The Discontented Spider

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When Hungry Season came Spider assembled his people and said:

“Tomorrow I will go from you and seek food, and nothing I can do will be of help to you if I stay here.”

He journeyed many miles from his house, and saw smoke rising from a distant village. He walked and walked until he came to this village, and found it was inhabited by cassavas.

“You are welcome, Spider,” they declared. “We are waiting to be eaten. Will you have us boiled or fried, or roasted?”

Spider said he would eat them any way at all, but just as he sat down to dine he spied a column of smoke arising from another distant town.

“Who lives there?” he asked.“That is where the eddoes live… Oh Spider, don’t leave us yet! But already Spider was hurrying off towards the eddoes’ town! Spider swooned away, and his family found him lying on the ground. They gave him fish-bone soup and corn husks, and he revived a little; but never again did he find the villages of food which he had seen.

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