Lies My Uncles Told Me

Liberians usually respect our elders. Especially older men. Especially uncles.

That can be a blessing or a curse.

Honoring our elders is justified if our “uncles” are upright and truthful. But in recent years, many elders have engaged in disreputable behaviors, from the killing of civilians during the civil war to child sexual molestation during peace time.

Some scholarly elders have also engaged in similarly dishonorable conduct. To gain and hold power, they have poisoned the minds of several generations. They have pitted Liberians against each other with their false, negative and twisted stories.

This blog will expose many myths and lies that have been passed along by our “uncles” (and some “aunties” too).

Just because older people said something doesn’t make it a “fact.” We should distinguish between truth speakers and those who are pushing a partisan agenda. Their sources should be reputable and credible. Their claim must be supported with proof.

Only then will younger Liberians know the truth about ourselves, and the truth will  set us free!

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