An act to regulate the importation, exportation, sale and dispensing of narcotic and dangerous drugs [with penalties of between $100 and $500 in fines and six months to two years imprisonment for importation of dangerous drugs without license] (Acts 1937, pp. 1-2).

An act relating to plants and pests [requiring the registration of every farm for periodic inspection, with facsimile of inspection form included] (Acts 1937, pp. 2-7).

An act amending sections 1015, 1017, 1018 and 1019 of the Revised Statutes of Liberia [making the president of Liberia the visitor of Liberia College, with the right to inspect its condition at any time and requiring the officers to furnish him with periodic reports on its curriculum, financial resources and list of teachers] (Acts 1937, pp. 7-8).

An act relating to counterfeiting [with penalty of between five and seven years imprisonment with hard labour] (Acts 1937, pp. 8-17).

A joint resolution approving an agreement supplementary to the loan agreement between the government of the Republic of Liberia with the Finance Corporation of America and the National City Bank, dated as of the 10th day of November A. D. 1937 (Acts 1937, p. 17).

A joint resolution approving the agreement between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Firestone Plantations Company, dated the 10th day of November A. D. 1937 [with the proviso that employees be given days off for regimental quarterly parades of the militia] (Acts 1937, p. 17).

An act amendatory to the General Education Act of 1912 [giving the secretary of public instruction control over all schools supported in whole or part by the government along with all public museums and libraries and setting the minimum salaries of teachers, ranging from $100 to $1,000 per year] (Acts 1937, pp. 18-34).

An act providing for the appropriation of certain public monies [, $60,129,] for sundry purposes [providing $20,043 toward the Loan of 1926, $10,873 for Frontier Force supplies, $1,000 supplies for prisoners, $3,000 for department of interior tools, $2,670 for road construction vehicles, and $2,500 for vehicles and tools for Monrovia] (Acts 1937, pp. 35-36).

An act to govern the working of ocean-going vessels in open ports of the Republic of Liberia on Sundays and national and other holidays [permitting the discharge of cargo on those days without special permits, in order not to increase freight rates for shippers] (Acts 1937, pp. 36-37).

An act to regulate how wholesale, retail and peddling traffics shall be operated (Acts 1937, pp. 37-38).

An act to create the area known as the city corporation of Greenville, a commission government [transferring the power formerly held by the mayor and common council to an administrative board, consisting of a commissioner, one police superintendent and one director of public works, appointed by the national government] (Acts 1937, pp. 38-42).

An act approving the [iron ore] mining agreement entered into between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Noord Europeesche Erts en Pyriet Maatschappy [of the Netherlands], and dated Aug. 23, 1937 [with an amendment requiring the construction of a habour at Monrovia or Cape Mount (Acts 1937, pp. 42-45).

An act incorporating Cedor a settlement [in Sinoe County, from the barnch called Pudor to the junction known as the Juarzon—Butaw Road] (Acts 1937, pp. 45-46).

An act authorizing the participation by the government of Liberia in the New York’s World Fair of 1939 [appropriating $25,000] (Acts 1937, p. 46).

An act approving a depositary agreement between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Bank of Monrovia, Incorporated (Acts 1937, p. 47).

An act incorporating the township of Owensgrove, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia (Acts 1937, p. 47).

An act granting certain exemption of customs duty to missionaries [, professors, tutors and instructors allowed to import goods for their personal use valued up to $150 free of duty] (Acts 1937, p. 48).

An act fixing the boundary between the countries of Grand Bassa and Sinoe [at the Bloni River] (Acts 1937, pp. 48-49).

A joint resolution approving payment by the administrative government of certain excess revenues and receipts of the government which accrued during the calendar year 1936 [applied as follows: $46,150 to interest on the funded debt; $7,130.49 to amortization of bonds issued under the loan agreement of 1926; $7,130.50 to the floating debt; $5,000 to outstanding debts; $750 to paramount chiefs in payment of five percent commission on hut tax collection; $700 for subsistence of prisoners; $180 for mechanic at government radio station; and $500 for interest on road construction contract with Firestone Plantations Company] (Acts 1937, pp. 49-50).

An act approving the agreement entered into between the government of the Republic of Liberia and the Kingdom of Norway, as date 27th August 1937 (Acts 1937, pp. 50-51).

An act granting leave of absence to his excellency the president of Liberia [authorizing up to $10,000 for a health trip abroad] (Acts 1937, p. 51).

An act authorizing the postmaster general to organize an intra-county transport service for the carriage of mails between the counties, territories and districts within the republic [appropriating $800] (Acts 1937, pp. 51-52).

An act approving the budget presented by the secretary of the treasury, Republic of Liberia, and providing for the expenses of the government for the fiscal year Jan. 1, 1938 to Dec. 31, 1938 (Acts 1937, pp. 52-53).

An act amending the act incorporating the township of Sasstown of Sinoe County, approved Jan. 21, 1924, and the act incorporating the township of Jekwi in Sasstown, Sinoe County, approved Feb. 6, 1936 [amalgamating the two into one township, in recognition that “peace and normal conditions have been restored in that area”] (Acts 1937, pp. 53-54).

An act to provide an internal revenue code of the Republic of Liberia [covering court costs; stamp duties; fees; fines and forfeitures; postal revenues; licenses, but stipulating that foreigners pay twice the rate prescribed for Liberians; real estate taxes at $2 per city lot plus half of one percent of the assessed value of any improvement, but excepting churches, schools, fraternities and foreign governments; the hut tax at between $1 to $2.16; a street and light tax of $1.50 applied to land owners in municipalities; a school tax of one dollar applied to every adult male resident of a township, settlement or municipality; a poll tax of one dollar to every adult male who does not own real estate; (Acts 1937, pp. 54-84).

