Staten Island

  • Start: June 24, 2017 6:00 am
  • End: June 24, 2017 9:00 am

The Healing Liberia With History tour came to Staten Island June 24. Credit goes to Nfannie Seibure for organizing the event in just two weeks by herself. Despite being busy with a full time-job and church work, she did a better job than some community associations could have done.

Thanks to Alex Chea and Hawa Stevens Chea for hosting us in their spacious and comfortable yard. We feasted on grilled chicken, roasted corn, home-made ginger beer and meat pies from Ma Hawa’s Kitchen. If you didn’t come, I hope your mouth is watering and your heart is burning.?

The weather was cool, the evening was magical! One of the first person I met upon arrival was Hawa’s father Charles Steven. He is a walking history book. He vividly remembers my father, who passed away in the late 1960s. I hope to record some of his memories one day soon.


Among those in attendance were William Wade, Decontee Brumskine-Rickes, Jennifer Gray-Brumskine, Telee Brown, Verlene Torchlano, Mark Irving, Ola O’kay, Marcelle Yhap and Velma Hutchinson. Their comments were insightful, and their questions were sharp. If I didn’t mention your name and you were there, please remind me by posting a comment.

The biggest surprise of the evening was the appearance of renown filmmaker Gerald Barclay, who just happened to be visiting his old stomping grounds in Staten Island. Gerald shared some entertaining stories and shot all of the photos posted here. He also filmed the event for a short documentary that will spread Liberia’s inspiring history to many more people.

Stay tuned: the Liberian renaissance is coming!

822 Vanduzer Street, Staten Island, NY , United States