Almost two decades of war and anarchy affected all aspects of Liberian life. History became weaponized in the interest of narrow political ends. Such a history undermines long-term unity and peace.

A healthy and healing alternative is desperately needed. Now is the time for all who share that goal to get on-board. Rowing together will make the boat go farther and the work go faster.

Budget & Finance: Prepare and monitor budget; keep records of income and spending.

Marketing: Promote a positive image of Historic Liberia and its work to the public; develop plan for promoting specific programs and events.

Fundraising & Grants Research: Raise funds for Historic Liberia through membership, endowment, grants and donations.

Historical Research & Writing: find, assemble and disseminate information on Liberian history that will educate, nourish the spirit and inspire.

Photography & Images: find, digitize and upload  images that compliment the research done on Liberian history.

Web Design & Promotion: contribute to the design, upkeep and online promotion of the Historic Liberia website.

Exhibitions: Help curators in planning, arranging and promoting fresh and inclusive exhibitions on Liberian history .

Historical Marker Program: Help develop criteria for deciding which locations to designate; rank locations in order of priority; designate a standard design for markers preferably through a blind-review process that  takes into consideration beauty, culture fit and durability; design a standard unveiling program that is short, culturally appropriate and dignified.

Preservation Program: Promote the restoration and preservation of landmarks, buildings and sites that highlight Liberia’s historically diverse character.

Historical Cemeteries: Organize cleanups, catalogue and help maintain historical cemeteries in all parts of Liberia.

Oral History Collection: Select candidates and conduct interviews of Liberians who have made important contributions in their fields, giving special attention to areas other than politics and government.

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