An act fixing the day of adjournment of the third session of the thirty-eighth legislature of the Republic of Liberia (Acts 1937, p. 84).

An act restoring Thomas E. C. Pelham and Robert W. Draper of the city of Greenville, Sinoe County, to citizenship (Acts 1937, p. 85).

Joint resolution granting Cecilia V. Liberty [widow of Stephen A. Liberty, 15-year member and twice elected speaker of house of representatives] of Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia, annuity [of $50] (Acts 1937, pp. 85-86).

An act incorporating John B. McCritty’s Memorial School, Monrovia, Montserrado County [naming Mary Jacques McCritty, principal; and M. Massaquoi, tutor] (Acts 1937, pp. 86-87).

Joint resolution granting Hannah C. L. Smith [widow of Major Lemuel L. Smith who served for 20 years in the Frontier Force until his death in April 1931] of the county of Grand Bassa, Republic of Liberia, annuity [of $150] (Acts 1937, pp. 87-88).

An act restoring Napoleon B. Logan of the commonwealth district of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, to citizenship (Acts 1937, p. 88).

An act declaring legal the present marriage of P. G. Wolo to Milisa Dennis-Wolo of the county of Montserrado, Republic of Liberia [, marital relations between Wolo and Juah Weeks-Wolo have been “duly dissolved and annulled … the question of the legality of said marriage does not, cannot and shall not arise and is not a property subject matter for adjudication in the courts”] (Acts 1937, p. 89).

Joint resolution incorporating J. J. Minor’s Lodge No. 144 of the United Brothers of Freindship at Fortsville, St. John’s River City, Grand Bassa County, Republic of Liberia [naming Charles A. McIntosh, worthy master; C. E. Bernard, d. m.; Joseph Bernard, worthy secretary; W. E. Roberts, assistant secretary; J. T. Bernard, w. treasurer; Joseph E. Holt, w. chaplain; H. C. Reeves, r. s.; R. Z. Reeves, l. s.; W. E. Avery, i. s.; Joseph E. Reeves, o. s.; trustees: Thomas L. Frazier andJames R. Page; W. H. Reeves, junior pilot; James S. Hill, senior m.; Joseph Washington, junior m.; and sick committee: Josiah T. Junius and David Morris] (Acts 1937, p. 90).

Joint resolution incorporating the Liberian Stenographers Association [naming Roland T. Dempter, president; Eugenia Simpson-Cooper, vice president; Sophia E. Dunbar, secretary; C. W. Davies-Johnson, director of stenographic school; John D. Cox, treasurer; C. L. A. Davies, critic; and members: L. B. Jacobs, R. S. S. Bright, K. Jeffries Adorkor, Mai Wiles, E. O. Akinselure, Esli Holder, J. K. Morris, T. N. Rolland, Etmonia Howard, B. P. Sacko, Rebecca Cassell, James S. Swaray, Francis T. Grimes, Adelaide Dayrell, M. W. Davies, james J. Pearce, A. M. W. Collins, G. W. Martin, Rudolph Grimes, R. N. Lewis, C. E. Morris, L. B. Nichols, Sadie Cummins, Edwin G. Hodge, L. B. Andrews, Isaac Grey Woods, W. A. B. Bucornor, Borkai Freeman and E. O. K. Freeman, requiring registration with the association prior to employment as a stenographer] (Acts 1937, pp. 91-92).

An act incorporating the “Pride of Arthington Temple” No. 137, Sisters of the Mysterious Ten, Arthington, Montserrado County [naming Beatrice A. Tyler, worthy princess; Salomi Moore, worthy vice princess; Lillian Hill, secretary; L. B. Tucker, assitant secretary; W. H. Tyler, worthy treasurer; Lilly Mason, chaplain; Penelope Moore, zilla; Viola Tyes, marshal; Hannah Moore, senior marshal; trustees: June Moore, Willie Moore, Reginald L. Brown, Daniel B. Warner, Major M. Branch; sick committee: Julia A. Warner, Margaret Grove, Cordelia Moore, Lecretia Raynes and Nora Cooper; and members: Louise Mars, Elfreda Witherspoon, Mattie Branch, Harriet Trinity, Beatrice Moore, Eugenia Turkle and Dianah Obey] (Acts 1937, pp. 92-93).

An act incorporating the “Monrovia County Club” of Monrovia [naming C. L. Simpson, president; G. L. Dennis, vice president; T. Hector Milton, secretary; W. D. Nabors, treasurer; and members: Richard S. S. Bright, Thomas E. Buchanan, Maude A. Morris, John L. Cooper, Eugenia Cooper, Henry W. Grimes, Adelaide Morris, A. B. Simpson, Sarah Raynes, Sarah Buchanan and K. J. Adorkor] (Acts 1937, pp. 93-94).

A joint resolution incorporating the Number One Native Community Club, native community of Crozierville, Montserrado County [naming C. P. Graham, president; David B. Cooper, vice president; Samuel P. Crawford, secretary; Kparkla Dennis, patron and treasurer; Moses Brown, chaplain; Charles Dunn, advocate; Kpannah Queh, collector; Fahn Sunday, messenger; and members: James Dingwall, Rolax Elias, Hektee Dunn, being “civilized Christian young men … anxious to disseminate what light of general and Christian education they have received among their less favoured brethern”] (Acts 1937, pp. 94-95).

Acts passed by the legislature of the Republic of Liberia during the session 1937. Government Printing Office, Department of State: Monrovia, 1937.


Joint resolution approving an agreement supplemental to the loan agreement...


An act to authorize the coinage of fractional currency [consisting...

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