, p. 4).

An act closing the voting poll of Liberia Jenny Taylor section, Grand Cape Mount County, and making Jenny Wonday, Taywoh section instead, and to open a voting poll at Jenny Varkii, in the Upper Kouneh section (Gola), Grand Cape Mount County [being “more central and assessible”] (Acts 1935, p. 5).

An act prohibiting a breach of respect to the national colour of Liberia [making it unlawful for anyone to “sit or move along the same route in full view of the national colour while it is being raised or struck at official stations with ceremony,” except for women and those in military service] (Acts 1935, p. 6).

An act making Seethon of the Nahray section in the county of Sinoe, Republic of Liberia, a voting poll (Acts 1935, p. 7).

An act authorizing the president of the Republic of Liberia, to open a poll at Mount Olive, in the territory of Marshall, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1935, p. 7).

An act amending Section 87 of the Criminal Code of Liberia [allowing for any alien who interferes with a local election through bribery or other means to be fined $700 to $1,000 and deported] (Acts 1935, pp. 9-10).

An act for the control of venereal diseases [organizing a Sanitation and Civil Welfare Police within the bureau of health and authorizing penalties of three to five years imprisonment with hard labor for anyone who knowing spreads a venereal disease and fines of $100 to $500 for anyone administering treatment to an infected person without reporting same] (Acts 1935, pp. 10-15).

An act creating a vocational college in Liberia [under the secretary of public instruction, to offer engineering, mechanical industries, vocational agriculture, business and home economics, and appropriating $5,000 for the erection of buildings and $5,000 for salaries] (Acts 1935, pp. 15-17).

An act establishing the Civil Service of the Republic of Liberia and providing for the operation thereof [to “secure for deserving employees a reasonable tenure of office and opportunity for advancement according to merit”] (Acts 1935, pp. 17-29).

An act approving the three year plan for internal development of the republic, elaborated by the executive government dated Aug. 28th, 1934, and authorizing the president of Liberia to conclude negotiations with the Finance Corporation of America, for the purpose of making modifications to certain [unspecified] provisions of the Seven Percent Gold Loan Agreement of 1926 (Acts 1935, p. 30).

An act to create a municipality of Grand Cess [governed by a commissioner, a road and street overseer, three associate magistrates, a police magistrate, a chief of police, a municipal clerk and a municipal court clerk, all to be commissioned by the president] (Acts 1935, pp. 31-33).
An act approving the budget presented by the secretary of the treasury, Republic of Liberia, and providing for the expenses of the government, for the fiscal year 1935 (Acts 1935, p. 33).

An act incorporating the “Kru Town Literary Club” of Harper City, Maryland County, Liberia [naming Alexander J. K. Hney, president; Elizabeth M Toobo, lady president; John W. Lewis, vice president; S. J. Sachor, secretary; John N. Davis, assistant secretary; Elizabeth W. Weah, treasurer; J. W. Twegbay, doctor; William R. Roberts, assistant doctor; F. J. Pearson, master of ceremonies; Peter T. Hney, speaker; Lewis Nmah Harmon, marshal; Ernest B. Brown, assistant marshal; B. D. K. Bestman, musician; Peter K. Freman, musician; and members: S. D. Solo, J. K. Nimley, William Moore, J. E. Minor, J. T. Tubman, Samuel B. Mensah, Charlie Chapman, J. E. D. Hney, Doe Gbeh, Nmah Weday, Mary Addy Mensah, Kaffah Weadi, Mary Markine, Mary Nyenday Wilson and Sapo Weay] (Acts 1935, pp. 34-35).

An act incorporating the Union Club of the settlement of Caldwell, Saint Paul River, Republic of Liberia [naming J. C. A. Gibson, Sr., general director; C. V. Harris, president; Ellen A. Moulsen, vice president; Sarah Brisbane, secretary; Etta Ricks, sheriff; and A. L. Scott, marshall] (Acts 1935, p. 35).

An act granting Maria J. Reeves, citizen of the city and territory of Marshall, Republic of Liberia, pension for her natural life time [appropriating $144 per year for teacher after 51 years of service] (Acts 1935, pp. 36-37).

An act transferring the annuity [of $150] granted Judge Ishmeal W. Marshall passed and approved Dec. 12, 1932, to his widow Bessie Marshall of the territory of Marshall, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1935, p. 37).

An act incorporating the Royesville Excelsior No. 1 Brass Band Association of Royesville, Montserrado County [naming Solomon Davis, president; A. N. Iving, vice president; Solomon N. Mathis, general secretary; P. A. Lavoll, treasurer; T. L Harmon, bandmaster; B. E. Chiles, assistant bandmaster; G. L. Darby, secretary; L. H. Monger, purser; Hirman Parson, instructor; G. V. Monger, band leader; C. N. Duncan, assistant band leader; S. A. Chiles, boatswain; and D. J. E. Lee, assistant boatswain] (Acts 1935, p. 38).

An act incorporating the Queen Esther Household of Ruth No. 5743 of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, Arthington, Liberia [naming L. N. B. Tyler, past most noble governor; Rebecca Bracewell, most noble governor; Mary Lawrence, right noble governor; L. A. Hill, recorder; G. B. Groove, noble governor and chamberlain; L. B. Turbett, shepherd and usher; W. H. Tyler, treasurer; H. M. Moore, worthy counsel; Hattie Brisbane, right senior steward; and trustees A. E. Diggs, A. E. Gall and P. J. Bracewell] (Acts 1935, pp. 38-39).

An act amending Section 1 of an act granting 50,000 acres of public land to the Bank of Liberia Limited, passed and approved Feb. 4th, A. D. 1933 [stipulating that “the certificate of stock in exchange for the land shall be delivered to the government as the land is taken up by the said Bank”] (Acts 1935, pp. 39-40).

AN act reimbursing Charles B. Alfonso Caine of Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia [$516.79 for salary and expenses will serving as director of detective services] (Acts 1935, p. 40).

An act granting H. N. Chiles and Company of Montserrado County, ferry franchise [naming H. N. Chiles, manager; Gbee-Bye, assistant manager; and Myamah Gbinnie, to operate across the Po River in Royesville from Sah landing on the right bank to the opposite side] (Acts 1935, pp. 41-42).

An act granting ferry franchise to I. L. Hoff and Company of the county of Grand Cape Mount, Montserrado County [across the Benson Lake from Tawaly to Sulima, for 10 years] (Acts 1935, p. 42).

An act granting the right to run a ferry across the Po River to J. J. Chesson and Company [naming J. J. Chesson, G. A. Curtis and Tabo to operate for ten years across the Po River in Brewerville from Chesson plantation to the Kpor bank, with a maximum charge of six cents] (Acts 1935, p. 43).

An act incorporating the Missionary and Educational Church School Convention of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Montserrado and Grand Cape Mount counties of the Republic of Liberia [naming J. I. A. Weeks, president; vice presidents: J. H. Ricks, Oscar S. Norman and J. T. Milton; T. J. R. Faulkner, treasurer; J. F. Dennis, recording secretary; P. C. Simpson, corresponding secretary; W. N. Ross, business manager; and directors: D. E. Howard, Monroe Phelps, G. L. Dennis, J. J. Minor, T. E. Ward, David Brent, Victoria Henry] (Acts 1935, p. 44).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the 4th session of the 37th legislature of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1935, p. 45).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1935. Published by authority, Government Printing Office, Department of State: Monrovia, 1935.


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