The Three Brothers Who Worked for God

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There were three brothers who worked for Ngala. They worked for many years and then he gave them their reward. He had three gifts, and let them choose which they should have; the gifts were wealth, Life and Wisdom.

The eldest brother desired riches and chose wealth.
The second one feared death and chose life.

The youngest brother placed his trust in Wisdom.
The first brother abused wealth by gambling and purchasing depravity, so wealth lost all respect for him and went away, leaving him poor.

The second brother misused his Life with evil companions, drink, laziness and gluttony, so life lost all respect for him and went away, leaving him dead.

The youngest one in his Wisdom lived honestly and well and earned the love and respect of men. Wealth and Life came to him and stayed, and enjoyed full and fruitful years of honor, happiness and peace.

If a man possesses Wisdom, all things will come to him.

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