An act to authorize the coinage of fractional currency [consisting of copper, bronze or zinc coins in one-half cent, one cent and two cents denomination, not to exceed $10,000] (Acts 1935, pp. 1-2).

An act providing for the mortgaging of personal property and for the registration of mortgages so executive (Acts 1935, pp. 2-10).

An act to amend the Criminal Code of 1914 by the addition of two sections penalizing the taking or granting of secret commissions or discounts on sales to the government and other corrupt acts [punishable by up to $1,000 in fines, one year imprisonment and dismissal from office] (Acts 1935, p. 11).

An act relating to an agreement between the government of the republic of Liberia and of the French Republic concerning the exploitation of aviation lines [for five years] (Acts 1935, p. 12).

An act to extend the jurisdiction of the municipal court of Grand Cess and creating a revenue division thereof [to hear all complaints for default in payment of taxes, licenses and other forms of internal revenue] (Acts 1935, p. 13).

An act amendatory to an act entitled an act to regulate the practice and dispensing of medicines in the Republic of Liberia and providing for the creation of a director of public health and sanitation [establishing a medical board to adjudicate payment disputes between doctors and patients as well as provide expert medical testimony in legal cases] (Acts 1935, pp. 14-16).

An act to approve memorandum agreement between the government of the Republic of Liberia and Thomas J. R. Faulkner [granting the right to a telephone service, mainly in Monrovia] (Acts 1935, p. 16).

An act creating a bureau of trade and commerce in connection with the treasury department and repealing an act approved Jan. 26, 1923 entitled “An act creating a commercial division in the treasury department [authorized to: register all commercial enterprises within the country; record all imports and exports; record the prices of the country’s main products; compile all laws of West Africa colonies governing exportation of produce; publish on trading conditions in Liberia; and survey the internal market conditions] (Acts 1935, pp. 17-19).

An act to provide for the appointment of revenue solicitors [within the justice department, with a $650 salary] (Acts 1935, p. 20).

An act amending an act passed by limitation January 1936, appropriation $200 from the township funds of the settlement of Royesville in Montserrado County for the construction of a substantial bridge across the Fall Creek on the central and commercial road from Royesville through Little Cape Mount to Grand Cape Mount (Acts 1935, p. 21).

An act establishing a fund to be known as “The Civil Service Provident Fund” [consisting of compulsory contributions from certain civil servants, to be administered by the president, secretary of treasury and commissioner of the civil service,with funds to be paid out permanently when employees die or reach the age of 55 or temporarily to cover: burials of dependents, medical expenses, higher education of children and other hardship cases] (Acts 1935, pp. 21-25).

An act approving the budget presented by the secretary of the treasury, Republic of Liberia, and providing for the expenses of government for the fiscal year Jan. 1, 1937 to Dec. 31, 1937 (Acts 1935, p. 26).

An act approving the administrative regulations proposed by the president for governing the hinterland districts of the republic [with minor amendments to regulations included] (Acts 1935, pp. 26-28).

Joint resolution ratifying the agreement concluded between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Firestone Plantations Company (Acts 1935, pp. 28-29).

Joint resolution ratifying an agreement concluded between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Firestone Plantations Company [ratifying certain amendments to the agreement] (Acts 1935, p. 29).

An act authorizing the payment of $400 to James S. Smith, being an amount which represents an unpaid difference of the vice president’s salary fixed by act of 1913 (Acts 1935, p. 30).

Joint resolution ratifying an agreement concluded between the government of the Republic of Liberia, the Finance Company of America and the National City Bank of New York [approving the supplementary agreement] (Acts 1935, p. 31).

An act granting Joseph T. Dayrell, Sr., a citizen of the Republic of Liberia, a resident of the municipal district of Buchanan of Grand Bassa County, [after thirty-four years of teaching, including two years at Cuttington College; 20 years at the Methodist Seminary, including 12 years as principal; 12 years at Hartzell Academy, including nine as principal] pension [of $300] for his natural lifetime (Acts 1935, pp. 32-33).

An act granting D. L. Cephas, a citizen of Liberia, resident of the commonwealth district of Monrovia, in Montserrado County, Liberia, [a 66 year military veteran, having fought at Cape Mount in 1870m, in 1875, 1893 and Cape Palmas in 1910, where he was seriously wounded] pension [of $100] for his lifetime (Acts 1935, pp. 33-34).

Joint resolution granting Marion B. Majors [, widow of C. D. Major, a member of the House of Representatives, recently drowned in the wreckage of the M. L. “Amelia”] of the county of Sinoe, annuity [of $150] (Acts 1935, pp. 34-35).

Joint resolution incorporating the “Youngmen Literary Club of Liberia” [naming W. R. Tolbert, Jr., president; D. Colston Nelson, secretary; I. A. David, Jr., treasurer; Wilmot A. David, R. Francis Okai, Jr., S. David Carter, Jr., Esli L. Holder, Arthur B. Walker, J. D. Maximore, Harrison Grisby, L. C. E. Gbeyon, S. N. Burnett, N. M. Gibson, George B. A. Stevenson, U. A. Freeman, Jacob Browne, Joshua L. Harmon, John R. DeShield, C. H. Taylor, Jr., A. Roosevelt Tubman and Simeon B. Hoff] (Acts 1935, p. 35).

An act to fix the day of adjournment of the second session of the thirty-eighth legislature of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1935, p. 36).

Acts passed by the legislature Republic of Liberia during the session 1936. Government Printing Office, Department of State, Frank T. Grimes, Sr., chief printer: Monrovia, 1936.


Joint resolution approving an agreement supplemental to the loan agreement...


An act to regulate the importation, exportation, sale and dispensing...

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